How to go from CS2 on my old iMac when I buy my new iMac?

How to go from CS2 on my old iMac when I buy my new iMac?

You can use this to error: "Activation Server unavailable". CS2, Acrobat 7, Audition 3 install the CS2 as we departed CS2 from the server.

The best option would be to get the CC for your new machine as CS2 is not compatible.



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    Hello, faith

    Please use the Forum for answers!

    I'm moving your post on Gaming forum where you'll find a community better suited to answer your question.

    Some manufacturers may include third-party games when you buy a new computer, these will have to be uninstalled separate of Windows games. You should be able to uninstall most of the applications, including games, in the section programs and features in Control Panel.

    To access the programs and features, click Start and select Control Panel. In Control Panel, click programs and then programs and features. Third-party software, select the application you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall just above the list.

    To uninstall the games provided by Windows Vista, go to programs and features, and then click Turn Windows Features On or Off in spots on the left. You may be prompted for an administrator password or to continue. It can take a bit of the screen of Windows features to complete loading. In the Windows features page, clear the check box next to games and click OK. Windows may ask you to reboot after it's finished work.

    Let us know if it helps or if you need further assistance.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    When exactly these pop-ups appear? Normally they only appear while ctrl-click and disappear automatically. What behavior do you see?

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    Hi Defiant1950,

    To add more hard disk space, the simplest method is to attach an external hard drive. If you add an external hard disk, it can't function as your primary hard disk where you install Windows, but you can use it as a secondary disk to store programs and files. Adding an external hard drive is a good way to create plenty of extra space to store the digital photos, videos, music and other files that require a large amount of disk space.

    To install an external hard drive, all you have to do is plug it into your computer and connect the power supply cable. Most of these hard disks plug into a USB port, but some connect to a Firewire (also known as IEEE 1394) or external SATA (eSATA) port. For additional instructions, see the documentation that came with your external hard drive. You will also need to install a software that came with the hard drive.

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    As TSN says, as you did on the old laptop. If you get rid of the old system, make sure to disable Acrobat there and uninstall it or who will count as one of your 2 activations.

  • ProBook 4530 s: why do I need to return the old part, if I buy a new game?

    Well, I had a problem with my motherboard and replaced by a technician on-site in that HP sent me.

    The laptop is out of warranty, and I paid for the new motherboard + labor.

    However, when technology is introduced, he said it does not replace the motherboard unless I give him the old motherboard. He went on to say that it wascompany policy"and it won't let me keep all old, even though I pay for the new component.

    I was too tired t o argue with him, and he has replaced the motherboard and took the old motherboard.

    Reflection, it is quite absurd.

    It's like HP telling me "If you buy a new HP laptop, you will need to return your old HP laptop to us.

    It would make sense that I was getting a free replacement and the laptop was under warranty. It makes no sense when the laptop is out of warranty and that I pay for the replacement part.

    Think about it, when I bought the laptop, I obviously paid for the motherboard that came with the notebook. Then why HP becomes to take away from me?

    If I buy a new battery from HP store instead of amazon, I need to regain my old HP battery?

    If I buy a new keyboard on the HP store, should I return my old keyboard?

    I can give you the file number if you wish.

    Honestly, if it's the "strategy of the company", I never bother with another HP product again.

    HP has new motherboards. They sell the bad on the Chinese market and they appear on eBay or similar places. You have a new motherboard. If you can tell us the number of part of what you purchased we can tell you the "full" price and the "Exchange" of the party. They should definitely explain the options for you, but I think probably, they assume you want the lowest trading price.

  • How to specify the file of virtual hard disk when you create a new virtual machine using virtual hard disk on the data store?

    I'm new to PowerCLI and find quite simple, but in the documentation I read, I don't see how to use a virtual hard drive, existing on a data store when you create a new virtual machine.

    Is this simple registration on the virtual hard disk, or did I miss something?

