How to get the bar of menus if vertical hind 0.9.4 is installed and the other bars were already extinguished?

There is no button firefox everywhere

in the address bar, there is nowhere a free space where right click works

right click in the tab (vertical) bar does nothing


thx for your answer, but have found the button ff. It's at the bottom of the tab bar, in the corner.

Sorry, completely forgotten.
with him, everything is under control again.

BTW: is there a way to edit/modify your forum post - after validation?

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    Good then as I said above, my Mozilla suddenly changed one day displays a search box and two "favorites" tabs when I open a new tab. After I put in place with my favorites and remove those that I have not used, I liked it a lot better and it was easier for the kids to use to find websites they like. I had to reset my Firefox because I had a problem with a Virgin of opening new tab whenever I started it, when I did that he put it to nine thumbnails page view. How to return it to the new organization of the page?

    You can change the pref browser.newtab.url on the topic: config page and set its value to your preferred the new tab page.

    You can open the topic: config page via the bar of address and you can accept the warning and click "I'll be careful" to continue.

    See also this article on the page tab (topic: newtab):

  • I rolled again Firefox 4.0 to 3.6 and now my navigation bar still looks like instead of 3.6 4.0 how to get the old layout back?

    I rolled again Firefox 4.0 to 3.6 and now my navigation bar still looks like instead of 3.6 4.0 how to get the old layout back?

    The fastest way is to use the option 'Restore the default toolbar set' as shown here -

  • How to get the bar display of title in pixels text length?


    Does anyone know how to get the length of the title bar text (in pixels) display?  Just to clarify, that's what I'm looking for:

    I don't see a CVI function for this.  The attribute ATTR_TITLE_FONT for GetPanelAttribute (...) is only valid for the panels of the child which prevents me from using the GetTextDisplaySize (...) to get the size.  Dive into the Windows SDK I can not even find an answer here.  Any ideas?  Thank you.

    Figured out how to do this.  Go to the SDK to get the font properties - is kind of nonobviousness.  But once you have the font properties, you can create a font of meta in CVI, with properties, and once you have the meta font you can use GetTextDisplaySize (...) to get the size.  For any future reference:

    //define a NONCLIENTMETRICS structureNONCLIENTMETRICS ncmtest;//We have to set the cbSize parameter to the size of the passed structure before retrieving it
    ncmtest.cbSize = sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS);
    //Get NONCLIENTMETRICS structure
    result = SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS, 0, &ncmtest, 0);
    //copy the title font name to a c-string
    while(ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfFaceName[i] != 0)
        thefont[i] = (char)ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfFaceName[i];
    //null terminate
    thefont[i] = '\0';
    //create meta font with title font properties.  lfWeight & 0x700 indicates bold.  CreateMetaFontWithCharacterSet() doesn't recognize DEFAULT_CHARSET so we replace it with VAL_NATIVE_CHARSET(?).
    uir_status = CreateMetaFontWithCharacterSet ("TheTitleFont", thefont, abs(ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfHeight), ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfWeight & 0x700 ? 1 : 0, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfItalic, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfUnderline, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfStrikeOut, 0, ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfCharSet == DEFAULT_CHARSET ? VAL_NATIVE_CHARSET : ncmtest.lfCaptionFont.lfCharSet);
    //get titlebar text
    uir_status = GetPanelAttribute (panelhandle, ATTR_TITLE, thetext);
    //get title bar length
    uir_status = GetTextDisplaySize (thetext, "TheTitleFont", &height, &width);

    I have a 79 for the duration of the screenshot above.

  • How to get the video intro off my google home screen I already saw it, where is the firefox logo used to be.

    How to get the video intro off my google home screen I already saw it, where is the firefox logo used to be. I started with the last update that I rebooted.

    to change the homepage when opening firefox-press 'Alt' and click on tools-> Options.

    Main menu, you can change the URL.

    If the problem persists, you can follow these simple steps:

    Enter about: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Accept the message of 'dragons' to see the Advanced preferences screen. Use the above search box to enter the below pref.

