How to get the device Pin code?

Is Hello possible to get the BB device PIN in Android? Something similar to DeviceInfo.getDeviceid ()?


Finally, I fixed all my problems.


TOO_MANY_REGISTRATIONS is set by the phone factory reset. I seems that recording is not completely cleaned when I delete applications and restart the phone. Is there a solution to this? Some cleaning functions, I have not found in the software?

SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE was inside the BlackBerry Simulator ever on the phone.

Download the DevicePin:

Use this 'Tutorial' But download the GCM.jar with the Manager software development kit. To do this click "Obsolate" below and you will find the 'Google Cloud messaging for Android Library'. Put it in your make libs folder right click-> Add as library and put "compile files('libs/gcm.jar')' in your build.gradle

If you now use the following code, you get the devicepin:

GCMRegistrar.checkDevice(this);GCMRegistrar.checkManifest(this);GCMRegistrar.register(this, SENDER_ID); String regId = GCMRegistrar.getRegistrationId(this);

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    It's easy.

    In order to get the diagnostics test report, go to Options / settings-> Network Mobile-> select "diagnostic test" in the menu-> then 'run '.

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    Think for a minute. Se * you * buy an app that could do?

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    var s:HTTPService;
    s.addEventListener (FaultEvent.FAULT, onFault);

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    QDir::entryList (). Or maybe QDirIterator.

  • How to get the device Versions of OS on the device


    I'm trying to get the exact device of the OS versions, I get as below

    07-30 12:39:31.842: I/System.out(76509407): HEIGHT720
    07-30 12:39:31.888: I/System.out(76509407): HI--2
    07-30 12:39:31.896: I/System.out(76509407): Device Software Version is>>>>01
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): Release Version is2.3.3
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): CODENAME Version isREL
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): INCREMENTAL Version isplayer-2.0.0_dev.eng.SER
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): SDK Version is10
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): BOARD:SQR100-2
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): BOOTLOADER:unknown
    07-30 12:39:31.900: I/System.out(76509407): BRAND:BlackBerry
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): DEVICE:Q5
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): FINGERPRINT:BlackBerry/BlackBerry/Q5:2.3.3/
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): HARDWARE:SQR100-2
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): HOST:brx278cnc
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): ID:
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): MANUFACTURER:RIM
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): MODEL:Q5
    07-30 12:39:31.901: I/System.out(76509407): PRODUCT:BlackBerry
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): SERIAL:0000000000072276751765
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): TAGS:test-keys
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): TIME:1368606268000
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): TYPE:user
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): OS Version is:8.0.0
    07-30 12:39:31.902: I/System.out(76509407): getDeviceName isRIM Q5
    07-30 18:15:27.008: I/System.out(40493276): HEIGHT1280
    07-30 18:15:27.052: I/System.out(40493276): HI--3
    07-30 18:15:27.059: I/System.out(40493276): Device Software Version is>>>>null
    07-30 18:15:27.064: I/System.out(40493276): Release Version is2.3.3
    07-30 18:15:27.064: I/System.out(40493276): CODENAME Version isREL
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): INCREMENTAL Version isplayer-2.0.0_dev.eng.SER
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): SDK Version is10
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): BOARD:unknown
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): BOOTLOADER:unknown
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): BRAND:BlackBerry
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): DEVICE:Z10
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): FINGERPRINT:BlackBerry/BlackBerry/Z10:2.3.3/
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): HARDWARE:unknown
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): HOST:brx278cnc
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): ID:
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): MANUFACTURER:RIM
    07-30 18:15:27.065: I/System.out(40493276): MODEL:Z10
    07-30 18:15:27.066: I/System.out(40493276): PRODUCT:BlackBerry
    07-30 18:15:27.066: I/System.out(40493276): SERIAL:unknown
    07-30 18:15:27.066: I/System.out(40493276): TAGS:test-keys
    07-30 18:15:27.066: I/System.out(40493276): TIME:1357852772000
    07-30 18:15:27.066: I/System.out(40493276): TYPE:user
    07-30 18:15:27.067: I/System.out(40493276): OS Version is:8.0.0
    07-30 18:15:27.067: I/System.out(40493276): getDeviceName isRIM Z10
    07-30 18:15:27.264: I/QNXNavigatorClient(12779732): PackagesOpenedRunnable: [com.XXX]
    07-30 18:15:27.433: I/ActivityManager(12779732): Displayed com.XXX/.LoginActivity: +701ms

    Is there any API to be called for versions during extraction device OS, more relevant that I find is ID info, which is also coming as well as fingerprints which is not accurate

    He didn't give me specific appliance OS, my Version of the OS version is (z10) and Q5 (

    Someone at - he noticed this problem? I have

    Thank you


    The /etc/os.version is the full path, there are default.

