How to install Ubuntu Linux on Satellite C70D-A-111

How to install Ubuntu on a Satellite C70D-A-111



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  • Satellite L300D-10B - how to install Ubuntu

    Hello. I recently bought a Satellite L300D-10B and I need to install Linux in dual boot in this laptop.

    Also, I don't want to lose utilities backup of the laptop has preinstalled, in case of emergency.
    Could someone be so kind and tell how to install Ubuntu 8.10 without having to lose the ability to restore the system (for MS vista) during an emergency?

    I also read on the internet of Wubi and you?

    Wubi is an officially Ubuntu install for Windows. Wubi allows you to only install Ubuntu as a Windows application, in a simple and safe way.
    Check it!

  • Satellite C70D-A-111 - cannot print using network printer but the work of USB connection

    I added this Satellite C70D-A-111 to an existing network that includes a printer.
    Other devices can print OK but not this Toshiba.
    The message is "printer is in an error state.

    If I connect the Toshiba to the printer via the USB port, it prints OK.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    Do you use this printer at home or in your business?
    I mean if use you it in your business ask for administrator assistance system.

  • Satellite L300D-12U - two problems after installing Ubuntu Linux


    I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my brand-new u. Satellite L300D-12
    So far, everything works fine, but there are two things bother me.

    1. I have problem with suspends to RAM. It does not work. If I use the option to boot, the screen goes black but the laptop is still running (you can hear it).
    In addition, nothing happens when I press the power button to exit the sleep option.
    I completely close the laptop and restart to be back in Ubuntu.
    Maybe someone has some ideas how I can fix the problem?

    My/etc/default/acpi-support have these entries:

    # Comment the following line to disable the ACPI suspend to RAM
    ACPI_SLEEP = true

    # Comment the following line to disable the suspension on disc

    # Change the following of 'sleep' to use ACPI S1 sleep, rather than S3.
    # This will save less energy, but can run on machines more
    # ACPI_SLEEP_MODE = mem
    ACPI_SLEEP_MODE = standby

    2 battery life
    My current maximum battery life is 01:10 hours. On windows, it's 2 hours >. Maybe someone has some ideas of configuration to increase the time of battery under Ubuntu?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    Hello manual

    I'm really skeptical about Linux here support. I heard that Toshiba will start with Linux support, but of course, it is not started yet.

    If nobody here can offer help I recommend you discuss this on some Linux forum. You have more chance of getting help here.

  • HARD drive replacement, how to install Win7 on my Satellite L850?

    Hello world

    I recently bought a Satellite L850 lappy and I want to replace the 750 GB HDD with a SSD 256 GB.
    This laptop never came with a windows 7 cd or its driver cd (not too worried about it as I can find it online).

    I wonder how to install windows 7 on this ssd? Download windows 7 image from a Web site (found this []) and just enter my product key when you are prompted as a whole to the top?

    I'm quite new to these new methods as my last toshiba laptop came with everything that I needed.
    Thanks for your time

    If your upgrade or replacement of HARD drive will be a success, you must install a clean version of the OS. How you will get is actually your problem, but it turns out that you must use the legal version and activate it using the legal product key.

    All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba support and download page under

    We can help you with the installation and the right installation order.

  • How to install wireless on a Satellite 5200 903?

    Due to a very bad virus, I got Windows on a Satellite 5200 903 a friendly businessman. But at home he saw: no wireless LAN could be used... It seems, that cause the WLAN switch is 'off' no WLAN-driver was installed/recovered...

    Now, he wants to come to me tomorrow or day after tomorrow - and I need TO know how to install everything until there... He'll also bring me his router, so I can configure everything for him on the LAPTOP AND router (WPA, if possible).

    But I found TWO drivers: one was a direct download of a small 'Agere' file - wlesslan-xp -

    The other comes from "Atheros", and the download are a links to another website "Toshiba EMEA - Wireless LAN Driver Portal", where I have to identify the WLAN adapter... But: on the first download site (I mean before you redirect to 'Toshiba EMEA') it is on the list of "Models" NOT any Satellite 5200.

