How to install a wireless keyboard and mouse in Windows 7

I installed windows 7 on my neighbor's computer.  I do not have the keyboard and the mouse at the time so I used one of my own (not wireless).  Now, I have a keyboard and mouse, but can not understand how to operate.  The computer is a gateway FX400 XL.  I went to the front door and downloaded a driver entered Gateway 400 series for Windows 7 32-bit system.  I then ran the installation for this driver who really seemed to be for Windows XP.  I shut down the computer, unplugged my mouse and keyboard, and return the computer.  I have a cursor on the screen but it won't move and the keyboard does not work.  I then plugged my keyboard and mouse again and still works.  Any ideas as to what I should try next?


Hello Willie Wonka 2,.

Mouse and keyboard wirelesss should have with its own installation disc you need to first install. You should also have a "receiver" which the mouse and the keyboard must be synchronized with to make them work properly. If you look at the bottom of the mouse and keyboard, you should see a button 'tiny' with the words 'connect' next to them. You must move the mouse close the "receiver" and press the button connect the mouse with a blunt object (pencil will usually do). All the lights of the "receiver" will start to Flash when the mouse connects. When they stop flashing the connection generally were filed. You will need to do the same thing with the keyboard.

Regarding the drivers, you should check the site of manufacturers of keyboard and mouse for the updates.

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    This document will show you how to sync mouse wireless and keyboard if they connect buttons.

    You don't need to turn off the wireless mouse. If you have problems with the batteries run out frequently, it might be useful, but I've never needed to do.

    Two different sets of wireless mice/keyboards are not usually a problem. If there is a conflict, go through the process of connection of each game.

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  • Missing notification icon for wireless keyboard and mouse in the systray area.

    Missing notification icon for wireless keyboard and mouse in the systray area. Was working before the hard disk crash. Had to reload Windows Vista 64 bit OS. Have computer model gateway GT5678.

    Chances are good the software to include these icons in notification tray cam pre-installed on the bridge.  If you still all original gateway software, try to see if something in the menu start / all programs of the gateway seems as it can contain controls for these settings and run the program to check and see if it does.  If none of the gateway software help (assuming that all this is still installed) and re-installing the drivers did not work and there is no controls at the keyboard or the mouse, so I know what else to think.  These icons are not available with Vista - they were installed by a third-party device or software driver.

    I'm sorry that gateway could not help you.  They are those that you need to do to solve this problem, because it is something that they installed with the original computer which is not re-installled after you change hard drives.  They should know what software for it and power point yoo to a download site, or you send a disk with this software.  We can't really do anything else to help you.

    Good luck!

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    The transmitter/receiver (Microsoft 2.4 GHz V 7.0, model 1423) this above mentioned product has got damaged and I cannot locate the customer for her service. The one you suggest the right steps?

    Hi David,

    For assistance with Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse 2000, you can contact the materiel support team referring to the content in the link.

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    He has been sending codes of keys repeated to the OS or does not at all. but never mind after a day of work, the keyboard and the mouse on another computer with Windows XP 32-bit, he just started doing the same thing. It takes time for it to happen so it looks like a hardware keyboard problem. already reports to microsoft to see if I can RMA if under warranty.

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    I suggest you to contact Lenovo support for more information.

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    I bought the product online at I lost the unifying dongle that connects the keyboard and mouse wireless for the mini PC. No knowledge of a store selling the usb dongle online in the USA? Here is the data on the area where the mouse: model number: MG-1451 / 1452-RG, country of origin: China, identification number of the KCC: IPMPC-CRY-HPK-MG-1451 and IPMPC-CRY-HPK-RG-1452. Help, please. Thank you.

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.
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  • erratic wireless keyboard and mouse

    Two week old HP Pavilion h8 - 1380t, core i7-3820: 3.60 GHz, 14 GB of memory 1600, Win7 Pro 64-bit.

    Keyboard & mouse extremely accurate up until yesterday. KB & mouse connect with internal wireless, not the Receiver USB receiver. Keyboard started erratic behavior: simple typo produced several repetitions of key or other random character; keyboard is unresponsive to the strike and tab; When you type two words, leaving aside the characters, you know that you have entered. Mouse sometimes slow to react and temporarily freezes for several seconds. First, I replaced the batteries, but did not hold the buttons connect for 5 to 10 seconds. I did re - synchronize both today and as I type this, the keyboard and mouse seem to behave normally.  I have been installing new software constantly for two weeks and no doubt have you installed something yesterday. Re-syching may have solved the problem. I'll reply to this post at the end of the day. No idea why the keyboard & mouse would lose sych in the first place?

    My problem with the erratic keyboard & mouse disappeared when I moved the dongle to the USB port on the top rear.

  • dongle USB wireless keyboard and mouse

    Anyone know if it is possible to buy a USB dongle for wireless HP keyboard and mouse?... mine disappeared while moving into a new House.

    Thank you.

    This missing dongle can be found at first part number RG-0638, and the cost is high, $39,95 paid shipping charges. You can also buy

    a combo mouse/Dongle for about $5.00 more. Be sure to check the part number on your mouse if you want the same combo that you had.

    Good luck. Mine is dead, but I refuse to pay $ 40 million for a $ 2 million item that HP should have in stock. Their part number is HP 5188-7334

    does not store. After about 2 years know not even how to find one.

  • Need replacement for HP Pavilion 23 wireless keyboard and mouse

    I accidentally bent the USB transmitter for my Pavilion All In One irreparably, and so I am looking to buy a new transmitter of keyboard/mouse/USB to my computer. I'm looking online, but must use the wrong keywords because I can't seem to find any information on what game should I buy for my computer again.

    Can someone tell me please what set of keyboard should I buy? Thanks in advance.


    CCMilesWA, welcome to the forum.

    Here is a page with different sets of keyboard and mouse wireless that should work with your computer.  You can watch to see that one you like and go to the HP store for more information.  Make sure that it is compatible with your operating system.

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  • wireless keyboard and mouse with Insignia bluetooth adapter

    I have a Pavilion 23-h024 all-in-one with Windows 8.1 and trying to pair my keyboard mouse to a 4.0 Insignia bluetooth adapter and wireless. When I go to the settings of the PC and click on Bluetooth he searches for devices but does not stop and never find all of the devices. Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? The adapter of the Insignia would not be a updated driver for 8.1?

    Nope. The dongle and the associated keyboard and mouse are coded to work together as a set.

    It's time to pick up a bluetooth or wireless Clavier\souris combo set.

    You will be probably better to choose a wireless set.  Check out the review sites.

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    I'm desperate to get it working.  Any suggestions please?

    Thank you


    See the keyboard or mouse manual to locate the reset button to zero, to assistance that may help you resolve this problem.

    If you are unable to locate the reset button then, I would say to contact hardware support team.

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    Maybe something is wrong with the rodent: another your keyboard may or may not
    working with the same transmitter/receiver, may not even make use of the same technology.

    Microsoft Hardware Warranty Info.

    MS material supports and warranty claims - there is a support of 90 days starting from the
    1 incident. (Most keyboard and mouse have 3 years warranty).


    I hope this helps.

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