How to get the data of the photo outside processRenderedPhotos?

LR SDK is still new for me. I'm fixing some issues of a project open source. It plans to export files to Wikimedia Commons from LR. There are two places where it is necessary to fill in a text based formular by actual values of the selected photos: (a) export, (b) to the dialog box export, it is possible to get a glimpse of the form, it takes as the first photo of the selection. (b) can be called before (a).

(a) works very well. An iteration is performed, the context is available by setting calling 'exportContext' of function 'processRenderedPhotos '. "exportContext" is used to get the 'exportSession '.

(b) is caused by a push button to "viewFactory: push_button" in "sectionsForTopOfDialog". It is nor a "'exportContext ' or a 'exportSession' available. "

So far I have no idea, to get data from a photo outside of ""processRenderedPhotos ", like"sectionsForTopOfDialog". "

Thank you for your interest to this thread!

Any help is appreciated.

Another description of this problem recently, I've done here: here.

If you run these lines with a debugger, you see the following error message:

This error message is from LR to tell you that you must call the method from one task other than the main task of the plugin:

Because a large part of the SDK must be called from one task other than the main task, my plugins used to do all their work within a work started by LrTasks.

In general, when a plugin generates an error, LR will be silently to complete this task and does not display the error (which is what has happened to you).  To get the errors displayed, you must wrap the text of each task in the following:

My debugging Toolbox has syntactic sugar that makes it easier, for example

You should also encapsulate callback functions that are passed to UI elements created by LrView.

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    In the browser with the right button on the logic model and select view.

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    Good fishing, when the first day of the month is Thursday... So I changed the query accordingly... Try the below

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    THEN NEXT_DAY (ADD_MONTHS (TRUNC(startdate,'MM'),(LEVEL-1)), 'THU')

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    FROM (SELECT SYSDATE startdate,

    SYSDATE + 300 enddate



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    I have a shape on the stage and I want to get its graphics data (M, L, Q, etc), I tried the readGraphicsData method, but I could not find the data path & orders!

    var stage_shape: Shape = this.getChildAt (0) as a form;

    var v: vector. < IGraphicsData > = (false);

    trace (v);

    output: [object GraphicsSolidFill], [GraphicsPath object], [object GraphicsEndFill]

    trace (v [1]);

    output: [object GraphicsPath]

    Then. How to get path data (178,5 M157.55 Q273.7 188.45 392,5 178,5 L392.5...)?

    Thank you.

    var stage_shape: Shape = this.getChildAt (0) as a form;

    var v: Vector. = (false);

    trace (v);

    output: [object GraphicsSolidFill], [GraphicsPath object], [object GraphicsEndFill]

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    Published by: 9999999 on 8 March 2013 04:30

    Use the IW format - it will make independent NLS solution. And all you need is truncated 7th day of each month using IW:

    select  sysdate current_date,
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      from  dual
    --------- ---------
    08-MAR-13 04-MAR-13

    Here is the list of the first Monday of the month of this year:

    with t as(
              select  add_months(date '2013-1-1',level-1) dt
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    01-FEB-13 04-FEB-13
    01-MAR-13 04-MAR-13
    01-APR-13 01-APR-13
    01-MAY-13 06-MAY-13
    01-JUN-13 03-JUN-13
    01-JUL-13 01-JUL-13
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    01-SEP-13 02-SEP-13
    01-OCT-13 07-OCT-13
    01-NOV-13 04-NOV-13
    --------- ---------
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    I found the data store object in which the virtual machine resides by vi sdk, but could not find the address of the device that includes this data store.

    How to get the ip address of the coding data storage device, which includes the virtual machine? I need your help.

    Thank you in advance.

    How do you try to make a query. Storage devices provides a logic unit number no, there is no IP address for it.

    You can check the same for the storage on vCenter view

  • How to get the difference in dates in days

    Hi friends,

    How to get the date difference between two dates exactly

    date2-date1 days exactly... shouyld rounded to the nearest value of...

    and one entire display i mean positive integer
    Select round ((sysdate) - to_date (date_start)), date_start days of per_periods_of_service

    This gives negative also result


    776317 wrote:
    Hi friends,

    How to get the date difference between two dates exactly

    date2-date1 days exactly... shouyld rounded to the nearest value of...

    Date1 - date2 is the exact number of days is after date2 date1. (It is as accurate as possible, given that the DATEs do not have fractions of a second).

    and one entire display i mean positive integer
    Select round ((sysdate) - to_date (date_start)), date_start days of per_periods_of_service

    You want to probably get the exact number of days first, then ROUND this number:

    SELECT  ROUND (SYSDATE - TO_DATE (date_start, ...))   AS days
    FROM    per_periods_of_service; 

    Always pass arguments at least 2 to TO_DATE:
    (1) the string to be converted, and
    (2) a saying string how (1) is formatted

    This gives negative also result

    Right; If date1 is before date2 then date1 - date2 returns a negative number.
    If you want to never get a negative value, use ABS (date2 - date1). If it returns 4, then you know that one of the DATEs was 4 days before the other, but you won't know who was earlier.

    I hope that answers your question.
    If not, post a small example data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) and also publish outcomes from these data.
    Explain, using specific examples, how you get these results from these data.
    Always tell what version of Oracle you are using.

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