How to install the old version of Photoshop CC and stop installation of updates - CC Photoshop very slow 2015... kill my computer

I downloaded Adobe Photoshop CC version to test about 2 weeks ago and he was trying without any problem... Today I got the Adobe Phtoshop CC update 2015 and I installed it. It is... end of my test... I can't do anything... any photoshop becomes very slow... click on one point to another takes 4-5 minutes. Just click on magic tool brush takes about 2-3 minutes (just to select the tool)... So now I have some difficulties to use photoshop. So now I am in two minds... because no point for me to buy what it is already updated to the new version... How can I install a previous version of photoshop (that I used 3 days ago) and dissable all updates constantly to new version?

I have Windows 8.1

Memory: 8 GB / 133 mhz

Hard drive: 250 GB free

kernel Quod 2.8 hz

No other applications being run and 90% + process used by Photoshop and over 60% of free memory

Updates are always optional. Run the cleanup tool, check your CC app for previous versions and reinstall CC 2014. However, it may not work. Trials tend to be sensitive "tampering" with the licensing system and can simply stop working.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool allows to solve installation problems


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