How to get the bar display of title in pixels text length?


Does anyone know how to get the length of the title bar text (in pixels) display?  Just to clarify, that's what I'm looking for:

I don't see a CVI function for this.  The attribute ATTR_TITLE_FONT for GetPanelAttribute (...) is only valid for the panels of the child which prevents me from using the GetTextDisplaySize (...) to get the size.  Dive into the Windows SDK I can not even find an answer here.  Any ideas?  Thank you.


Figured out how to do this.  Go to the SDK to get the font properties - is kind of nonobviousness.  But once you have the font properties, you can create a font of meta in CVI, with properties, and once you have the meta font you can use GetTextDisplaySize (...) to get the size.  For any future reference:

//define a NONCLIENTMETRICS structureNONCLIENTMETRICS ncmtest;//We have to set the cbSize parameter to the size of the passed structure before retrieving it
ncmtest.cbSize = sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS);
result = SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS, 0, &ncmtest, 0);

//copy the title font name to a c-string
while(ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfFaceName[i] != 0)
    thefont[i] = (char)ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfFaceName[i];

//null terminate
thefont[i] = '\0';

//create meta font with title font properties.  lfWeight & 0x700 indicates bold.  CreateMetaFontWithCharacterSet() doesn't recognize DEFAULT_CHARSET so we replace it with VAL_NATIVE_CHARSET(?).
uir_status = CreateMetaFontWithCharacterSet ("TheTitleFont", thefont, abs(ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfHeight), ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfWeight & 0x700 ? 1 : 0, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfItalic, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfUnderline, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfStrikeOut, 0, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfCharSet == DEFAULT_CHARSET ? VAL_NATIVE_CHARSET : ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfCharSet);

//get titlebar text
uir_status = GetPanelAttribute (panelhandle, ATTR_TITLE, thetext);
//get title bar length
uir_status = GetTextDisplaySize (thetext, "TheTitleFont", &height, &width);

I have a 79 for the duration of the screenshot above.

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