How to get rid of OneNote

My new Vaio is loaded with OneNote 2013 - he took my printers so that there is the only one available to be OneNote.  I tried to uninstall in the ordinary, but not good, forms-the darn thing does not appear in any list in the control panel.  What can I do?


It is a part of the Office of 2013

Go to programs and features, click office 2013 > change > edit > remove the checkbox from OneNote > next

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    Since last week when I'm redirected to a game at random navigation site. First of all, I thought it was just something to do with Firefox (the browser I used), but then the same thing happened with other browsers too. I then installed Opera to judge if it would happen again and Yes, it happened. Then I tried to reinstall the whole OS, hoping that would solve the problem. There can be no. I always get redirected to a site "yu0123456". How to get rid of this? I installed AdGuard so it blocks me enter the site, but still not open tabs. After the reset of the operating system (I also erased the hard drive), I did not visit malicious sites. I just downloaded programs I had before that happens again (steam, Spotify, discord). I tried to scan my Mac with Malware Antibytes, but he found nothing. If it's harmless, I could live with that, but it's very irritaring. If there is a chance he could phis my information, so I want that he removed as soon as possible. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Adware is usually not malicious. Its purpose is to push ads into your face. Adware makers get a fraction of a payment of one hundred whenever an ad is shown. That's their motivation.

    You say wipe you the drive, but if you restored a backup Time Machine or Migration Wizard to restore your applications and the user account, you managed that by copying the problem at the back.

    MalwareBytes for Mac can't catch everything. The adware manufacturers are constantly changing which moved things and which appoints the files have. It's a job without end for manufacturers of MalwareBytes to catalogue these items, so they can be found and removed. But of course he is not hurt anything to use as it can remove a lot of problems for you, leaving only the new elements, unknown to locate and remove manually.

    Depending on where you have steam, Spotify and discord, the installers may have been (and often are) responsible for the installation of adware and you want to install.

    Download and run EtreCheck. Copy and paste the results here. It is written and maintained by long time forum member etresoft. Any personal information is automatically excluded from the output. The goal is to see what processes are running on your Mac. From there, they can usually determine what is wrong.

  • Each new tab includes search Secure AV - how to get rid of him?

    Each new tab includes search Secure AV - how to get rid of him?

    Type of topic: addons< enter > in the address bar to open your add-ons Manager.
    Access key; < Control >(Mac: < command >)< shift > has)

    In the Manager of Add-ons, on the left, select Extensions. Remove AVG
    Whatever it is. Now do the same in the case computer programs.

    Windows: Start > Control Panel > uninstall programs.
    Mac: Open the folder "Applications".
    Linux: See your user manual.

  • How to get rid of a popup offering to remember my password that appears in the upper left corner?

    Yes, this popup is annoys me no end! It appears each time I fill in a password anywhere! It is more or less said: "Do you remember this password?". first of all I didn't know what program did this, but now I know that it is Mozilla Firefox. Why so many of (and undesirable too) want to pop-up windows to 'help' when in fact what they do is irritate the person and not even identify the program. It is a parody of the worst kind! You do not?

    If anyone knows how to get rid of it forever, please let me know? Thank you very much! Adelaa

    If you want to just disable this for a specific domain, you can click the drop-down list and click "never for this site". Otherwise, you can go to the Security section of the firefox preferences (enter ' subject: preferences #security ' in the address bar) and uncheck "remember passwords for sites".

  • How to get rid of the stupid list dropdown in the search box

    How to get rid of the stupid list dropdown in the search box

    If you want to restore the window previously used independently to manage search engines, you can enable or disable this pref to false with a middle-click on the topic: config page.

    • topic: config page: = false

    Close and restart Firefox to force change.

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    I get this annoying blue arrow every time in my search page that ruins my browsing experience. very irritating sound can you please tell me how to get rid of it.

    It is related to Google.

    Have you tried to disable 'instant Predictions?

    See also this thread:

  • How to get rid of double dash in signature

    31.2.0 running. How to get rid of the double-dash? All the solutions say to go to the tool / Options, but in this new version, there is no option under Tools.

    Help, please. Thank you.

    This table can be useful for later use.

    _Linux,, _and_Mac

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    Honestly, I don't know why the developers cannot offer new features that we can use or not, by choice. Instead, things are forced upon us.

    Could someone tell me please how to get rid of the new menu button on the right side of the toolbar?

    It doesn't seem to be an option to remove via the Customize Toolbars window.

    Thank you very much.