    You can simply use your preferred method to read files, something like this:

    File = new File("/etc/os.version");
    BufferedReader br is new BufferedReader (new FileReader (file));.
    String osVersion = br. ReadLine;

  • How to get the new sticker Code for Windows?

    I now have my Satellite L750 on 4years, I recently had an accident witch lead to me having to have the merits of the case replaced but isn't most have windows code sticker and I wanted to know how can I do to get a new, what I need to send a mail or but a new.

    Maybe it sounds silly now but this sticker is useless. It just proves that you have obtained the valid product key with your recovery image. I have the recovery image, because this product key is the version of the OS that you got with your laptop.
    You have the original installation disc of recovery? If yes you don't need the key because the recovery image can be installed to 1000 times and each time preinstalled version will be activated properly.

    With other words, no one will send you the key that you got on the sticker. The product key is implemented in original recovery image and cannot be used in case you want to enable another version of the Microsoft OS.

  • Use iCloud with BMW connected drive... How to get the device recognized by the connected player.

    Using iCloud email with BMW connected drive... How do I get my Apple ID and PW recognized by the BMW connected drive online?

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  • Portege R400 - how to get the fingerprint device to HDD unlock

    Portege R400 model PPR40E-00901LEN

    I've had this laptop since 2007 new (approximately). I put the BIOS and disk passwords HARD and the biometric to unlock the BIOS, HARD and Vista drive. It worked well until recently. Result of an incident when someone tried to crack into the machine, it unlocks is no longer the HARD drive

    The attacker confessed to the use of BACKSPACE to work around the footprint digital, correctly guessed the password of BIOS and going on to make several attempts to enter the HDD password.

    Now when I try to access the computer by using the fingerprint reader, it unlocks the BIOS ok, so he remembers clearly to me. However, it is not open HARD drive. Apparenlty the fact that 3 + failures to enter the master password disk HARD text forces text of this password and no biometric entry. At least, there seems to be something like that.

    My questions are

    (1) in these circumstances, the BIOS anterio-rite the biometric to forget the HARD drive password?

    (2) or is still piometric my disk HARD but the BIOS password feature is not asking him?

    (3) if 3 or something similar, so this password is always in the biometirc device, how to tell the device to provide this password?

    Please note that I can't in the BIOS right now, because do not unlock the HARD drive prevents the POSITION to perform.

    Of course, I know what I really need to do is type the HARD drive password. Unfortunately in about four years, I forgot it. I hope that I can get into the BIOS if I remove the HARD drive physically, but wonder if there is something else I should do first in order to avoid making things worse.

    Thanks to hope
    River ~ ~

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    All I know is that the fingerprint for Win 7 software is created by UPEK company.

  • Ideas: I get the 0x80073AFC error code when I try to use the system restore then, how can I find and replace this file missing MUI?

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Ideas: I get the 0x80073AFC error code when I try to use the system restore then, how can I find and replace this file missing MUI?

    • I am running Windows 7 for packs SP 1 or SP 2 does NOT solve my problem since neither one works with Windows 7.  Is there a way to search for this MUI (Multiple User Interface) missing file? The every thing must have himself installed in the first place. I took my mom (she died in June) and my brother on this PC as users so even if they do not use this PC supports multiple users. Maybe if I deleted as a reboot and additional users it will solve my problems. My updates install OK but I can't run at all system restore. It creates a restoration point OK but when I try to sr back to a restore point before I get the error 0x80073AFC topic of the missing MUI file. Then, when I spear SR it is said that he could not and no files have been changed because of the error 0x8000FFFF error, unspecified catastrophic failure and could not retrieve the file several times when system restore is attempted.

      I'm running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion with browser Firefox 3.6.8 browser Opera 10.60, IE8 and Google Chrome 5.0.375.125 browser browser.

