How to implement multiple tasks (e.g., PID) in parallel?


I know there must be some questions like this in this forum, and I tried to find for a while but got some what I want. My project is a little urgent that I post this question for a few instant suggestions...

As the topic says, I have several devices, say energy suppliers, and I must adjust their power automatically and independently.

Although the number of devices is eight for the moment, but I prefer not to fix the number, otherwise said, I want to scale or increase the number of device dynamically.

As a first step, I am very stupid to put the in the loop for...

I was wondering if the activation of parallelism can deal with my problem, but soon, I knew that each appellant VI data spaces are mixed upward...

I'm stuck on how to book space for reentrant data...

The last one on my mind is the VI open to the outside at the beginning of the control and take advantage of VI references...

But I have not implemented the method, there may be some other thorny issue on this way...

Is there a way to sovle this kind of problem?

Hi William,.

PID functions support several control loops, just read the Help for functions!

No need for this loop FOR (which is simply wrong here)!

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    For human tasks for user 2 and user 3, you must assign the task to the Manager of the previous participant.

    Hope this helps,

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    Click the icon of the printer (on the desktop), select the scanned under the side of right, notice in the window of advanced settings under file type is a checkbox called "creating a separate file for each scanned page. Make sure it is not checked.

    Kind regards

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    Click on 'accept as Solution' if it has solved your problem, while others may find it.
    I work for HP

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    Do you know how to select multiple items at the same time on a list of items in iTunes?  View the library using the view for a regular list with columns.  For your movie library, it is the view of list of films .

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    Select, press COMMAND = C to copy it to the Clipboard; Select the date that you want a copy with the mouse, them press COMMAND\-V to paste. If you want a repetitive task, you can select the item and double-click it to open it, and then the pop up config, select repeat.

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