How to get the timestamp in filter OEG?

Hi, may I have another question (sorry for the few issues):

In OEG, how would I get a timestamp (OEG can generate timestamp?) within the OEG and affect its value in my SOAP message.

I thank...

the added attribute is called "timestamp", not "message.timestamp".

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  • How to get the timestamp of data DAQmx Read


    I have to read 4 analog channels using DAQmx AI read in LabVIEW 2012. I am using screws DAQmx.

    Acquisition rate is 4000 samples per second, and the number of samples per channel is 200.

    I use only one task DAQmx to read the data. I get 4 data tables for 4 channels each table length is 200, every time, DAQmx Read happens.

    But I want to get the seal of these 200 samples per channel. How to get the seal of these samples, made me know.

    Thank you

    You have not indicated your code. If you choose to read the waveform data, the cluster includes t0 and dt. That's all the information you need.

  • How to get the timestamp to start at zero hours?


    I build software that records the values to Excel.

    The user can specify how long the test should run for, and the elapsed time should be defined as a string in hh: mm [:]

    The only problem is that the timestamp begins at 01:00 (calibrated 1904-number I guess). How can I get the count from 00:00:00, or perhaps to subtract the time at the beginning then it starts at zero.

    If you run the VI, you will understand what I mean.

    Thank you!

    Hi auto,.

    You must use relative time instead of absolute time - see the attachment...

  • How to get the timestamp of communicable CAN frame?

    All, Hy

    I work with QT C++ and NI-CAN.

    I write a framework to the writing of an object CAN TX_PERIODIC queue.

    I need to get the object (or the purpose of the Interface?) the precise time that the object convey the fram to the network.

    How can I do?

    All the best,


    (There is a similar question in the forum, but no answer...)

    You must define the interface in Self-receive mode.

    Self-reception Specifies to the echo of frames successfully transmitted in the form of received frames. Each reception occurs as if the frame was received from another device CAN. Free receive mode is not available on the Intel 82527 CAN controller
    used by the 1 series BOX material.

  • How to get the timestamp to install official application?

    Is it possible to get the runtime the timestamp to install official application or datetime?
    I not looking for third-party solutions or workaround, but just the bb: official package.

    It seems that it's not accessible, I looked at those:
    BB: PackageInfo

    And none has the information you're looking for.

    Of course, it is quite easy to do it yourself with QSettings:
    QSettings settings;
    If (! settings.contains ("installDate")) {}
    settings.setValue ("installDate", QDateTime::currentDateTime());)

  • How to get the timestamp of the Currrent Date


    I have a requirement I want ot see the current in my report, Format as date ' October 11,2011 02:31:45 (EST). How to achieve this,
    I have the tahken CURRENT_DATE function in a single column. I'm tryiting change the date custom properties of column data format. i'could not able to get the am and (IS) something... Can someone help on this.

    Shud be simple...

    Use @{system.currentTime} in fx of the column and change the data for this column Format according to your time zone

  • How to get the timestamp per minute for the given interval


    I have a table with a date of beginning and end of time columns. I need to divide the date given in one minute interval and post the results.

    create table min_data(objectid varchar2(20),starttime timestamp,endtime timestamp,duration number);
    Insert into MIN_DATA Values ('U1_B011_P006_InvA', TO_DATE('06/23/2015 02:42:00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), TO_DATE('06/23/2015 02:46:00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), 5);
    Insert into MIN_DATA Values ('U1_B011_P006_InvA', TO_DATE('06/23/2015 12:43:00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), TO_DATE('06/23/2015 12:44:00', 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), 2);

    My expected output should be something like this. INT_TIMESTAMP is the timestamp calculated for the given interval (time of start and end times)

    23/06/2015 12:43U1_B011_P006_InvA23/06/2015 12:4323/06/2015 12:44
    23/06/2015 12:44U1_B011_P006_InvA23/06/2015 12:4323/06/2015 12:44

    I wrote a query that works for one set of intervals.

    With get_data AS(
    SELECT   a.*,
             starttime -1/1440 v_s_date,
             endtime v_e_date
    FROM min_data a
    where duration=5)
    SELECT v_s_date + ((1 / 1440) * DECODE(LEVEL, 1, 1, LEVEL)) int_timestamp, objectid,starttime,endtime
              FROM get_data d
             WHERE MOD(LEVEL, 1) = 0
                OR LEVEL = 1
            CONNECT BY LEVEL <= (v_e_date - v_s_date) * 1440;

    Please send me a SQL query that gives me the timestamps of minutes between intervals.


    The following query works for any number of intervals








  • How to get the installed Application timestamp programmatically

    How to get the installed Application timestamp programmatically

    Can you please help me.

    I'm sure you could find yourself by reading the API.

  • How to get the current timestamp in C++ to the BB10 project

    Please help me how to get the current timestamp in C++. Thanks for your help!

    Following your suggestion,

    QTime is only for a day.

