How to import a folder in lightroom without him move and import everything there?

Before, I used to select "synchronize the folder", select the subfolder, and then import them, and everything was dandy.  Now "synchronize the folder" is not an option to select.  All other methods I could think moving the files in the folder I created in another folder, not my choice.  By selecting the import button in the lower left corner does not work.  It's frustrating because I spend more time trying to read the crazy files in the program that I'm working on.  I lost hours!


I take it back.  I've just updated to 6.5 and it works properly now.

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    How to save video files in Lightroom CC as MOV? No MP4

    No, you can not save video as a QuickTime (.mov) movie in photoshop

    You use the converter

    Kind regards


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    Also is there a way to run speaker program via web or you must have something running on the real server?

    Thank you

    Hi James,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    It is a forum of consumer of Windows. For assistance on issues with Windows Server 2008, you can always post queries on Windows Server forum:

    Feel free to send more requests to Windows.

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    Awesome! Thank you!!!

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to achieve this as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    I think this fits better to the OSX technologies section. I asked to be moved. You need to a bash or Applescript script.

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    You must save, erase the drive, install Yosemite, restore your backup of the data

  • Is that what I can buy Lightroom without CC rental and is it scalable?

    I have a copy saved CS6 but not a Pack that included in Lightroom.

    I prefer not to pay rent for the use of the CC. I'm not interested in the use of 'cloud '.

    If I buy a copy just Office Lightroom on Amazon or similar, I will be able to update?

    Thanks for any help.

    The so-called 'dot updates', for example, 5.6 to 5.7 are free. Problems of version or LR5 LR6 when it comes, require a new purchase, but if you have a previous version there is a reduced upgrade price. This has been the policy in the past and Adobe said that right now, there is no intention to change.

  • How to delete photos in "My pictures" without duplication on them and more.

    My photos

    How to delete photos in "My pictures", without reproducing again and again... as hundreds of each photo?

    Unwanted copies have file names with
    copy "prefix of"?

    Example: Copy of IMG_1455.JPG

    If_yes_maybe the following tutorial, I wrote
    for XP offers a few ideas:

    Here's how to reproduce the unwanted
    copy of...

    Hold down your CTRL key and select multiple files...

    Place your pointer over the selected group
    (holding the key ctrl) and left click / drag
    the group even just the slightest bit... now
    release the mouse button.

    Oooops... multiple copies...

    Maybe the following will help:

    Sometimes most of the person who
    trying to select multiple by holding the CTRL
    or the SHIFT key down while clicking on the left to select the
    image files.

    Copies are created when you are unable to
    completely release the mouse button before
    you move the pointer to another file. When a group
    the selected file is dragged... even the slightest
    release the mouse button will produce a bit...
    copies of all the files previously highlighted.

    It's a little easier if you have your folder
    Options set at single click... that way you can
    select/deselect a file with just a mouse more
    and you don't have to click. For multiples you
    I have to keep... CTRL or Shift.

    Do not click on... no slip... no copy... maybe that of
    your solution. To adjust the click...
    Open a folder and go... Tools / folder
    Options / General tab... Check... 'single click '.
    To open an item"/ apply / OK.

    If you want to delete all the files in a folder
    You can try the following:

    Reach... Edition / select all... or type... CTRL / has...

    With all of the files selected... go... Drop / delete...
    or press your delete key... or... click on the
    Group and choose 'delete '.

    How do I find and remove unwanted 'copies '.
    of your image files.

    Open the folder that the images are saved in and
    on the left, click on the button 'Search' in your toolbar.

    (If you view the files from a montage
    program and do not know where the record is... right
    Click on one of the image files and the menu...
    choose... Properties. The path to the folder will be
    in the tab 'General' to 'Place').

    In the research pane select... "All files and folders".

    In the "All or part of the file name" field. Come in...

    a copy of

    Now... on the left, click on the search"" button.

    When the search is complete... go to... Edition / select all...

    Then go to... Remove / delete.

    You will see a dialog box asking if you are sure
    you want to delete the files, click Yes.

    Now... on the left, click on the 'Back' button in your toolbar.

    Now the remaining files should be your originals.

    If you delete the wrong files... recover from
    your basket now.

    Also see the following article:

    Trouble fixing: stop Windows copy
    Files accidentally when Ctrl-click selecting

  • If I buy Adobe CC photography, how mobile devices can I synchronize Lightroom with?

    If I buy Adobe CC photography, how mobile devices can I synchronize Lightroom with?

    Hi Mark,

    There is no limit - it is dependent ID

    Have fun


  • Apply the last update of LightRoom (2015.10.15) and now extreme lag when you change any photo.

    Roulette is displayed with all attempts to modify, even to move the limits of harvest or slide show.  Cannot change anything in Lightroom without roulette appearing and wait for the application to work.  It started immediately after the last update.  Everyone knows the question?

    Try to uncheck the option Preferences > General > display the Photos to add.  According to the Lightroom Queen Victoria, this option can cause general slowth.

  • How can I me text tiny items 12. I've tried everything!

    I can't figure out how to get the tiny text! I have read and tried everything.

    What is 'everything '? You, for example, tried the reset of the text tool or go to the prefs editor > general, click this button, and then by restarting the editor?

  • How to import from an external hard drive to LightRoom.

    I'm brand new creative cloud and LightRoom. I have read and listened to the import from card memory, but I'm not sure how to import since the backup of my old Mac Pro drive to my new iMac. The external drive is already the backup for the new iMac, is connected and works. I can see the HARD drive in the LR Panel and you can find the 'pictures' folder in the drop-down list. I don't know if the 'folder of photos (on the left panel) is the old b/u or the iMac HARD drive. I can get to where I need to be so I can understand what I'm looking at and what I should look for that for the 2 discs HARD, p/c or iMac. I know the right panel, but the interactions are completely unknown to me. Thanks for any help and advice. TCrowe

    If you are importing from a hard disk, then you don't need to worry about the right panel in the import dialog box. This would allow you to locate the file you want to import in the left panel. At the top of the import screen you choose the option 'Add '. This will add these images to your catalog without having to move them anywhere. If you want to place copies on another hard drive then you would choose the option copy the top of import. Then the right panel will allow you to specify where you want to place copies.

  • How to import Adobe Bridge over Lightroom 2015CC folders?

    How to import files Adobe Bridge on Lightroom 2015?

    There is nothing 'special' on bridge records. Bridge simply shows the folder in its location on your hard drive. To import into Lightroom, you use the Lightroom import dialog box, find the folder wherever it is on your computer system and import using the 'Add' option that can be selected at the top of the dialog box import.

  • How to import a photo in Lightroom after editing to "intensify"?

    After the photo editing to "Intensify", I am at a loss how to import in a Collection of Lightroom to my choice.

    Normally, I place the photo on the desk before you try to save it in Lightroom.


    Hi cliffh

    What version of Lightroom do you use?

    Normally, I place the photo on the desk before you try to save it in Lightroom.

    Just import those photos to Lightroom.Refer help from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom | Import photos from a folder on a hard disk

    Just do a control to Add to the collection during import and choose the collection you want



  • How to import .jpg files in Lightroom

    How to import .jpg files in Lightroom?

    My Lightroom imports do not include .jpg files.

    I tried the following: I made a new folder and copy all the files in .jpg (only jpg files) to the new folder. NOW, Lightroom has imported this new folder .jpg files. Thank you.

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