How to install all the drivers that I need for my dell inspiron 1525 when I can't get on the internet?

I have a dell inspiron 1525 with windows xp sp 2 on it and I had to wipe and reinstall xp on it b/c I got the BSOD. Now, I can not configure a network connection, or get all the drivers that I need and I can't go on the internet. Is it possible to use another computer to get the drivers I need for this? Do you need a specific driver to even set up a network connection?



The drivers you need are on your disk drivers that came with your computer.

Here's the order of installation of the drivers. How to download and install drivers in the correct order

If you do not have the drivers disk, you can download the drivers from Dell drivers & downloads, then copy on a USB key or drive and install from there.


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