How to get started with Obj oriented AS3? (Flash help seems broken)

OK, I won't be the noob who does not read the manual and ask stupid questions, but I'm stuck here. It's been long since I had no experience real flash (Flash 5 in depth) and a small Flash 8. But now, my work has led me in some flash work & I'm basically from scratch. I am trying to get just a simple SWF to load an external class and have the class retrun value of a method.

I define

public class Greeter
public function sayHello (): String
var host: String;
greeting = "Hello World!";
return of the vows;

in an .as file (which is located in the same directory as my .fla) then frame 1 of my time line, I have:

var myGreeter:Greeter = new Greeter();
mainText.text = myGreeter.sayHello("Bob");

When I try and test the movie I get 2 errors:

1046: type was not found or is not a constant of compilation: Greeter.

Posted by: newsgroup user
I get only one, which is the "Incorrect number of arguments. EXPECTED
no more 0,' and the reason for this is that the sayHello() method
is not configured to receive all parameters.

Under most of the cases I would have been skeptical of the passage of an argument when nothing is defined, but I thought I had heard (way back to AS 2) AS being based on some sort of JavaScript rules so I thought maybe that didn't matter. And unfortunately, this error was not my fault for typing, its actually printed this way in the Flash help (see: getting started with ActionScript > example: creating a basic application).

We appreciate that clarification, even if I didn't get the error you mentioned. The compiler has never had that long before he released on bail.

Posted by: kglad
2. you must register the Greeter class file

OK, this has proved be the problem... Just on a hunch, I decided to look into the matter. Save the file as [] errors but off [] does not work. Flash is really sensitive with regard to file names? In any case, I'm a little better. Thank you very much.

Tags: Adobe Animate

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    Kind regards

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    I had a similar problem with some addons (ietab) do the same thing.

    I found the fix for it.

    About: config, filter for 'Start '

    Ones you want to should appear at the bottom.

    Startup.homepage_override_url and startup.homepage_welcome_url

    Double-click on each one and delete the text string. Close and reopen the window to check that it worked.

    As I deleted them both at the same time, I'm not sure who was the culprit. So, I suggest starting by striking first and tests before deleting this one.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you


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