    I found "QDateTime" of references of the API:

    QDateTime = now QDateTime::currentDateTime();
    timestamp long = now.toTime_t ();

    But I got an error. I searched but no results are clear:

    -variable 'QDateTime now' initializer has but
    incomplete type
    -type incomplete "QDateTime" used in the nested name
    specifier of

    I am a newbie. So thank you for your help

  • How to get the path of the directory component in custom filter

    How to get the path of the directory component in a custom filter?
    final String absoluteComponentPath = CompInstallUtils.computeAbsoluteComponentLocation( "yourComponentName" );
  • DVT:pivotFilterBar - how to get the selected values of the filter

    Hi all

    I have a question: how to get the selected values from the pivot table filter bar programmatically?

    I tried to use
    pivotTable.getDataModel().getDataAccess().getValueQDR(startRow, startCol, DataAccess.QDR_WITH_PAGE);
    but to the edge of the side DATA INCORRECTESdeclarations page, it seems that it will return the cached values.

    Environment: JDev without tasks.

    Thank you


    You can retrieve the value selected in the PivotFilterBar through the PivotFilterBar model, instead of dataaccess:

    Download the template of the bar pivot filter instance
    QueryDescriptior queryDescriptor = (QueryDescriptor) pivotFilterBar.getValue ();

    retrieve a list of criterion, each of them is used to fill each lov in the pivot filter bar
    ConjunctionCriterion conjunctionCriterion = queryDescriptor.getConjunctionCriterion ();
    List criterionList = conjunctionCriterion.getCriterionList ();
    for (int i = 0; i)<_criterionList.size(); i++)="">
    AttributeCriterion = (AttributeCriterion) criterionList.get (i) criterion.

    _selected is the currently selected value
    Selected object = criterion.getValues () .get (0);

    System.out.println (_selected);

    Hope that helps,

  • How to get the full path of the image open in a filter plugin file?


    How to get the full path of the current file, including the directory, the file name with the extension. I need information to download the file on a webserver for a plugin. I found an example that can get the name of the document (title property) but without extension and directory. How can they?


    There is no way to get the full path of the active document in a plug-in filter. A plugin automation has access to this information and the file format plug-ins.

  • How to get the peak value

    Can I know how to get the 2 peak values v1 and v2 and 2 duration times t1 t2.

    Since there is a small amplitude noise, difficult to use the Max simplely.

    May need to use a filter such as wavelets or TREE to Denoise it first. Can I know how to use, any Toolbox in labview. How do the curve smooth first.

    Thank you.

    I can't watch your vi now (I'm at work), but if your signals are long enough, you might consider a median filter.  You can set the number of points before and after use.  I found that it is useful for some smoothing problems (not all).

  • How to get the 6th element of a C.V. value column

    Hi all

    I use Oracle Business Intelligence

    I have a column with the following formula: C.V. ("Tickets". "Number of tickets"), but since we want to only show the values advocated by the past 6 months and which is an accumulative column, we added the rank function in the filter and placed as: grade (C.V. ("Tickets". " Number of tickets')) < = 6 and for the final formula, we need the minimum value that is placed in 6th place...

    My problem is how to get the value assigned to this position?

    Here's the column values:

    30719 (value I pretend-> min)





    34616 (I also use this value-> max)

    Any idea on how to get the value placed on tier 6?

    Thanks for the help and have a good week.

    Kind regards


    I found a solution (poor, but it works)...

    As a minimum I want is always located in the row = 6 I put a case when row = 6, then returns the value I'm pretending, else return 0, so after that I need only the max of all values, as they are 0 or the value that I'm pretending, like this:

    MAX (CASE WHEN (GRADE (C.V. ("Tickets". "Number of tickets')) = 6) THEN of C.V. (FILTER ("Tickets"." Number of tickets' using 'status '. ((("" Resolved "="Resolvido")) END ELSE 0)

    I want to thank you all for the help, normally I post in the forum of the ADF but its good to know I can get a lot of support here as well...

    Many thanks to all,


  • How to get the value of the VO to the lov controller?


    Can I know how to get the values of the View object, then pass in lov controller to execute the query... pls help...

    I tried the below:

    ' Public Sub processRequest (pageContext OAPageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest (pageContext, webBean);

    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) am.findViewObject ("SeaoeAutoMosSummaryVO1");
    String s_it = (String) vo.getCurrentRow () .getAttribute ("ItemType"); / / If I enable this line, it will return the nullpointerexception error
    OAViewObject itemVO = (OAViewObject) am.findViewObject ("SeaoeAutoMosFIVO1");

    If ("lovValidate". Equals (PageContext.GetParameter (EVENT_PARAM)))
    itemVO.setWhereClause (null);
    System.out.println ("b4 execute111");
    itemVO.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    itemVO.executeQuery ();


    yuchijoyce wrote:

    I wanto add new line, the lov CO will have the value 2 in the base page move to filter the lov...
    the problem, I do face is: failed to get the vo value (new line) in lov CO.

    Try setting the PPR action with this field which will set the value in the session then get session value in the controller of the LOV and put the Original where clause.

    Thank you

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