How to get PrintMaster Platinum 7.0 to work with Windows 7

When you try to start the program installation, the message I get is "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are using.  "Check your computer's system information to see if you need a x 86 (32 bit) or x 64 (64-bit) version of the program and then contact the software publisher.  Is there something I can download from Microsoft to run this program?


Version 7 is not compatible Windows 7.

Version 2011 is... you can see here...

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    I can't get the charger 10 elements to work with Windows 8.1.  Is there a solution?

    Never mind.  I thought about it all.  Thanks anyway.

  • How to get previews of lower quality when working with Full-HD?

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    Is it possible to ensure a lower quality? For example, resolution 720 x 405 would be sufficient.

    But when I want to make a permanent export, I need to get the Full HD video.

    Thank you!

    Use a custom sequence and change previews as you wish.

  • Impossible to get scanner HP scanjet 8250 to work with Windows 7

    Just bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I downloaded the driver for my scanner HP scanjet 8250 HP site, but it won't work. Any ideas anyone?

    writing in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    Just bought a new laptop with Windows 7. I downloaded the driver for my scanner HP scanjet 8250 HP site, but it won't work. Any ideas anyone?

    What version of Windows 7 do you have? It is 32-bit or 64-bit?

    Have you tried HP support? According to here, there is limited support for the 8250 under Win7, which is their way of saying, it may or may not work.

    You can get the driver from here . Simply choose your version of Win7.

    Many HP products are very picky with their installation procedures. I found that the instructions must be followed strictly in the order as listed, or there may be a problem. If the software has already been installed, it is sometimes best to uninstall it, and then try again. Unfortunately, since most of the documents, it seems the 8200 series was designed more for Mac and Windows.

    I wish you only good luck :-)

    SC Tom

  • How can I get HP 3050 multifunction Scanner to work with Windows 7?

    When I hit the scan button and then start scan the printer reads "not installed on the PC" the functions of the printer and fax work via the computer.  I went online and found three sets of drivers for Windows 7 64-bit

    PCL 6 x 64

    Post Script x 64

    PCL 5 x 64

    How do you know that one to download?  If I download the wrong one, will be I live to the top of the machine?  Help!

    The problem is not that you should download one of these 3 drivers Windows 7 already comes with the driver. The problem is that HP Universal drivers don't support scanning in the same way that you're used to. If you look at the "Software" section near the bottom of the HP driver download page , you will see a link that says "HP Color LaserJet and products LaserJet AiO/MFP - use the Scan and the software of Fax on Windows 7" with a link 'get software' on the right which will take you to the next page of the instructions: .

  • How to get mac 10.8.2 to work with hp cm1415fnw laser

    need a hp laser jet printer that is compatible with Mac 10.8.2 just bought hp laserjet pro 1415fnw color mfp cm to find what is not cmpatible help!


    The Laserjet CM1415 Pro is fully compatible with Mountain Lion 10.8...

    You can find the software at the following link:

    For any other problems, let em know how the printer is connected (for network connection be sure to specify your brand of router and model), what error you see, etc...


  • How can I get my Dell 720 printer to work with Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400, because I can't find the correct driver?

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    There are possible solutions here...


  • How can I get my Canoscan n670u scanner to work with Windows 8?


    I've upgraded from Vista to Windows 8 and was happy to see Win8 instantly detected my trusty Canoscan n670u scanner and recognized as a connected device. It is, therefore, correctly identified, in Device Manager, I tested the scanner via Device Manager and diagnostics is well spent - it buzzed away, and the screen displays a message about successful test. Large.

    However, when I use the Wizard Windows Fax Scan & and click new scan, I get the message no detected scan.


    I tried to acquire an image using Onenote. The scanner passed through calibration, apparently successfully, then as he was about to start scanning, came to a stop with an error message.

    Help! It's a good piece of hardware. What I don't really understand not is Win8 apparently automatically detected and installed the drivers for it, but will not let me scan anything. ???

