How to: install the driver for scanner "visioneer onetouch 8920 usb" diskless

Original title: is there a way to get a "driver" for my scanner "visioneer onetouch 8920 usb", other than the dish that comes with it? (I have no disc drive for my netbook)

I recently got a netbook, the Acer aspireone running windows 7 starter edition, I have a scanner, visioneer onetouch 8920 usb. the netbook I have has no disk drive, I plug the scanner and windows cannot load the driver.  I need help to find how to install the driver, so I can use this scanner.

Driver download page (but the latest drivers for XP - they will probably not work):

Troubleshoot Compatibility

This can help with some (but not all the) programs/drivers:

(1) uninstall the program, if it is already installed. Then when install you / reinstall instead of double click on the Setup file, right click and select 'resolve compatibility issues.

(2) then click on 'Try recommended settings' and in the next window, click on "Start the Program" to install it.

(3) after he set up see if it works properly. Note: some programs are perhaps not able to run in windows 7.

More information on how to make older programs in this version of Windows:

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    Follow all the steps mentioned in the link below to reinstall the driver for the Webcam.

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    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".

  • Satellite L510 - how to install the driver for wireless network card?


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    However, what you mean exactly with her always ask for divers to Askey Toshiba network controller?

    Your wireless network card is listed in the Manager device correctly or yellow exclamation? What WLAN card you have?

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    I couldn't answered below so here's my question.

    As * I don't know if you work for toshiba but what else am I supposed to do if the driver is installed on a new laptop does not allow me to use my software?

    The software is ArcGIS and would be widely used.

    Looks like it's been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what is that?
    I expect the laptop to work out of the box, given that the specifications meet the system requirements for the software.

    Will there be an update in the future?


    This seems to be a user to user forum so don't expect to get answers from Toshiba here

    > Looks like it's been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba then what is that?
    > I would expect the laptop to work out of the box, given that the specifications meet the system requirements for the software.

    Where a problem? Satellite C660-22V supports Intel graphics cards.
    Visit the Intel page to get the latest graphics driver.

    If you would not be able to install this using the install.exe, go to the Device Manager and install/update the driver via Device Manager graphics card
    Use the option of advanced installation so that it points toward the driver's record that contains the latest driver files that s

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    I experienced a similar problem and figured out how to reinstall the Microsoft drivers required by internal webcam on my laptop.  Date of arrival:

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    How to install a driver for Visioneer 5800 Scanner

    [Moved from comments]


    Go to to find the correct driver. Download and install it.

    You have not provided your version of Windows, but it seems (in a nutshell) that the latest drivers for the 5800 were written for Windows XP/2000.


  • How to install a driver for a 1200 dpi USB Scanner?

    Original title: the driver Installation

    How to install a driver for a 1200 dpi USB Scanner?

    When you plug the scanner via USB that you see the animation in the system tray at the right end of the taskbar?  Click to watch.

    If we install a basic driver and comes to Panel > display icon > devices and printers (right click on Start button go to the control panel), then you could get basic Windows Fax and Scan feature by right-clicking on the icon of the Scanner it.

    If this isn't the case, install the full software package for the Scanner to its Support Downloads Web page.  This should give you the scanner software to run the scan from a PC or a scanner.

    Let us know how it goes, or any other help you need.

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    I seems that you try this with the installation CD... Uninstall the drivers will flow and the monitor. Put the installation CD in the CD drive. and as soon as the Installer starts out out of it.

    Go to Device Manager... Try to install the drivers for the cards by selecting the location as the CD drive in my computer.

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    Download and install the W7 AMT driver.

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    In fact, my problem is that I didn't know how to install the driver on my Satellite Pro A120 lan connect net throug.
    The issue that there's no facility to do to complete the installation.

    And theres other question that I need the Ethernet controller

    My laptop was vista operating system installed, but I change and put Windows XP

    Please help me


    LAN installation is very easy.
    First of all, you need the correct LAN driver.
    In order to download the LAN driver please visit the Toshiba driver page and choose your model of laptop.

    Once the LAN driver has been downloaded, you will need to decompress.
    Then you will need to access the Device Manager, choose the controller Ethernet (network cards) and must point to the place where the LAN driver was decompressed.

    Then finish the installation procedure.

  • L750D-14R satellite - cannot install the driver for the TouchPad Win7


    I have a problem with drivers for the touchpad. I downloaded v Synaptics and me couldn't install them.
    "Installation of Synaptics (sync TP) ranked" I've got Windows 7 x 64. I've looked everywhere but I can't find any information on this problem.

    If someone knows what can go wrong and how can I fix this problem I would appriciate it.

    Never had any problems with installing the touchpad driver.
    I guess its not the touchpad driver problem but the problem with your system.

    First, you must uninstall the old driver for the touchpad.
    This can be done in the control panel-> programs & features

    Clean the system using some freeware like for instance CCLeaner tools.
    Restart the laptop between procedures.

    Then download driver Synaptics driver Toshiba UE page.
    Alternatively, you can try to install the driver for the Synaptics driver page:
    In my case it worked and this driver has added some additional options that I would change in the Synaptics touchpad settings

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    Greetings to all!

    Try to install the driver for Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 after reinstallation of the entire system, but without success. Only safe mode is available after this pilot plant, tried with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and with different drivers from Nvidia and Toshiba sites - same result always :(

    Would be happy to be aware of how this problem... Thank you very much.
    Satellite A100-599
    Current OS: Windpws Vista Home premium sp1.

    Post edited by: Airtoground


    > but without success.
    Does that mean exactly? You get an error during installation or what exactly is going on?

    > Only safe mode is available after the installation of this driver
    Why only safe mode is available? What happens if you start Windows in normal mode?

    And before you start a lengthy discussion: what laptop do you have?

    You may notice no problem if you install Windows recovery disk Toshiba?

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