How to install my game on my removable hard drive.

I need to know if I can install my game on my removable hard drive and if so, how? Thank you


Hi shananagan,

Yes, it is possible to install a program on an external hard drive.

Most of the program\game installation wizard allows you to choose a destination drive to install on; You can choose your external hard drive for the installation files reside.

If the game setup button does not give you a choice, in this case you cannot install it on the external hard drive.

Normally, Small\flash games can be installed on the external hard drive.

Note: When you install a program on the external hard drive, it made an entry in the registry of the operating system, the installed program may or may not work when the external hard drive is disconnected and re connected.

Thank you, and in what concerns:

Ajay K

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    I found the solution.

    Response to question 1; using a recovery & backup software to clone my current operating system, and then transfer them to my new hard drive.

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    You have a Toshiba Recovery disk?
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    The installation process should start automatically and you must follow the instructions on the screen.

    If you n t have such recovery disc, then you will need to use a Microsoft Windows disk in order to install the operating system.

    Satellite 5205-S505 is a series of laptop Toshiba us and old drivers can be found on the Toshiba U.S. driver page:

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    You can move the windows on a new computer

    If it's a full license or upgrade retail - Yes. You can move it to another computer as long as it is installed on a single computer at a time (and if it's a Windows 7 Upgrade version the new computer must have its own license of qualification). The previous Windows installation on your old computer must be formatted or deleted. You will have to perhaps call Microsoft and explain what happened to complete activation. Turning it on the second computer will automatically be in effect 'disable' the license for the first computer.

    If it's an OEM license - don't. OEM licenses, including Windows preinstalled on a computer before purchase and Windows purchased separately, are related to the first computer, they are installed on and cannot be transferred to another computer. To install Windows on another computer, you will need to buy another copy.

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    The .iso image file official 10565 has only:

    • Overview of the House of insiders
    • Overview of the Insider Pro

    Unfortunately, there are 5 editions of Windows 10 and so 3 are missing. If your key is not automatically entered and accepted, it's probably a simple language edition or edition N.

    When Microsoft release 10586 - TH2 - 1511 Version they will probably have an .iso that contains all 5 editions in 1 .iso or alternatively 5 .isos distinct (I hope as the first case that it will make Windows installation much easier).

  • How to install serial no on replacing the hard drive in the original computer. ?

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    Call support to reset the activations.


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    You need not touch the .7z file at all.

    1. Download the .7z and the .exe file in the folder on your hard drive
    2. Double-click on the .exe file and follow the instructions
  • How to install windows 7 on an external HARD drive (or alternative?)


    So I have a MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2013) with 128 GB SSD and 4 GB of RAM running OS X El Capitan. I would like to install Windows 7 as a secondary OS, I did that the 128 GB SSD, I don't have a lot of room to play to have 2 OS on a single disc. So I was wondering if you can optionally install Windows on external drive USB secondary.

    I've read about people with the Macbook Pro who did this through the installation of Windows on their main drive and then Exchange this one at the port of superdrive, but as I look, none of this is possible.

    If this is not possible, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how this can be achieved, but without wasting a lot of space, perhaps using VM Virtual Box or an alternative?

    Thank you


    The MacBook Air (13 inch, mid 2013) - technical specifications, you have a Thunderbolt port. Find a TB external drive and install Windows. You cannot use USB/FW drives. Cloning of third party software may operate, but you must be aware of Windows licenses.

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    How to create a multiple-boot system in Windows XP

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    Download the trial version and activate it with your serial number.


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    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    3. have you downloaded the driver from the manufacturer's Web site?

    I suggest you to check and to provide us with the information about the installed operating system.

    I suggest you make sure that you have downloaded the latest driver on the manufacturer's Web site. After you get the driver file, you can use the steps in the sectiondownload and update a driver yourself and check if that helps you install the driver correctly.

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I backup all my personal stuff to install my system on a new hard drive without losing all my saved information and contacts?

    I have a HDD making noise and I would like to back up my files and folders, windows mail / my email and contacts so that I can install my system on a new hard drive without losing all my saved information and contacts

    backup what option allows me to record the information of e-mail, my files and folders, settings of the computer basically everything but the system itself.

    I have a full factory CD/CD that includes an image of windows vista (hp system recovery discs) but that does not include my email info or the files and folders to restore

    or is it better to centre commercial simple backup windows separately and how can I do this?

    I don't want to lose my contacts and my email saved during the backup process.

    I understand the hardware drivers and additional programs will need to be reinstalled and I have all my disks associated with the addition of software/hardware.

    Thank you
    Original title: windows mail backup


    This should help you:

    "How to back up and restore Messages in Windows Mail"

    At the end of this link there are all related links on how to back up your other files, etc.

    And definitely read this Section initially here (click on and go to the other link):

    To back up all (accounts, rules of Message and all settings) in Windows Mail, then see the section How backup and Reset Windows Mail here: How to solve the problems with Vista "Windows Mail"

    Your information is the second PROBLEM


    For your general records, it is a good information, too;

    "How to back up your data.

    There is a link to How to restore your files at the end.

    See you soon.

  • How to install Windows 7 on my USB flash drive, just in case my computer crashes and I have to re - install?

    How to install windows 7 on my usb flash drive just incase my computer crashes and need to refurbish? can someone help me please?

    original title: help!

    Windows 7 does not support installation on external storage such as a USB Flash drive devices. You can back up your installation of Windows 7 on a hard drive external that you can restore in case your system becomes unstable. Please see the following for instructions on how to use the Image of the system:

    You have to an external hard drive.

  • How to install photoshop and lightroom cc on one drive other than C:

    How to install photoshop and lightroom cc on one drive other than C:

    Change for Applications installation location

    With the application of CC open, select the gear icon in the upper right, and then choose Preferences.  In the preferences of the screen select creative cloud and then look for the drop-down list installation location

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    Hi Pedro,

    You can change the installation location through the desktop Adobe CC application.

    Click the gear on the top icon right > select Preferences > section under the creative cloud, you can set the installation location.

    Kind regards


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