    You can assign an empty string to stop your Firefox to retrieve "extracts" and brandLogo changes the browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl pref. Right-click this pref and select Edit then clear the value as pref in the box that appears, and then click OK. Who will also disable "snippets" that appear under the container of the research on the default home page.

    Then you must open the folder of your profile, via help > Troubleshooting Information > profile folder > > button view folder. Then close Firefox. Your profile file open with Firefox closed (Firefox '3-bar' menu key > exit/Quit), wait or two minutes, then remove the storage\moz-safe-about + home folder in the Firefox profile folder to remove the brandLogo and stored in IndexedDB code snippets to make Firefox use the default brandLogo and a defined default code snippet.

    If you later change your mind about these changes, you can reset the pref browser.aboutHomeSnippets.updateUrl via the context menu and Reset allows to retrieve the default value using the storage\moz-chest-fort-about + home folder again.

  • I stopped to receive mail after December 31.  It indicates that the computer cannot connect to my account but when I log in with my password I get the message "this account already exists." How can I get my email account to work again?

    I stopped to receive mail after December 31.  It indicates that the computer cannot connect to my account but when I log in with my password I get the message "this account already exists." How can I get my email account to work again?

    MacBook Air, OS X El Capitan

    First of all, make sure that you don't have two accounts with the same address. What happens if one of them is an iCloud account.

    From the Mail menu bar, you select

    ▹ Connection Doctor window

    In the window that opens, look for an SMTP (outgoing mail) account with a name that corresponds to the account that you are trying to add. Double-click it. Another window opens, displaying the list of all outgoing mail accounts. Click the sign button less to remove the corresponding one, and then click OK.

    Try to add the email account again. If you still can not, log off or restart the computer, and then open the preferences window accounts Internet and check if the account is displayed.

  • HP 9470 m Ultrabook, Win8 - how to get the 3G connection?


    I got a Ultrabook 9470 m of work with Win7 installed. Everything works, cool, but I wated Win8 (64 bit) for my own stuff. So, I installed Win8 (dual-boot) for my use personal. Of course, I have no HP drives or whatever it is. -No worries, I found all drivers for Win8-64 in this site ok. And now everything is recognized correctly.

    But I don't know how to get the 3G card to connect. On Win7 HP connection manager takes care of that. But there is no connection manager for Win8. And google results only direct me to choose the network in the bar 'charm '. Great, but there are only available WiFis appear...

    ... --- ...

    Well, I finally got this resolved. -As usual, it'S just a driver issue, as always with Windows... I suppose that there is nothing new under the stars.

    In any case. Thanks for Cloud_Strider to point to the firmware upgrade. I did, but it alone did not help. BUT I don't know if it was still a part of the solution. So, thank you!

    Unfortunately, Ericsson or Navatel drivers broadband did the trick. -It's the only ounces available on the site of HP support for this laptop. = (Fortunately, I had (finally) look in Device Manager to see what drivers are installed. Seems that this braodband card is a HP un2430. Looking for these drivers for WIndows 8 on Google showed me finally good page on HP which she link to fresh (from March 2013) drivers for this card.

    After removing the old drivers (+ restart) and new (+ reset) installation, broadband is now available. I now write this with happiness through 3 G connection. =)

  • How to get the number of entries in the navigation menu?


    How to get the number of entries in the navigation menu? Check the image. What it shows 8 number of customers and 10 products and 10 orders in the list. How to get it?


    Thank you


    Create items of the request saying, "CUSTOMERS", "PRODUCTS" and "ORDERS".

    Create the application process that defines these items when loading the page for example

    C1 in select count (*) NTC (of customer_table)


    : CUSTOMERS: = c1.cnt;

    end loop;

    C1 in select count (*) NTC (of products_table)


    PRODUCTS: = c1.cnt;

    end loop;

    C1 in select count (*) NTC (of orders_table)


    : ORDERS: = c1.cnt;

    end loop;

    Components shared Open-> Navigation bar and change:

    In the entry list Label-> customers & CLIENTS.]

  • How to get the width and height of Flex Mobile view?


