How to inherit from Actor.lvclass?

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I'm playing with the framework of the actor. After reviewing the sample cooler evaporative project, I want to make an absolute minimum example from scratch. I want to open a blank project, manually add a few classes, make them inherit from Actor.lvclass so on (for example not start since the draft framework for actor model).

The first problem I encountered (and not yet resolved) is How to inherit from the Actor.lvclass?.

Time evaporation cooler project (ECEP) example and the project of the actor model framework (AFPT) have some classes already inheriting from Actor.lvclass new classes will have this option of legacy. ECEP and AFPT have also vi.lib-> Framework.lvlib actor in their dependencies.

But how actor Framework.lvlib in my dependencies? I can't just drag C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\vi.lib\ActorFramework\Actor Framework.lvlib with dependencies in my Project Explorer.

However, I can drag C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\vi.lib\ActorFramework\Actor Framework.lvlib in my Project Explorer (like adding a VI to the project). This gives me the ability to inherit from Actor.lvclass and if I remove actor Framework.lvlib in my project again (after a class inherit) it will be listed under dependencies. But I hope that there is a way to better / cleaner to him.

I wish it works when I move the project to another computer with a different labview installation path. My approach above will ensure that Framework.lvlib of the actor is still loaded in the subfolder vi.lib or is it now "hardcoded" aware of my installation path?

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You should read some documents and tutorials on LVOOP, because it is the mechanism that is used. In this case, you must have the responsible actor in the project, so the simplest is the frame screws fall into a vacuum of VI, then go into your properties of the class, go to the legacy page and click the button change. The tree shows you the class loaded into the project, that's why you need the first step for the first class. After that, the class is already loaded, because the other your class inherits from this one, you don't need something it explicit the call.

With respect to the path, vi.lib is a logical path, so it does not work properly when moving between computers and versions of LV.

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