How to get two strings to write to a text file

As requested above.

Attached is the peak of the problem I have

Thank you

Sorry I'm new to Labview


Concatenate string

Please take the free tutorials or categories of LabVIEW (free with purchase). It's Basic.

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  • How to get the string (specified by row and column) of txt file with labview

    Hello world

    How to get the string (specified by row and column) of txt file with labview


    As far as I know, a text file has no column.  Be more specific.  Do you mean something like the 5th word on line 4, where the words are separated by a space, and lines are separated by a newline character?  You can read from the spreadsheet String function and set the delimiter to a space.  This will produce a 2D channels table.  Then use the table to index and give the line number and column number.

  • How to get rid of the Pop UP "add text"?

    How to get rid of these annoying popup "Add text" powered by "Text enhanced" of your Web site? They are very annoying.

    More likely, this is caused by a malicious software on the computer. See the link below:

    Nancy O.

  • How to get a string changed to be reassessed

    Hello, I am very new to TS and do not know if I express the problem clearly. However the question below:

    Trying to change a numeric variable before it is evaluated at execution, and what I have is:

    Val (searchandreplace ("FileGlobals.I_LB_bin [FileGlobals.loop_BINi]", "lb", FileGlobals.mode [locals. ModeI])) / 2

    but after that the replacement seems that the val function can get the value with the new string.

    How can I get a string to represent a value and be evaluated after edit?

    Thank you very much!


    I'm assuming you are trying to get a variable expression that is evaluated during the execution. I would like to make the following

    Locals.Num = Val (Evaluate (SearchAndReplace ("Locals.Var_X", "X", Locals.Control_Num)))

    All variables are String, and the output is a number on which you can perform more arithmetic.

    Dodnt you need the Locals.Var_X variable at all. I just created during my tests.


  • How to get a string vmfolder

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my vCO. After each restart of the server or server VC vCO, I lost my values in the workflow that point to the virtual Center. For example, I have a workflow where I define a special vmfolder, special VM as a model, special host where the machine starts, etc. After a reboot the values as "Not configured" and I need to set the values again. Active Directory work values, such as LDAP groups or organizational units.

    I have now a script how to get a VM, host, data store and a network using a string with the name auf VM/host /... as input and get an output like VC:VirtualMachine / VC:Host,...

    What I need now is a script where I can set an input parameter as a string of the same name by the vmfolder what I ion VC and get an output with the vmfolder as attribute type = vmfolder.

    OK, well you certainly store the values in the right place... try asking Christopher for additional troubleshooting.

    For the immediate solution and meet your real demand, the following script should retrieve a vmFolder based on the chain: entry required is the 'vmFolderName' which is a string. The return value is "vmFolder".

    var folders = VcPlugin.getAllVmFolders(null, "xpath:name='"+vmFolderName+"'");
    var vmFolder = null;
    if (folders != null){
         if (folders.length == 1){
              System.log("Match found for vm named: "+vmFolderName);
              vmFolder = folders[0];
              System.log("More than one vmFolder found with that name! "+vmFolderName);
              for each (folder in folders){
                   System.log("Folder ID: ";
  • Can someone direct me to resources on how you get TWO esx servers to the same storage array?

    Hi all

    I use:

    2 x Compaq DL380 G2 with 5i

    cards controller 5300 AND attached to the base storage Bay


    compatibility list).

    The first server appears to see the good in the console of the virtual server storage Center.  The second server will see s for only its own storage room tho.  How do both to see and use the same storage.  The concept is new to me, but trying to learn.  Is there something I need to see the same storage in the virtual Center for TWO machines esx Server?  All IM just not in the right place?  Thank you. was a previous thread on this can enlighten us. Looks like the 4354R has the bus is divided into 2 x 7 disks and each connector in the back can 'see' 1 of the two buses. The quickspecs ( refer to "... allows access to two areas of storage separated from two different servers. So the first "thing" would be to get two buses attached together inside the unit so that the two connectors on the back see all readers, you must get the endpoint SCSI disabled on the device (you want termination on each 'end' of the cable that is two SCSI adapters in the servers).

    While you might be able to get the 4354R shared between the two ESX hosts, you can also get all the benefits of the shared disk + the possibility of vMotion, etc. by implementing the 4354R known as iSCSI or NFS storage. It also swings you back to something that is 'supported '. To do this, you have two approaches

    1. Fix 4354R on one of the ESX boxes, create a virtual machine that has access to the entire disk on the 4354R and run something like OpenFiler in the virtual machine to 'share' the disk via NFS or iSCSI

    2. Set up a 3rd server if you have one available and run the version of "bare metal" OpenFiler, or install Linux or OpenSolaris distribution and configure NFS and/or iSCSI target.

  • How to compare two strings in PL/SQL

    Hi all
    I need to compare two strings, they are equal or not in PL/SQL. Y at - it a function to compare the strings.

    Yes, the sign =.

    You're after something like:

    IF v_string1 = v_string2 THEN
    END IF;


    Published by: Boneist on August 27, 2009 11:41

  • How to get a date to the timestamp of a file XML format


    I'm trying to get a date from an external XML file. My XML file looks like this:

            Date of birth

    I can get the system to retrieve the correct XML element that shows the nested and elements , but I have no way to retrieve correctly the date. It seems as if she interprets my date seconds since 1904. I try to keep the "readable" for the end user XML, so it is important to keep this date in standard U.S. date format. I eventually uses this date to calculate the age of something. I labour code to subtract a timestamp in the format of the date to the current date and time, but I can't access it when I get back from XML.

    Starting from XML schema, it looks like the timestamp element requires a cluster... but there is no documentation on what to spend. Any ideas how to get back an XML date in this format in a simple and clean?

