How to hide the < other > link in the photo gallery module

I need to hide the next button that appears when you use a photo gallery.

Under the old forum, there was a really handy page full of tips on using JavaScript to make changes to a range of different modules. For example hide button next the shopping cart, redirect based on a number of factors.

I noticed that Mario has listed some of these snippets separately in the javascript_community_doc.

But search as hard as I can, I can't find the relevant part of the code to hide the < other > link.

Someone know where I can find this snippet of JavaScript or how?

Thank you.

Given that the link "Next" is always the last item in the list can maybe do you use: last child to hide? For example

.photogalleryNavigation one: last-child {display: none ;}}

To hide the link.

See you soon,.


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    It is a user at tech support forum, not Apple.  Nobody is here saying 'why' Apple does or doesn't do anything.

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    I asked that your thread moved to the El Capitan forum.

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    Hello, JacklynG23.

    Looks like you are trying to hide the photos you don't want to display on your 6s iPhone more. The following link for iPhone online User Guide provides information on how to do it:

    Organize photos and videos - iPhone user Guide

    Hide the photos or videos you want to keep but not show. When displaying thumbnails, press Select, then select the photos or videos you want to hide. Press on , and then click Hide. The photos or videos are moved to the Hidden album.

    Note: Photos or videos are hidden moments, Collections and years, but are still visible in the Albums.

    Thank you for reaching out to the communities of Apple Support.

    Happy holidays!

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    You need...

    Properties of VI--> execution

    Turn off "enable debugging".


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    Is the big question, where I want to especially a conclusive answer:  How to manage the photos Lightroom when using 2 computers, keeping all the changes made on one of them, using the same photos for editing. I'm not going to use DNG. Details: I mainly use my old MacBook Pro, but I wish I could use my PC as it is much better (card: i5 2500K, 16 GB of RAM, SSD, USB3, nVidia GTX 560 TI etc.). I have 2 external HD that I could use, one for backup and one for the actual Photos/changes. I you will probably need to use as my internal HDs are fairly complete and I cannot be the kind of things simply delete or move to one (developer, without loss of music, programs etc.).

    On this basis, how do I save all such Photos folder (pictures and retouching and preferably presets too)?

    According to me, that it should be possible to work cross-platform without having to create a link to the files each time, or without having to keep export/import of the catalog, keeping the single catalog and the picture library on an external drive that is then switched between systems as needed.

    Obvious first requirement is an external drive that is formatted in a way (for example, FAT32) that it can be used on both platforms in read/write mode. Given that, if the catalogue AND folder parent si le catalogue ET le dossier parent images are both set to the same level in a global parent folder, then it should be possible to take advatage of ability of Lightroom to use relative paths instead of absolute paths to detect the images, no matter if the player is named (Mac) or lettering (PC). This is how "export as catalog of ' works, that is, it creates a 'package', alias a parent folder, containing the catalog and a replica of the folder hierarchy to exported along with the catalog images. Take this 'package' to another system (same OS or not) and "it works" even if the drive letter is different or the operating system is different... because the relative path of the image catalogue is always the same.

    I have not tested this cross-platform (if I have between various PC systems with letters of different readers) so for me it's still just a theory, but there may be others who have done this successfully.

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