    My current create VM is the following statement:


    -Name $TargetHostName -host $TargetVMCenterHost -data store $TargetVMCenterDatastore DiskMB - 20000 -MemoryMB $TargetHostMemoryMB -NumCPU $TargetHostCPUs -ID $TargetHostOS -CD -Description $TargetHostName

    Didn't notice this before, but I think that vSphere will use a backslash instead of a slash in the paths.

  • How to migrate from CS2 to CS6 settings?


    Be reluctant to jeopardize my future at CC, I taken the plunge and bought CS6, although it is still available. It's on Windows 7.

    Is it possible to migrate the settings of CS2 CS6 and if so how? I don't know if installation CS6 will automatically uninstall CS2 or oblige me to do so.

    Thank you.

    I repeat: don't even think about it.  It gives you nothing but grief, guaranteed.

    Pouvez be able save brushes custom in CS2 on the disk, and then load them into CS6.  Other pre-defined settings, such as the shape tools, are a lost cause.  Parameter of CS2 files are not worth the considerable pain that you will have if you try to transfer them to the CS6.

    Simply cease and desist.

  • How to call from one form to another form when you press the button.

    Hi all...

    I have two forms "A" AND "B".

    A form contains two items of text as->customer_id and total_amount

    B form contains two 4 text items like-> customer_id, total_amount, paid_amount and balance.

    A form has a button, pressed button this form must call form b and then the text element of form B customer_id,total_amount take values automatically from shape A customer_id ,total_amount .


    I call form B from A, with success, but don't understand how to take values automatically from form A fom B...

    Try the PL/SQL code that is used to trigger when-pressed next button:


    pl_id ParamList;


    pl_id: = Get_Parameter_List ('tmpdata');

    IF this is Id_Null (pl_id) THEN

    Destroy_Parameter_List (pl_id);

    END IF;

    pl_id: = Create_Parameter_List ('tmpdata');

    Add_Parameter (pl_id, 'customer_id", TEXT_PARAMETER,: Customer_id");

    Add_Parameter (pl_id, 'total_amount', TEXT_PARAMETER,: Total_amount);

    OPEN_FORM ("B", ACTIVATE, No_Session, pl_id);


  • I have Photoshop CS2 in an old laptop and recently bought a new laptop.  Need to move.

    I have my new laptop and my Photoshop CS2 is no longer supported.   How do I transfer to the new laptop with the improved version.  -Brian Robertson

    Adobe has disabled the CS2 products activation server, you cannot use your own serial key.

    You will need to download CS2 and use the serial number on this page...

  • How can I install and synchronize my old palm tx handheld on a new laptop computer?

    I need to get my old palm tx handheld information and put it on a new laptop.

    Hi Fi Sh.

    ·         What version of the Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can check if the following items to help you.

    Palm support: Palm TX - HotSync troubleshooting: start here

    Palm support: Palm TX - HotSync under Windows XP (part one) (See also part 2 and 3 at the end of this article)

    You can also contact the Palm TX technical support for assistance.

    Support Palm TX

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    Create a new account without him how new folders and just using local files as do other accounts?

    I don't use Thunderbird filtering internal spam, I use popfile and use the message filters to sort e-mails by Popfile headers added to my messages. I don't understand why it don't let me make a new account as the other accounts without making a special folder to the new account. Help, please?

    Point 1. Global Inbox only works with email pop accounts
    Menu Tools > account settings > server settings > advanced and select use global inbox to turn it on. Note the folder will disappear, so moving the mail you want them before you change the settings.

    Point 2. IMAP accounts must have their own records. The view menu > file > unified view was designed to overcome this as much as possible.

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    I have an old MacBook Pro with El Capitan X software.

    I want to download iMovie and a few other more recent App´s Apple.

    I bought a new 6 iPhone and an iPad 2 air, both to these applications.

    When I go to the App Store and find the missing apps for my macbook, the apple store wants me to pay for apps.

    Is this necessary?

    Can't transfer apps from eg. iPad to macbook pro?

    iPad and iPhone running on iOS.  Mbps on OSX.  Applications may be the same but are not identical.  If you want the OSX version to run on your MBP, you will have to pay for it.


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