    Here's my current VI:

    Thank you


    Cambridge, MY

    Quick Tip on "bundle by name.  You don't need to consolidate all these constants where the values correspond to what is the constant of cluster at the top.  The cluster constant defines the data structure and the starting values.  Simply group the values for specific change items.

    Example of tone would be a bit cleaner.  Although the format string should use a capital T.

    As always with dealing with the time, complications could arise due to dealing with time zones and leap years.  Zones shouldn't matter for the calculation of the years since you are rounded up to years.  Although you probably want to round down rather than round at most closely. (I forgot this part in my example).  The problem with leap years when you would be only in a certain number of days of the anniversary, he would round up the age.  The number of rounded days would depend on how much on leap days that nobody has seen in their lifetime.

  • How can I write to a text file without deleting the previous content

    I am Luis


    FileConnection conn = (FileConnection) connector
    . Open ("file:///sdcard/xxx/Read");
    If (! conn.exists ()) {}
    Conn.Create ();
    If (conn.exists () & conn.fileSize () == 0) {}
    OutputStream out = conn.openOutputStream ();
    String incroversa_message = "text";
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Write ((Text));
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Write (Text);
    out. Close();
    Conn.Close ();

    The work of code but the problem is that when I try to make another entry erases the previous and write new writing.

    Thank you.

    Solution 2...

    read the file and get the content. then write the file with the content + new content

    or you could get the content of the file and add it with new content

  • How to catch exceptions and write in the text file

    For all developers,.

    This is the problem,

    I want to print my exception stack trace in a text file.

    This developer can know and analyze on what function is error and what exception for this error...

    Is it possible to do this?

    Thank you...

    Yes, you can write like try (), it returns a string, and you can write that string to the file.

  • How to get to InDesign to concentrate on the text selection

    Hi all

    I'm trying to select text in the application window. Currently, I'm trying to browse a few found texts and then after the change is made visually review the changes.

    What I can't understand is how to get the application to focus on selection when its generated through the ARE? To specify if you do a search with the graphical interface (ctrl + f) and change find it that: field in the user interface, and then click next application will select the text found and Center the window around this selection.

    Line 04 point I would like to require the selection to appear in the InDesign window.

    arrFoundTexts = app.findGrep();
    arrFoundTexts[0].select(); //tested and does not bring Text into GUI focus[0]);//tested and does not bring Text into GUI focus

    Thank you in advance for your time and care to help me find the answer.

    Text objects have a method called showText() which is done exactly as described above - don't know how I missed it.

  • How to get CC 2015 to open existing photos under FILE &gt; open with

    How to get Photoshop CC 2015 to open an existing picture.  When I go to FILE > open with CC do not appear in the programs

    Sound like you may be using Windows. Please check your windows Photoshop.exe registry key which version of Photoshop is open and edit with?  I remember that mine have been updated to 2015 CC but I changed the back ventilated at the 2014 to CC are many bugs in 2015 of CC. I also changed my Windows file associations to open with CC 2014.  I left Adobe Bridge file types associations 2015 CC.  There are simply too many places in Windows systems which appear to be involved with open with and file Associations.


  • How to get Adobe Bridge CS5 to open a FLV file in another program?

    Hello people,

    How can I get Adobe Bridge CS5 to open a FLV file in another program other than Flash CS5?

    When I double click on a FLV video, it always opens Flash CS5.  I want to be able to use one of my other apps of FLV Player instead.

    Thank you

    How can I get Adobe Bridge CS5 to open a FLV file in another another program

    that Flash CS5?

    When I double click on a FLV video, it always opens Flash CS5.  I want to be

    able to use one of my other apps of FLV Player instead.

    Single use when having pointing the cursor on the file with the right mouse

    Click on choose open with and select the application you want in the fly out


    For permanent use, go to the section of the Bridge preferences file Association of Type and

    in the search the .flv file extension list. In this line, you can select the

    small triangle next to the Adobe flash and from the list select the one you

    wish, you can now open in this application.

  • Can all help with VI to get data (HEX) serial number and write in the text file

    Hello I am struggling with this problem for 2 months... They get help from different I thought I solved the problem, but of no use yet I stand on zero

    Problem: I need to get data on USB high speed HEXAGON shaped (coming in hexadecimal and be stored in the text file to the hexadecimal format as each hexadecimal value online different I'll also to attach the file)

    Get us ASCII on series or VISA read but when trying to convert to hex as shown in text file making it slower to deal with code, I know that my VI will have to improve more... I'm waiting for suggestions

    Need urgent help...

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ali Afzal,.

    I think that the attached example can work for you. If not, then try the solution with sending the data to a parallel running the loop and store it there.


  • AS3: How to get the size of a dynamically created text field

    I'm importing text from an XML file and lines of text to display in the text separated under the other fields. How can I set the value y of each text field following so that there is little space (40 pixels or more) in the field above, regardless of the length of the text? Here is my current code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    var textArray:Array = new Array();
    for (var i: int; i < myXML.TOPIC [0].) QUERY.length (); i++) {
    var textField:TextField = new TextField();
    textField.htmlText = myXML.TOPIC [0]. QUERY [i]. QUESTION;
    textField.x = 100;
    Here's my problem... I want the value of is based on the height of all the previous text fields that have been created

    textField.y is 100 + (40 * i);.
    textField.border = true;
    textField.width = 800;
    textField.textColor = 0 x 000000;
    textField.multiline = true;
    textField.wordWrap = true;
    textField.selectable = false;
    addChild (textField);
    textArray.push (textField);

    Separate the variable of the loop that you update in the loop to keep track of the current value of y.  The current value of there would be updated to the previous value, the height of the textfield newest once it was filled with text.

Maybe you are looking for