How to get to the settings, DATA from the old HARD drive to new Tecra A10

My 'old' TECRA A2"refused to fly (fell on the desk)... Screen and grapfic external duty!
But the HARD drive is still OK and works via an external USB HD adapter to my other PC.

Can read all the files in the root directory,
* can NOT read only password protected those *:
means all files * DOCS and SETTINGS below *.

My password old route was:
OUTLOOK 2003 via the backup.pst PW

Bought a new A10 TECTRA...

HOW can I get the form parameters of DATA etc., my old HDD via USB in my new TECRA A10?

ANY Suggestion?


As far as I know that you must add the Group everyone in the folder options. Right-click on the folder-online security-online advanced-online (effective) permissions
There, you must add the user to the other laptop or for example all users. Then it should work.
I had this problem for 1 or 2 years and it worked for me.

A friend of mine told me that he was able to copy the data to a Linux system. You can start form a Linux boot CD/DVD, and then copy the data on the other PC.

Welcome them

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    I'm sorry, but it is not possible to move programs from one operating system to another.  You must reinstall the programs.

    Your data files must be in the Documents and Settings\ folder from the old hard drive and you can copy them to the folder on the Windows XP system.

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    I searched the internet for possible solutions and found no help. If the transfer of files from Microsoft would change the disc to analyze, it would be simple. But if I select the OLD computer it scans the disk I'm on (new) - automatically.

    Is there anyone who has had the same problem? He must be because computers die all the time and people buy new computers - who then, somehow, they get the former transferred files. I could do it manually, but that wouldn't change the settings. Last resort would be to buy an old computer XP (SATA), replace the drive. Transfer the files, and then sell this computer.

    You may be able to recover your data files, but I hope that you will set up your new system to automatically backup a second internal hard drive or an external USB hard drive.

    This suggestion may not work, but it's worth a try. Buy an external USB drive enclosure. They come in two sizes 2.5 "for the portable computer drives and 3.5" for desktop disks. You can purchase adapters for 3.5 "envelopes so that they can also be used with a portable player. Place the hard drive in the enclosure and connect to a USB port of another computer. Several hard disks are more able to start, but the contents of the disc can still be accessed, read and copied from the disk because you do not use the operating system on a failed disk.

    Here is an example of the type of device, I suggest:

    You need only to the speaker, that you see are not necessarily more expensive. Thereafter, you can put an old hard drive usable, an abandoned because you need a larger drive internal, in the enclosure and use it as additional external storage.

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    Original title: crash and recovery of hard drive problem

    My hard drive crashed it wouldn't boot saying config.sys is damaged or corrupted, I tried to fix it but the sector is damaged. I was using XP, I had a password on my settings. I installed a new hard drive and reinstalled windows XP, but even if I can 'see' the old hard drive (always installed) I can't access my documents, how can I get to them? I know the password but since its an account on another drive it won't give me the chance to log on to the account.

    Assuming that you use the Encrypting File System (EFS) then this article should solve your problem:

    "How appropriate a file or a folder in Windows XP"
      <> >


  • With the help of Windows Easy Transfer - need to transfer the old HARD drive to new computer - old HDD attached as external drive for the new usb port of the computer - help

    New computer installed Windows 7 and gave me an option to use Windows easy transfer to transfer files, data, programs, etc. from my old computer.  All I have from the old computer's hard drive; a lightning strike fried either food or his mother by car.  I have attached the hard as a disk to the new computer using the usb cable provided with the external hard drive case.  It is recognized as drive E: on the new computer.

    Trying to follow the instructions given by the Windows Easy Transfer software.  Get the software/folder from the old hard drive (drive E), but trying to run the software that I can't seem to do anything on the old disk.  When asked what is the former or the new computer - I respond to old, but no new file is created for the transfer.  When I answer again, a new file is created on the new computer (rather than the old HDD) and then he transferred again to new.  I can't create a file of whatever it is I want to transfer from the old HDD.

    I can't use an easy transfer cable because the old computer does not only the hard drive.  I can't connect to a network for the same reason.  I only have the hard that I can attach to the new computer.  But I can't get the new computer to process the old hard drive separately for transfer purposes.  The only other option I can think of is to attach the old HDD to another computer, and then try to run the software in this way, but I don't want just the stuff on the old hard drive a copy to the other computer.

    Can anyone help?  Suggest how to get the old hard drive files, data, transferred etc. to the new computer.  What are the steps?

    Thank you.

    Do yourself a favor, with the old drive connected externally, in the browser, simply copy the data files to the location of Documents of the PC win7. You can not copy programs, they need to be reinstalled from media origonal. You can copy all the downloaded files instalation

    You may need to take possession of your old documents folders - see win help to find out how

  • Need data from an old hard drive

    I have an old HP Pavilion 8275. It's a Windows 95 machine with an ATX40R80 (8 GB) hard drive.

    I bought a new HP Pavilion, a6152n Vista running.

    Because I could use some of the data on the old disk, I bought a USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE, an ADA-2020, to see if it would work. That documentation is rare is an understatement, but everything seemed to work.

    Adapt in the caps, my Vista machine, said the USB mass storage driver correctly loaded, the leds came and the player seems to run properly.

    A new drive letter. No display of records or anything like that I know. Everything works fine, I think that, just no data in the view.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    -I ran the connection through a hub 4 ports and an extension of the short to join the back of the computer because it is in a very cramped place.

    After reading some of the other posts, I decided to bite the bullet and connect the player to the back of the computer.

    It worked. I now have a new reader J.