      Can you tell me what I try next? Thnks a lot and sayonara for now the guy-Jack McElwee / keimanzero the Scion of the Anime in Brookhaven PA - USA

      OK I tried everything and nothing works! Only added beginners are updated browser Opera 10.63; IE9 (Beta); Firefox 3.6.12 and Google Chrome 7.0.517.41 and Java 22. Of course like everyone else in the world, I had to uninstall/enable and disable/download again and reinstall new Adobe Flash 10 and 11 of the shock wave and they keep crashing too! Hello 4 keep screwing browsers and now I get connection network problems. I run Comcast doctor and did everything it said to do, but nothing works. Oh and I added 7-Zip and WinZip also. Likewise, they will not work! Help! Thanks - K & K


    Comcast of Norton Security Suite version is installed? If Yes, who and perhaps malware is most likely to cause questions you have published, in particular the failure of the restoration of the system.
    First, configure the system to boot - How to solve a problem by performing a boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    NOTE: Start-up mode minimum state all the 3rd party firewalls will be disabled. Open Control Panel > Windows Firewall to make sure that the native firewall of Windows 7 is now on.

    Download and Save the update system (or CheckSUR) tool. You will need to download the specific Version of CheckSUR corresponding to the architecture of the system to Windows 7. If you do not know the architecture of the system, and then click the link that says "Click here to show or hide the instructions step by step with images" under method 2: download the update directly system preparation tool from Microsoft Download Center .
    Description of the preparation tool system update for Windows Vista for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2

    Once the download is complete, close all open programs and browsers. Now, run CheckSUR with the system connected to the internet because it will download the .cab for system files. Reboot once CheckSUR is complete.

    Secondly, I suggest that you run the File Checker system while in the same clean boot state.
    To run the System File Checker tool, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start and type cmd in the field search programs and files .
    2. Right click on cmd.exe in the programs of list, and then choose 'run as administrator '.
      If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue.
    3. At the command prompt, enter the following line exactly as written including the space between thec and the/and then press ENTER:

    When the analysis is complete, test to see if the problems facing the system have been resolved.

    If they are not, you will need to contact Norton support for the version of Norton Internet Security Comcast to get help, or just uninstall NIS, run the Norton removal tool (right click Norton_Removal_Tool.exe, choose "Run as Administrator"), reboot and then check to see if the problems are still occurring.

    Expert MowGreen Windows IT Pro - consumer safety

  • How to get the code produced for my Windows XP disc if I have the drive?

    Acquisition of Product Code Windows XP

    How to get the code produced for my Windows XP disc if I have the drive?  I signed the BONE when I bought it all first, but have no way of knowing if this is the way to receive a copy of the product key.

    Here are some utilities, which will display your product keys:

    Belarc Advisor:
    (He did a good job of providing a wealth of information.
    However may not detect a key to office, then try one of the other two below)


    Paid (free demo is available): Recover Keys:
    "quickly scans your system for more than 3000 + software '.
    and produces a list of software activation keys.

    13 keyfinder programs:

    J W Stuart:

  • How to get the name of the bluetooth device and the name of the bluetooth device address device class?

    Hi all

    Can I know how to get the bluetooth device name and the name of the bluetooth device address device class?

    Example:-if my bluetooth device address is :-98:EB:CD:01:1F::90 then how do I get my bluetooth device name?

    I hope you understand my problem. Let me know as soon as possible.


    Thanks for the reply.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite Pro U300 OS does not recognize PS/2 Port TouchPad

    I have a similar problem. My system doesn't recognize that the PS/2 Port TouchPad exists on my Satellite Pro U300. He acknowledges that it no longer works but when I go to Control Panel then mouse it does not appear in the list of devices. Help!

  • My Satellite A660 always crashes after three warranty service

    My laptop freezes sometimes on the first day. I have a rehabilitation three times to two authorized service companies. First service changed the BIOS, clean it and says that Toshiba tests did not find the hardware problem. Second service company said

  • X 4 ban locked

    HelloI have a X 4 ban which seems blocked. The problem is that the lever is in the position of store but 2 cubes who ejectingthe thinkpad are rising Its like the ban was forced by the user. Y at - it I can see if I open ultra base and try to "reset"

  • The screen display is at 45 degree angle

    Hi, I hope someone can help me!  My screen is anti clockwise 45 degrees and I can't turn it around.  This happens I didn't get internet so I unplugged the power without turning off the computer. I don't know there is a simple way to do it with the kn

  • When I try to burn a CD of DVD with RealPlay or Roxie creator, I get a message "no drive detected".

    When I look in Device Manager, he told me that everything is working OK.  Should I uninstall Roxie and reinstall?