How to increase memory GPU on Satellite C55 - A - 1 HL

Is someone can please tell me how I allocate more memory for the video graphics integrated on a Satellite C55 - A - 1 HL?

I have 16 GB of memory installed.

Thank you

The graphics control driver this process automatically... is not possible to change the value of the graphics memory manually.

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    I have owned just a satellite L650. I installed windows vista.
    Where can I find the drivers?
    I downloaded Toshiba, but some drivers are missing.

    Can someone tell how to increase the mobility radeon HD5470 512 MB Max 1300 MB video card?

    Thank you

    > Can someone tell how to increase the mobility radeon HD5470 512 MB Max 1300 MB video card?
    It is not possible. The graphics card driver it automatically controls and you cannot assign the memory manually.

    > I installed windows vista. Where can I find the drivers?
    Why are you using Vista?
    Windows 7 is pre-installed on this laptop and Win 7 is much better than Vista.

    However, if you use Vista (but I put t know why someone should prefer Vista Win7) and then drivers can be collected manually.
    Here's a nice HowTo that helps find all drivers:

  • Tecra A8 - 103 - how to increase memory for video card?


    does anyone know how to increase the memory for the video card on my Tecra A8-103?

    I've heard that I can 'take' of RAM memory and 'Add' to video memory card, but don't know how? I just live in the BIOS, but have not seen this feature?

    I need, because, when I work in Visual Studio .NET and pass code for fashion design, an image disspears and I have to wait 15 to 30 seconds until :(((back what the image

    Therefore, I do not think that increasing memory video card will solve this problem?

    Thank you x 10 in advance

    You cannot pass the VRAM chips, they are soldered to the circuit board.

    On some machines, you can dynamically increase the VRAM by installing more RAM System. Enjoy reading your user manual.

  • How to increase memory Application of BlackBerry Bold BlackBerry Smartphones?

    Can someone please let me know as how can I increase the "Application memory" my camera 9000 (Bold) BlackBerry?

    Whenever I install a new app he consumes the memory of the application from my device. Can I install the new application on the device memory which can be expanded, I think.

    Thank you

    Arnesh Kumar

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    There are three types of potential memory on a BB: 1) application memory, the device memory) 2 and 3) Media/SD memory card

    Application memory - it is the most important; It is protected (not available to the user), dedicated and (fixed size) space as the destination for the installation of applications (more a few storage applications, overhead and other costs). You can't touch AppMemory. You cannot improve the maximum AppMemory that your BB has. It is what it is. Applications can install only here... There is no other choice.

    The device memory - it is space on your BB you can touch these files, images, media, etc. In general, it is not very big, but it is available.

    Memory card SD/Media - is what it says... your SD card to store files, media, photos, etc.. It can be as large as your BB OS can support... see this KB:

    • KB05461 Sizes of card MicroSD taken in charge by the BlackBerry device software

    On some devices/OS levels, you can see 'Free file' (Options > status), I think this is equivalent to AppMemory. You can see on other devices, all the memory usage levels three (Options > memory). Here are some tips to use:

    • KB02843 What is the function of low memory manager on the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB14320 How to maximize space and power battery life on the BlackBerry smartphone
    • KB14213 Call logs, SMS text and email messages are deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone

    Finally, it is always important to correctly close applications when you are finished with them. Using the back or on the red button won't do that - those leave the app to decide what to do... and some let themselves memory-resident, consumes resources on your BB, slowing down the overall performance. On the contrary, to close an application, tap on and select 'Close' or 'Quit'... which force the application to be closed, freeing resources for your new use it consumed. Some applications will always be running (in general - BBMessenger, browser, homescreen, phone and Messages)... but, you should always close them properly - especially the browser... If we leave on a web page, it will not consume only additional resources, but the power of the battery as well.

    In addition, each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy. Some have taken to do this on a regular basis as a preventive measure... some as often as once a day. Others got the app QuickPull to automate a simulated Batt Pull.


    Good luck!

  • How to increase memory for my Jdeveloper weblogic Server?

    Hey everybody,

    As my title suggests, so I try to increase the memory for my weblogic server in my 64-bit windows machine 7, with 8 GB of ram.