    The pilot who is correct? Are there different WLAN adapters in the 5200-903 series? Is it possible to find the adapter model BEFORE it gives me the laptop?

    In the list of the drvers for the 5200-903, there's a "hotkey WLAN" Download wlkey-xp - Who should I too? Do I need other things?

    And such a 'old' WLAN-access works in a different way the WLAN integrated a centrino for example? I don't know how to connect to a WLAN with new laptops: "wireless networks" button on the right button fot windows, then choose the name WLAN to connect and enter the key, if necessary.

    Please help me, he lives 100 miles away from me and has not much time, it is once again for me just for this issue and, of course, he was not amused when he went home and cannot connect to internet... and it is a noob ABSOLUTE in technical things so I can how make him on his own and needs your help quickly.

    Thank you very much!

    Hello herbal

    I want just to make the story short and simple. After installing the OS install drivers for the hardware components. According to the specification of your laptop for Satellite 5200 903 what WLAN ready model and I don't know what WLAN card is inside. Your friend must have information about this.

    If there is card Atheros WLAN driver you can find HERE

    After installation of the driver install all Toshiba designed tools and utilities from COMMON MODULES. It must be installed first. WLAN-hotkey utility is important because using the FN + F8 key combination you can enable/disable wireless network card.

    Software WLAN (WLAN Atheros client utility) is not necessary, because to the WLAN, you can use WLAN WXP parameters. You can use it if the wireless network adapter is enabled correctly.

    So I hope you set WLAN correctly and if you need further assistance please write back.

    Bye and good luck!

  • How to install ubuntu along side windows 8 13.04 (dual boot)

    I have a dell laptop inspiron 5521 with 4 GB ram 1 TB hard drive with windows 8 pro authentic. my hard drive have includes 4 partition (including the c drive). 4th partition which is 71 GB I want to install ubuntu 13.04 (along the coast with windows 8 - dual boot), but whenever I tried to install using USB stick bootable, it shows only 1 hard drive not partition and another option "erase and install ubuntu" which I don't prefer... How do I make double installation?

    Take a look at it here:

  • How to install XP BIOS on Satellite A200 PSAE6E

    In 3 words... HOW to install XP Bios. I copy setup.exe to flash. and restart the operating system... Boot from flash? and launch setup.exe?


    BIOS must be run under Windows XP, because it is a version of BIOS WIN.
    The BIOS must be unpacked everything first, and then you will need to run the exe file.

    Notes; Don t run all the applications, while the BIOS update! Disconnect all external devices, but the adapter must be connected!

  • Re: How to install Win XP for Satellite 1800 750 display driver

    How to install the video driver in my pc? Does not include the .exe archives.

    The pilot is Trident display Windows XP driver

    + The message was edited: link removed - too long.


    You n t need the exe file.
    You can install the driver through the Device Manager, you must simply point to the folder of the driver you downloaded and Win XP would take the necessary ini and dll files automatically.

  • How to install Toshiba Emanager on Satellite A500-1DN

    I can't install the emanager.
    It seems to me I need VT to do and the laptop processor cannot enable virtualization.


    I put t know if the VT is necessary or not, but the Core 2 DUO T6600 CPU of your laptop doesn't support NOT of VT
    This is why you cannot use this feature.

    This is a great movie that I found on youtube about Emanager installation:

    How to install Toshiba eManager

    Check it!

  • How to install Ubuntu on Ideapad z500 UEFI? Help, please!

    I am spoiled with Ubuntu and when I bought this PC (ideapad not touch z500) last summer I didn't know that it was difficult to install Ubuntu on it. I read the Ubuntu forums and it says 'disable secure/fast boot etc' and I can't find anywhere in the BIOS on none of this! I can be silly, but you please help me! Thanks in advance!

    I do not have your machine and your message does not include a description of what you tried.

    What you need:
    -a USB or a blank CD player
    -an ISO of Ubuntu
    -software to make a CD image or USB bootable with ISO
    -a backup of all your data, assuming that the installation will erase everything on this machine.