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    I have a desktop compaq presario with hard drive failure and I was wondering the best method for transfer of norton 360 and other info on new hard drive.

    Contact Norton Customer service. Use the online chat.

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    I have a new computer with Windows Vista.  My old computer does not start (lights turn on but just spinning noise that nothing appears on the monitor).  I need to get the data/files from my old hard drive.  Can I connect the old drive to my new computer to access the files?

    Connect the older hard drive to your computer and transfer the content:

    How do I add an additional hard drive

  • To access the data from the old hard drive connected to the HP Pavilion 500-242ea

    Recently I bought HP Pavilion 500-242ea (Windows OS 8.1) as my old pc died. I connected the old hard drive via the Usb Adapter kit. The old drive appears in the Device Manager and file Explorer and disk management in drive F, but shows no volume. I know that the old drive is not complete and the drive works as I put the disc in and they charge. When I click on the old drive-F car - in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. Anyone know how to access the data on the old drive which has the cable IDE.

    Please help need to copy the old drive imporatant files.

    Thank you

    Just had to ask, you know the difference between the hard drive and CD/DVD drive?  Don't get angry, read this.

    You said "I know that the old drive... works as I can put disks and they load. When I click on the old player disc-F-in the message "Please insert the disk" leader explore appears. »

    Anything that involves a CD/DVD drive. You can't put a disk on a hard disk.

  • copy the data from the old HARD drive to a new HARD drive

    have old hard drive with data and op sys - must copy old hard drive data on the new hard drive WITHOUT copying op sys

    a simple way is the best way.

    Help, thanks


    1. purchase a USB hard drive enclosure to put the old drive hard in > plug it into the new computer.

    Here is a video on how to do it:

    2 slave the old hard drive in the new computer, so a new office.

    See you soon.

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    I have the old hard drive in a USB enclosure and connected to the computer again. I have installed firefox and you need to have the address book (critical) copied and inserted information from address book on the new computer. I hope that there is a file I can replace easily?

    Firefox send an e-mail, it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, check out this forum for support.

    or this one

  • Retreival of data from the old hard drive - it freezes the computer when it is connected to the outside

    I have a dell laptop and last week he showed the blue screen and does not start. I got improtant data on starting I have is not a format and replaced with a new hard drive. Now I'm trying to connect to the old hard drive externally detected only D & does not detect drive C on what it blocks my laptop. I tried with other laptops & systems also, but it's the same thing. I have important data in two players. Please suggest a possible solution to recover data.


    • What is the blue screen error message that you receive?
    • Have you tried plugging the drive with another computer?
    You can check this link:
    You can also try updating the chipset drivers on the manufacturer's Web site.
  • How to transfer files from the old hard drive to a disc new hard, old hard disk has been removed?

    I had a hard disk going bad. Installed a new hard drive and the need to transfer files from the old hard drive. I have an external enclosure for the old hard drive and can connect by usb port.

    The process is fairly simple once you put the old drive in the external box. You can use the usual methods of copy and paste in Windows Explorer. If you copy files, complete folders, you can take a look at RichCopy.

    Tom Ferguson

  • Get the old hard drive to work on the new processor

    I am a PC Tech company with problems on PC at home.

    My Win 7 Home Premium Dell Studio T435/9000 dead.  It was a motherboard problem, I chose not to replace the CPU/Mo with a duplicate.  The hard disk MBR is good, I could read it and when I installed in an Optiplex 990 at work, it is initialized.

    I had the chance to receive a new Dell T5610 with 2 CPUs of a parent.  It came with professional Win7 preinstalled on an SSD, UEFI boot on a GPT disk.  But all my apps are absent and even a rat-pack obsessives like me do not have all the CD and install the files for the various applications on the old hard drive.

    I want to use my old hard drive on the new PC, then after that it's stable, migrate the old hard drive to the SS disc supplied with the PC.

    First problem was to learn the differences between MBR and GPT.  After this was learning that Home Premium does not work on a PC with two separate processors.  I use Win7 professional for that.  With the help of this forum, I was able to do this by using the Optiplex 990.  I run Win7 Professional on the Optiplex 990.

    I take the former home of hard disk go BIOS to legacy.  Old hard drive that boots on 990, does not start on T5610.

    I try various advanced options, safe mode, low-resolution video, nothing works.  I get a BSOD is a hard drive error, STOP 040000007 B.

    I try Startup Repair tool and get the following:

    Problem event name

    Offline Startup Repair

    1 6.1.7600.16385

    2 6.1.7600.16385

    5 Autofailover

    6 1

    7. bad driver

    6.1.7601. OS version

    Locale 1033

    How can I get my old hard drive to work with the new processor.  Is it a question of Dell, a Win7 Office.  As the hard drive starts up successfully on another CPU, I believe that the hard drive is good.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Thanks to you all.  But the solution was completely different.

    Dell said the motherboard on the accuracy was so different from my old PC that unless I reinstalled Win7 Professional from scratch on the old hard drive, motherboard would not work with the old hard drive.

    They have guaranteed that the old hard drive would work on a 8700 XPS.  After some problems, I managed to do the work.  Problem solved.

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    How to switch my subscription creative cloud from my old computer to a new one?

    Hi loll0p999

    You can install Creative Cloud products on two machines using a single subscription.

    Please see the FAQ on creative cloud. In the getting started section, you can also see this information.

    However, you can disable the subscription on existing machine and reactivate the second machine to save once the installation instance.

    Please see following article on how to enable or disable the creative cloud.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards

    Sumit Singh

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