    CTR extension makes Firefox customizable menu button 3 bar, so you can drag this button in the palette to customize to remove it from the Navigation toolbar.

    Reload and stop probably combine only if you set the two buttons in the correct order (reload - Stop and non-Stop - Reload)

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    How to get rid of adds that come when I browse

    Scan your PC with antimalware program.

    You should consider removing some plugins too, for example game loader Plugin for Power Challenge Games,.

  • How to get rid of a search not intentionally installed "tab" to update the new version of Java JRE?

    Since Oracle surprisingly quickly announced an update of Java JRE (7.11 update), Jan 14, available todag I install naturally. Despite being very careful with all unwanted program providers are trying to impose on the innocent user, I always have a f * ck * thing-same to tab search ng in my line of tabs. I don't want or need, and it occupies valuable space. The evil rats who created this stinky sh * t were very careful hide all the simple ways of removing - it is not (as far as I can see) are everywhere in my lists of Add-ons or extensions. I tried to watch: config, but I am totally inexperianced with this and do not dare to change: in fact, I can't find anything usable.

    Anyone who has a suggestion how to get rid of that junk qualified? My FF is the Swedish version, that's why I stuck with raw data in the troubleshooting information. If there is a possibility here to add a screenshot of the thing, I would have.

    The tab looks like the image below? If so, did you not as a Java Update. Have you downloaded the update of Java on the Java site or elsewhere? It was expected that some less honest people would provide false updates to Java. If it looks like the image below, follow these steps:

    1. With all browsers closed, in Control Panel > programs and features (or add / remove programs), if you see "Default tab" delete (you have no default tab 1.4.3 in the list of add-ons/prefs you have submitted with your question)
    2. Launch Firefox and check that 'Default tab' is not in the Add-ons > Extensions; If it is click on 'Remove' and then restart Firefox.
    3. You may need to set your homepage in Firefox, if a search page leading to 'Search results' or "My search results" is displayed at the start of Firefox -
    4. You may need to remove the 'search results' or "My search results" in your list of installed search engines in the top search bar on the right (click on the image to the left of the search bar, then choose "Manage search engines") -
    5. You may need to reset your default search engine used for looking for location/URL bar by resetting the preference keyword. URL -
    6. You may need to reset a preference if 'Search results' or "My search results" appears as a search engine every time you open a new tab (follow steps 1 to 4 in the image below to determine which opens when you click to open a new tab; see Subject: config use above)-
  • How to get rid of MyStartSearch

    "MyStartSearch" has replaced Google in the top search engine right.
    How to get rid of him?

    To change the default search engine or the order of the search engines in the upper search box right in Firefox, please do the following:

    1. Move the mouse cursor inside the search box in top right of the Firefox window and click on the arrow next to the logo of the supplier.
    2. If you want to select another search engine, simply choose the engine in the drop-down list.

    To change the order of search engines, follow these steps:

    1. In the drop-down list, select Manage search engines....
    2. In the next window, you have all your search engines listed. To change the order, simply click on a search engine, and then select move up or move down from the buttons on the right side to change the order of search engines.
  • I have a split screen with the left part always my Wordpress site. I don't know how to get rid of him... Help!

    I have a split screen with the left part always my Wordpress site. I don't know how to get rid of him... Help!


  • How to get rid of the death forever spinning ball

    How to get rid of a ball rotation that won't go away, y on

    The problem occurs on other web sites?

    The problem is if you start in Safe Mode?

    You have to the present extensions or modules?    Remove any antivirus add-on, all anti-malware, to performance optimization tools module, cache-cleaning or using directions associated providers for the abduction, clearly on the cache and settings in Safari.   Also disable or remove any extension add-on in Safari.

    Enable the developer menu in Safari (Preferences > advanced > display the Menu in the toolbar), and then select develop > empty Caches.

  • How to get rid of the superdrive in menu bar?

    How to get rid of the superdrive in menu bar?

    Hold down the command key and drag it off the menu.

  • How to get rid of the photo of the sunset on the webcam?

    HI -.

    It's probaby a stupid question, but please can someone tell me how to get rid of the image of the sunset on the webcam and allow me to use the photo and video on my netbook?

    I tried to contact Toshiba online but it does not connect.

    Thank you

    Sorry mate but I put t understand the question
    What cell phone do you have?
    Do you mean the internal s laptop webcam?

    If this can be useful?

    -Drag your mouse on your pop out where you choose to use your webcam, instead click the option at the bottom of the "Effect" in their 'net', click and click 'OFF' Tada! The now disappeared from your cam Image, +.

    Please send feedback!

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