    I can't give more details. Have you tried to install it so far?

  • How to install Ubuntu for PowerEdge 1850 - updated: installed, but does not start?

    I recently got a used PowerEdge 1850 (BIOS A04 version) without OS, with plans to install Ubuntu Server. I read that you can boot from a flash drive USB for it, so I used a tool to make a 8 GB USB 2.0 flash drive bootable for installing the operating system. I put USB drive on auto emulation and the USB controller on with BIOS support. In the order of start, emulated floppy USB drive has been updated with the top priority. The flash player has been connected to the USB port right front, with a keyboard at the front left, if it matters.

    When I turn it on with this set all when it reaches the last line ("press CTRL-E to enter the BMC configuration within 5 seconds," without any player flash it just says only: "boot device available" at this stage "), it does nothing. Just on a blank line, no error or anything. I know that it did not freeze because underscore flashing. By pressing a button any will result in a single beep, same F2 to enter the BIOS setup.

    There are 73 GB HARD drive at location 0 (left), nothing in the Slot 1 (right) and 4 GB of RAM. No material inside has changed.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong? If I just have something wrong set, can you give me instructions step by step from scratch (that is, a blank flash drive/CD and ISO downloaded), or at least point me in the right direction to correctly set up the flash player if it is the problem?

    EDIT: All right. Ignore my next post in the thread. I'll post if no new complication.

    It still hangs on the last line in the commissioning after the line 'Press CTRL-E to installation of BMC', with the blinking underscore, so I know that it is not frozen.

    It is bootable media and try to boot from it. It seems that the bootstrapper does not initialize correctly. I would suggest reformatting and reinstallation of the operating system again. The question is not hardware related. You can try another version of Ubuntu.

    Thank you

  • How to install Ubuntu on a Toshiba Satellite L670D-102


    I tried to load Ubuntu 10.10 (tried the i386 and AMD64 platforms versions Desktop Edition) on a Satellite L670D-102 using a Live CD. The CD turns for a while, there is some activity on the hard drive and then I get a blinking white cursor (a hyphen) on a black screen. I left it overnight and it remained the same. I tried with "live" usb key and once again, no start. The CD and usb work in other machines running amd processors and intel.

    The kind of questions that come to mind are:-
    Is there a safety or other setting in the cmos memory which prevents the Windows loading anything?
    Are Toshiba simply anti-Linux and I need a new machine?
    Do I need a special bios to run Ubuntu?

    Any help to resolve the issue would be welcome.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • How to install Win 8 on Satellite C850 after HARD drive failure?

    I have a PC repair business and a customer gave me a portable Satellite C850-1 kN which took a catastrophic hard disk failure (just clicking from the road).

    I replaced the hard drive and tried to boot from a DVD 8 Windows, changing the order of startup in the bios, however, it still gives an error message "no boot device."

    I see no way to turn off boot UEFI, it appears grayed out in the configuration of the bios.

    How can I reinstall Windows on this laptop?

    First, you must know that the (CSM/UEFI mode) parameter must be changed if you want to install the system supported UEFI not (Win 7 and higher).
    Win 8 and 8.1 Win are UEFI capable systems and you should be able to use the option to UEFI mode.

    What about the secure boot option?
    Have you found and have you tried to disable this option?

  • How to install Windows XP on Satellite A200 - 1 M 8 home edition?

    I have Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 M 8 with Windows Vista, but I want to change to Windows XP.
    When I try to copy in the blue window that I don't message none found disc.
    I try to change in the BIOS but no hard drive selection.

    How to change the IDE to copy windows xp?

    On this forum, you will find a large number of discussions regarding the installation of Windows XP Home edition on laptops as A200/P200 or A300/P300, at the request of nLite which can help you to install Windows on your laptop.
    Use the advanced search on this forum and you will find a large number of them.
    What you need is the SATA driver that must be loaded prior to installation of WXP begins.

    I assume you want to change the settings in the advanced options of the BIOS SATA from AHCI to compatibility mode, right?

Maybe you are looking for

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