    The following instructions can get the width and height of the current Flex app:

    var request: UIComponent = FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication as UIComponent;

    trace (application. Width);

    trace (application. Height);

    But I don't know how to get the width and height of mobile display Flex current (i.e. the content size excludes bar action and the Navigation bar). Why the "this.width" always returns 0?

    Thank you!

    Looks like you're running in this bug:

  • DVT:pivotFilterBar - how to get the selected values of the filter

    Hi all

    I have a question: how to get the selected values from the pivot table filter bar programmatically?

    I tried to use
    pivotTable.getDataModel().getDataAccess().getValueQDR(startRow, startCol, DataAccess.QDR_WITH_PAGE);
    but to the edge of the side DATA INCORRECTESdeclarations page, it seems that it will return the cached values.

    Environment: JDev without tasks.

    Thank you


    You can retrieve the value selected in the PivotFilterBar through the PivotFilterBar model, instead of dataaccess:

    Download the template of the bar pivot filter instance
    QueryDescriptior queryDescriptor = (QueryDescriptor) pivotFilterBar.getValue ();

    retrieve a list of criterion, each of them is used to fill each lov in the pivot filter bar
    ConjunctionCriterion conjunctionCriterion = queryDescriptor.getConjunctionCriterion ();
    List criterionList = conjunctionCriterion.getCriterionList ();
    for (int i = 0; i)<_criterionList.size(); i++)="">
    AttributeCriterion = (AttributeCriterion) criterionList.get (i) criterion.

    _selected is the currently selected value
    Selected object = criterion.getValues () .get (0);

    System.out.println (_selected);

    Hope that helps,

  • How to get the text have the same effect as the video?


    For the first time post here, but I wonder how to get the text of the titles have the same effect as the video behind her.

    For my video, I use 'bad tv' and other effects such as Gaussian that obviously changes the appearance of video, creating the look of VHS. However, I then inserted text via the title, but it normally appears. How can I make this text have the same effects as the video behind it?

    A friend told me I might need to add text to the video first, then do the effects, I have not tried, but wonder if there is an easier way, as this would require me to restart.

    EDIT: That's what I'm looking for. The text has the same effect as the video.

    Thank you

    One way is to create a clip made up based on the title and the original clip. Then apply the effect.

    Another way is to use an adjustment layer.

    Good luck.


  • How to get the podcast of the website on the phone

    I was told to put that feed into the PODCASTING app on your iOS device.

    The site in question is

    I paid for a premium podcast, now how o I get this podcast to appear on my iphone 6 s more in the podcast app?

    Podcasts > select my Podcasts > press the '+' > Add Podcast > paste the URL that you got on the site.

  • where and how to get the new Firefox add - one of who is spying on us. Please mail to...

    Heard speak adds the new on Fire Fox. Where and how to get the new Firefox add - one of who is spying on us. Please mail to maheshubhayakar at

    edited by email address - moderator

    It is helpful if you provide a link to the article you were reading.

  • Re: How to get the Tempo to work properly?


    I have problems with the service of Tempo.

    I don't get updates via this application (all the settings of this application are accurate, i.e. "full control"). I know this because there are updates available online to my laptop via the pilot site of toshiba.

    When I installed first Tempo, updates for about a month, I received, and then all of a sudden, no update came through. My firewall is blocking either of this application.

    I tried to reinstall the application, but no change in the situation.

    Does anyone know if ALL updates are available via the website of driver toshiba out tempo? Because, in the month that this service worked, I got an update of the bios, but I recently saw a bios update online and Tempo has not always reports that it is available.

    Any ideas on how to get the Tempo to work properly?

    Thank you.

    I saw in your other thread you have installed SP1 on your Vista laptop.
    There may be some compatibility problems between SP1 and Tempo

    And Yes, as far as I know Tempo bring all available updates!

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    How can I erase my image background screensaver back to a blank screen?  He transferred by mistake a photograph of fb.

  • Shortcut on the desktop icons ALL have the picture of the internet 'E '.

    I have recently upgraded to Windows Vista and had to create all new shortcuts on my desktop to Web sites I use a lot, which is Fandango, my children's school.  Photos of ALL my icon shortcuts are the symbol of the internet 'e '.  Even Fandango (I wan