How to insert the last updated date and user id to a form?


I created a form to enter data into a custom table.
When a new record is created, I want to keep track of the date created, last updated date, and who (user id) enters the form.

Can you please help or point me to a good place to look for this information?

Thank you!

Create four new columns in your table called Created_On, Created_By, Last_Updated_On and Last_Updated_By.

You can create a trigger for the rest:

create or replace trigger ""
  before insert or update on ""
  for each row
  if inserting then
    :NEW.Created_On := sysdate;
    :NEW.Created_By := v('APP_USER');
  end if;

  if updating then
    :NEW.Last_Updated_On := sysdate;
    :NEW.Last_Updated_By := v('APP_USER');
  end if;

Whenever you will add or modify data in this table, the trigger will automatically fill these fields.

Kind regards

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    ~ J

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    2. How to stop it forever!

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    Don't know if you've discovered this done yet for you, but I would say it is your usb flash drive. It happens when he is out BEFORE you used the 'Safely remove' icon on the taskbar.

    If it is, then you must copy any information on the USB key to another location and format the USB. Then you can copy the info on it and you're right to go!

    This will continue to happen sometimes even though you have the properties/policies defined in a quick deletion. I got mine the value of the radio button performance and ALWAYS use the icon REMOVE safe in your taskbar. Once you find that your data will be corrupted if is not removed properly, even if the ssd is supposed to be "hot." If you have a usb key that has a light on it, wait for the light to STOP BLINKING before removing it. If you do not have a light on this issue, it is always advisable to wait a second or two after the popup window say you that it is save to remove your USB.

    See you soon


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