    Values seem to be: arguments of memory in JAVA: - Xms256m-Xmx512m - XX: PermSize = 128 m - XX: MaxPermSize = 512 m

    I did some research on this forum and I added to my jdev.conf:

    AddVMOption - XX: MaxPermSize = 1536M (in this one I only changed the value)



    And I've changed that: MEM_ARGS = "- Xms1024m - Xmx1024m" in my file

    I always get the same line in my server but I need to change the values as I do not get the server to run my application very well (it is stuck in the loading of my databases and graphics) and I think he will continue until I get an exception of heap error.

    Any ideas on how to change this?

    Kind regards


    Hi Frederico,

    That's what I did. At the start of my WLS, I saw this line;


    I went to this file and added set MEM_ARGS =-Xms512m Xmx1024m - XX: PermSize = 512 m - XX: MaxPermSize = 1024 m

    Restart the server. However, because this file is created by the configuration file, the values may be lost during the installation of extensions (as States hand file in a comment)

    I hope this helps.

  • How to install memory on a Satellite M50?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M50, sometimes I felt that performance is very slow so I decided to upgrade my memory.
    After that I bought for her products, I couldn't find the slot to install it.
    ideas or manual to upgrade memory pls more I haven't added memory still to the point, I bought the ram for it...

    Thank you


    Daniel9 is right. The memory cache location is placed at the bottom of the unit. I think that it s in the Middle
    So just remove the screws holding the cover and you could remove it.
    You asked the manual? Well, the upgrade procedure has been described in the user manual and you can download it from the page of Toshiba.

  • How to disable memory internal on Satellite A60-106?


    my internal memory module is corrupt, I get a huge amount of errors with Memtest86. So I want to disable the internal memory module, because I don't want to buy a new motherboard. Is this possible?

    And anyone know why Toshiba makes these internal modules?

    With respect,


    As far as I know some laptop models come with an internal memory (memory on board in your case 512 MB). As you know there are a lot of different mainboard constructions and one of them has an internal memory. It is unclear to me that this module of RAM on board can be turned off (how should PC without memory).

    Why have you verified the functionality of memory? What exactly happen when running mobile?

  • How to increase memory?

    As I am able to change the memory to the VM perticular, but what I want is to increase the existing value of memory... Please help me with this...

    Thank you!!

    Create a new workflow with a scriptable job connected to the workflows library change Ram. Inside your task scriptable, take the Virtual Machine as an entry AND your amount to increase by... in the script task, retrieve the current value of the memory, which adds the amount of your increase and set the new value as output bound to an ATTRIBUTE in the workflow named something like newMemory. Pass the VirtualMachine and newMemory in the second part of your workflow, the workflow 'Change RAM' figure this out, it's a simple custom workflow that you should be able to do following the General guidelines here... and a tip, you can get the current memory like this:

    var curMem = vm.config.hardware.memoryMB;

    Obviously, the variable 'vm' in the above script would be your "VC:VirtualMachine" object that is passed into the workflow...

  • How to increase memory on DV6-6c13cl?

    HP DV6-6c13cl AMD Quad-Core A6 - 3420M:

    I currently have 6 GB of Ram (SODIMM 2 GB & 4 GB SODIMM) and I would like to 12 GB in Exchange for the key to 2 GB with a key of 8 GB.

    I can #1, I use a stick to 8 GB with a 4 GB stick on this machine configuration?

    #2 what 8 GB stick would you recommend as the best suited?

    Grand... Thank you very much!!!

  • Re: How to increase the memory dedicated 32 to 128 on Satellite C850-B906

    How to increase memory dedicated 32 to 128 on Satellite C850-906 on 8 to WIN?

    The word product specifications it can be up to 781 MB shared memory with 2 GB of installed system memory and up to 1 696 MB with 4 GB of memory system, (with a Windows® operating system 7 64 - bit).

    Here is the link of the specifications


    What you need to do is upgrade RAM. As you can see in the specification, you can improve up to 16 GB. It is about.

    You can buy an additional module more than 4 GB or 2 x 4 GB / 2 x 8 GB.

  • Satellite A300-148 how to increase the size of the graphics memory?


