How to install the second hard drive in the Satellite A200-1 of body weight?

I see my new Satellite A200-1 of body weight has two hard drive bays, the research in the second span, I don't see how a second drive can be mounted as the plug into the Jack seems to be missing.

What parts do I have to mount to place a second drive that they are held in stock by out of the local computer and are quite cheap, can someone advise me on part numbers etc of the bits I need.
Thank you


I know that this empty place for second HARD drive is a bit confusing, but the same situation is with my A200-1CR. The fact is that some A200 models come with 2 hard drives and laptop case design this place must be prepared for this second HDD.

But this does not mean that each A200 can be improved for the second HARD drive.

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    Hi all

    I have a G10 and want to add a 2nd HARD drive, I know it's on the Bay, but I found I need an adapter plate, I tried just putting the new disk, but the system wouldn't boot! take out and presto back to the original state.

    1\ where can I get another set of training?
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    Thank you



    As far as I know you can build in a second HDD, but it must be defined as the slave HARD drive. If your has been defined as master he can be a problem, because in your case, there are two disks HARD masters.

    One of my friends already tried that, and it had success just at the moment where 2nd HARD drive has the same capacity as the first. Two of them were with a capacity of 80 GB.

    Configure the other as a slave, and then try again. If you have success, let me know.

    Good bye

  • I installed a second hard drive and unpartittion after, now I can't see even if the computer is recognized.

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    How can I put the secondary hd icon in the main icon of the computer?

    Mr. GordonBP

    Thank you very much, it worked. you were right and I learned a lesson more.

    Yes, your answer was very helpful.

  • I want to install a second hard drive in my laptop (mSata SSD), so do I create a system dual boot with the same license Windows on each disc.

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    No, you can't, a second facility would be like installing on a second computer, you will need to purchase a second license.

  • How to add a second hard drive Ubuntu Server, that runs on vmware workstation 9


    I am running vmware workstation on windows 9 8, and I installed Ubuntu 12.10 as a virtual machine on my SSD. I installed a second hard drive in the machine and use the "Add a HDD" feature on vmware workstation to add and pre-allocate space. The problem is that the drive does not appear in Ubuntu. I have checked/Media and / dev, I expected to see something like /sda *. It is a procedural step, I missed it, please help!

    Do I have to mount the drive in a special way? How can I check if it is properly attached?

    Thank you!

    What you said so far, it's like adding a second physical drive to a physical computer and the operating system cannot access until it was partitioned and formatted, and then it can be mounted.  To do the same thing in a VM!

  • try to install a second hard drive

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  • Install a second hard drive in a G10-133

    Two questions for you...

    I would like to install a second hard drive in my G10-133. Specifically, I'm looking for a second disc 80gig (MK8026GAX). Does anyone have experience of installing a second drive like that?

    Secondly, I know where to buy the disc. But, someone has any advice on the carriage-drive itself (ie. the piece of kit that holds the drive in place in the Bay)? Specifically, where can I get one?

    Everyone applauded.

    Hello Andrew

    In my opinion, you can build a second HDD, but the two HARD drives must have the same size.
    As far as I know the 80 GB HARD drive is compatible with your device.
    In addition the second HDD must be set as a slave HARD drive. You can set the jumper in the correct position.

    Best regards

  • How to add a second hard drive in a T42

    I have a T42 with a DVD/CD R / w. My current hard drive is 40 GB and it is running Windows XP Service Pack 3. I would like to install a second hard drive for extra storage. What do you recommend for an extra hard drive and can be installed in place of the removable DVD/CD drive? Because the currently installed DVD player uses the UltraBay, I think just remove and install additional hard drive in the UltraBay slot should be possible. Please notify. Thank you in advance.

    Welcome to the forum!

    You are going to be looking for Ultraslim Bay PATA hard drive adapter.

    Something like this:| 65% 3 A 10 | 39% 3 A 1. 240% 3A 1308

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT affiliated with the seller somehow.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Pavilion 550-126: install a second hard drive on Pavilion 550-126

    Can I install a second hard drive on this computer?

    Hi @wreavesjr!

    You can install another HARD drive in the PC because there is a free SATA port.

    With regard to the supply cable, if your a more SATA connectors, you can use it to connect the secondary HDD in the system.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    See you soon!