    Any suggestions?

    AH HA!

    He fixed the this morning.

    I have downloaded the Vista version of the "Canoscan Toolbox" software on the Canon's Support site (, installed and run the Compatibility Wizard. Success!

    Scanner works fine, although the software seems to forget default each I close.

    I don't care.

    Thanks for your reply though - if someone else asks that you can point their to this!

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    You have activated the installation from "unknown sources" within the parameters of the Android app?

  • How to convert outlook contacts PST file to work with Windows Live Mail?

    PST file

    I have a PST file of contacts on a USB key that came out of Microsoft Outlook. I want to export these contacts in Windows Live Mail desktop. How can I do this?

    Once that is done, is there a way to then export these same contacts for an Apple IPad2?

    Hello MarkPhillips77777,

    The best place to ask your question of Windows Live is inside Windows Live help forums. Experts specialize in all things, Windows Live, and would be delighted to help you with your questions. Please choose a product below to be redirected to the appropriate community:

    Windows Live Mail

    Windows Live Hotmail

    Windows Live Messenger

    Looking for a different product to Windows Live? Visit the home page Windows Live Help for the complete list of Windows Live forums to

  • Impossible to get Trio A1000 MP3 player to work with Windows XP Pro

    I have an A1000 Trio MP3 player and have a problem trying to download MP3s to it. The computer recognizes the device and says it's working properly, but I see no activity when I try to download MP3s to the unit. I've updated Windows Media Player to Media Player 11, but still have playback in Media Player: "Device Connect" when I try to synchronize files with the mp3 player.
    Any suggestions?

    Your Trio is plug-and-play. So, go into Device Manager and uninstall all your USB hubs.


    XP will be re-installed the necessary software automatically. Once everything has "calmed down", plug your Trio. XP will install the software (again).

    You should then be able to sync.

    No: If you have any USM devices that need to install specific drivers, just plug their and XP will do what is necessary. If not, install them manually.

    If this does not work, go back to WMP10, then re-install WMP11.

    See you soon,.


  • Can't get HP Desk jet 722C to work with Windows 7 64 bit

    I have an old HP Deskjet 722C I have used successfully for years, most recently with Vista Home Edition 32 (as well as with my XP laptop). I can't work with Windows 7 64 bit. There is no Win7/Vista drivers on the HP site for download. Bed in installs but does not print. The printer is found and installed, but nothing comes out when I try to print.

    Note that I have a parallel to USB converter on this printer, I have used / use with XP and Vista successfully.

    I see a lot of threads print say download the driver and run it in 32-bit mode to Vista. Since there is no driver to download I can't do. Convenience store is empty as well. Any other suggestions.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
    HP C 722 Desk jet is not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit, then I suggest you contact the manufacturer.
    You can also check the compatibility, here is the link:

    Thank you and best regards,
    Azam - Microsoft Support




    The HP page says that XP drivers. Then you can try to use XP Mode, if you use Windows 7 teacher or company or buy a Windows 7 compatible scanner. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • How to install the disc that has already worked with Windows 95/98 in Windows 8?


    I am trying to install an old CD ROM National Geographic on my Windows 8 operating system.  Is this possible or am I barking the wrong tree.  Records say Windows 98/95, between other things necessary to be able to install.  Is it possible to install on my computer or am I out of luck?  I would not lose this set because it is intriguing and entertaining.  Help!

    Original title: old records CD ROM and install

    You can try compatibility mode, but if it does not, your best option would be to install on a computer that is running a much older version of Windows such as Windows XP or an earlier version.

    Programs designed for earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 98/95 uses 16-bit installers and uninstall programs. This is not supported in 64 bit versions of Windows 8 in all. If you are running a version of Windows 8 bit, 16 bit support is disabled by default, so you need to activate that before trying.

    After that, you can try compatibility mode:

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    You use a USB cable & not a parallel adapter?

    Did you use a Dot4 port questioned?

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