    I have satellite a300-148, I update my laptop RAM from 1 to 2 GB but the VRAM is always 128 MB. and in the toshiba site write this:

    ((Graphics Adapter:))
    Manufacturer: Intel
    type: Intel® GMA X 3100
    memory: up to 358 MB total graphics memory available with 2 GB of system memory
    memory type: shared))

    But my laptop no graphics card (intel GMA X 3100) is (mobile intel 965) how can I solve this problem?
    There are different between the two adapters? How to increase my laptop memory graphic size?

    Please help me...


    > How can I solve this problem?
    Problem? What is the problem?

    Take a look here on this page of the Toshiba hardware specification:
    [Satellite A300-148 | = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 150445]

    Laptop supports the Intel® GM965 Express chipset but the graphics chip is Intel® GMA X 3100
    As you can see the type of memory is shared
    What does that mean?
    This means that this graphics card shares memory with the main memory. Everything is controlled automatically by the graphics driver.
    If the memory of the graphics card is required then graphic driver would assign memory automatically to GPU.

    I hope this helps...

  • Satellite C55 - how to force the games to use gforce GPU?


    It seems that I have 2 graphics cards on my Satellite C55: a 4000 Intel and a gforce 740 m. I tried to force the games to use the gforce on Panel nvidia configuration, but in the games settings (for example in the Hardware tab of flight simulator 2004), shows only the Intel.

    No idea how to resolve this?

    Thank you

    > it seems that I have 2 graphics cards on my Satellite C55: a 4000 Intel and a gforce 740 m.

    The Intel GPU is part of the Intel
    The nVidia GeForce is the external graphics card and it can be used for the application of strong performance as games

    Check these youtube videos how to do this:

    You can assign any application to use the dedicated made Intel or nVidia GPU card.
    This can be done in the nvidia Control Panel.

    1. click on start and then Control Panel. Select Classic view in the left side of the window.
    2. double-click on the NVIDIA Control Panel.
    3. click view, and then add the "Run with graphic processor" Option to the context Menu. Close the NVIDIA Control Panel.
    4. right click on the title of the application and select run with GPU. Then, click on NVIDIA processor high performance.

  • How to increase the video memory on my Satellite 1800-254?

    A friend give me a Toshiba satellite 1800 Lalonde - 254 s for use only watch movies for my kids. With graphics memory, it has its impossible to reproduce movies, so I increased the RAM to 512 MB graphics memory is 8 MB. How I increase the graphics memory? Is it possible?

    Thank you very much


    (Excuse my English, I use a translator)

    This old laptop has a graphics card with shared memory. In other words, when you have more RAM inside more memory will be used for graphical operations. According to the specifications of the laptop this old notebook was shipped with 128 MB of RAM, but can be improved up to 512 MB.

    Trying to find internet modules two PC100 256 MB with part number PA3069U - 1. 25 M and update.
    That's all what you can do about it.

  • Satellite C55 - how to re - install the DVD player

    Hello world
    I inadvertently uninstalled the video/DVD drive on my Satellite C55 in last night. I tried to download the driver on the official website of Toshiba service, but it only came with a weird error message "cannot find our player on your system. I don't know how I can get it reinstalled. The laptop is on Windows 10 and has a 64-Bit processor. Can someone provide suggestions?
    1 million thanks!

    Hello world
    Just installed MacGo free Media Player and it works!

  • Satellite C50D - A - 13 G - question about memory GPU

    Finishing bought the new laptop, TOSHIBA C50D - A - 13 G, but I have a little problem.
    It says in the description
    (Graphics card: AMD APU A6-5200 with graphic AMD Radeon HD 8400 card)
    Graphics card memory: up to 4090 MB)
    but I do not have how to allocate this memory, I tried the BIOS, but the option to allocate memory is not listed there.

    Help, please

    In the specification is clearly described:
    > amount memory: up to 4 090 MB shared memory with 8 GB of installed system memory and up to 8 186 MB with 16 GB of memory system (with the operating system pre-installed 64-bit Windows®).
    With other words: with more RAM your GPU will use more memory.
    It works automatically and you can not change anything.

    So if you want to have more memory GPU you need to upgrade RAM.

Maybe you are looking for