  • Install a second hard drive on Optiplex 780 Mini-Tower

    I recently bought an Optiplex 780 minitower with Windows 7 and I am happy with the machine. I would now like to add a second SATA hard drive that I bought, for which a power connector is available in the machine (the current hard drive is 250G and so is the other, I want to install.)

    However, the two ports of SATA cable on the motherboard are used, one for the existing drive and one for the CD - DVD drive. I understand that there may be a separator for a SATA data cable (as there were once two connections on some slick IDE cables).

    According to Belarc Advisor, the jury is Dell 0C27VV A03. Is it possible to install a second hard drive using a USB-to-SATA cable to the CD - DVD drive or the second hard drive? If so, set up a card with an internal USB connection USB PCI adapter? (I have more open slots). Or is there already a USB connection on the motherboard?

    Any advice, including suggestions on the parts that I need to get, are appreciated. I see that I can buy a USB-to-SATA cable that has two USB connectors and two sets of pins of connection to the hard drive. I assume that one of the USB connections is for power to the player. I wouldn't need, because the connection of the power supply is already here and elsewhere I wonder if I can get two the casing with a PCI card USB connections. Is there a USB-to-SATA cable with only the connection of data on the disk?

    The Manual explains the minitower 780 has 4 ports SATA motherboard and 2 interns, so you drive bays devriez have a place to plug in a second hard drive. (The desktop systems and small form factor 780 have 3 SATA ports). Unfortunately, the manual has a diagram of motherboard layout, so I don't know where the 2 other ports would be.

    The motherboard is compatible SATA1a and SATA2. A SATA3 drive must be retro-compatible with a SATA2 motherboard, but won't work on SATA2 data transfer speed. So the price of a SATA2 drive vs a SATA3 drive and the potential future use could be considerations.

    If you think that you will - eventually - upgrading to a new PC with a card mother SATA3, the new system would be able to handle the maximum speed of a SATA3 drive, but only works at speed SATA2 with a SATA2 drive.

    You will need to buy a data cable SATA for your new hard drive, but it's only a little extra money...

    If the manual is not correct (?) on the number of ports SATA on the motherboard, the system is supposed to have an on the rear panel eSATA port, so you can connect a player external eSATA HARD drive as an alternative.

  • What needs to install a second hard drive in the XPS 410 desktop computer

    I want to install an internal drive repaired as a second drive in my office, so I can recover the data. A few threads in this area and I see support. Would just need a SATA HD cable? The power cable would already be there?


    Requires addititional hard drive, a SATA data cable and a power connector SATA, the default XPS 410 has a SATA power connector power to spare for a second hard drive.

    You will need to buy a SATA data cable, probably a 24 "x 90 * [square] x 180 * right SATA cable, similar to the cable as shown here:"

    The procedures to install a second HD are here, on page 30:


  • Install a Second hard drive in the host

    Hello community,

    I have a lab vShpere 5.0 at home and I would like to add a second hard drive on my server. Is also simple to install the hard drive and the host will recognize the drive or is there some pre/post system requirements before installing the HARD drive?

    Thanks in advance for your help and your advice.

    Welcome to the VMware forums communities.  Generally, the process is as simple as adding the drive and then go to Configuration > storage and clicking Add storage.

  • How to add a second hard drive of a laptop computer equipped with 2 bays for HARD drives.

    I noticed a few messages on the forums who have asked how to install a second HDD in your laptop.

    Here is a link to a video on how to install 2nd HARD drive.

    This video will show how to install the hard disk, what parts you'll need and what models are directly related to the video.


    I hope this helps!

  • Install a second hard drive on an Inspiron 530

    I currently have a 500 GB hard drive in my pc at the moment, and it gets pretty full. I installed a new hard drive before College, but not quite sure on how to do it with this computer. I just wanted to know if there is no instruction and what could be the second hard disk drive and where should I get the hard drive. Thanks in advance: bravohelen:

  • Dell Inspiron 560 install a second hard drive

    I am wanting to know if it is possible to run both hard drives in this computer to the max storage?


    Yes, the Inspiron 560 MT supports two 3.5 "SATA internal hard drives.

    Dell has not released written instructions for adding an additional SATA hard drive in the 560 MT

    But as the Tower of 530 Dell Mini has the same chassis, the same procedures can be used.

    Instructions for the installation of a second hard drive physically here are:

    After you install the second hard drive, enter the BIOS Setup] and ensure that the drive is enabled [on].

    Then partition, format the hard drive and it assigned a drive letter by using disk management.


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