How to install Vista on Satellite M40-298?

I try to install vista on Satellite M40-298, but in the end, on the last restart, it crashes.

My graphics card is ATI, hard drive 80 GB Sata, 1024 MB Ram...

Can someone help me?


installed all the drivers for this machine? If this isn't the case, I suggest you to do this and if your machine does not start or pause then start windows in safe mode vista and install the drivers.

If you need a link for some drivers vista, just try it here:

Good luck
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  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40-237?

    Can help guide me how to install vista on satellite m40-237?
    It hangs at the starting phase.

    Vista compatibility tool has shown this compatible machine to install vista.


    Satellite M40 is about two years old and this laptop is not taken in charge of Vista. I guess this hood must be new BIOS for Vista installation. Unfortunately will not create new Toshiba Vista supported BIOS and all drivers for this model of laptop. :(

    Computers laptops capable only Vista will be supported as far as I know.

  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40

    I have a Satellite Pro M40 and I think to install Vista on it. I have no problem with the development of an operating system on my PC, after many, many times before. but I'm not sure I put it on my M40.
    Can someone give some advice?

    Do I have to reformat the drive M40 first? If so, any reformatting program won't work or can I do it via the recovery disk provided. I am wary about using the recovery disc I do not know what to expect.

    Any help appreciated.

    You can choose several ways of instillation. You can upgrade XP to Vista, you can install the Vista on a second partition or you will overwrite the existing XP.

    If you overwrite the XP Vista will delete all installed applications.
    I recommend you to install Vista on the second partition.
    In this case, you can use the two operating system, XP, and Vista.

    When you start you laptop, you will get a Boot Manager.
    Then you could choose either XP or Vista

    PS: as much as I know many applications is not compatible with Vista, and you will need new versions (if they exist!)
    At the moment no Vista drivers are available for M40 :(

  • How to install Vista on Satellite A300 without recovery disk?

    Please, I desperately need help.

    My brother bought a new Toshiba A300-23F in Saudi Arabia. He has little knowledge of computers.
    It's on the screen threre.

    He sent it to my father in Pakistan but quickly noticed it was full of viruses and it installed fresh Windows xp SP2 after formatting hard drive.

    He gave me to fix the problem. Because it is designed for windows vista. I want to install windows vista, but I do not have the disk recovery or operating any drive.

    How am I suppose to install windows vista?
    Someone told me that I have download the vista track and enter the key that is on the back of my laptop.

    Anyone with an idea. Please

    > He sent it to my father in Pakistan but quickly noticed it was full of viruses and it installed fresh Windows xp SP2 after formatting hard drive.

    It was a big mistake buddy
    The recovery disk is not shipped with the laptop because he had a tool preinstalled called creator Toshiba Recovery disk that allows you to create a clean recovery disc.
    But this is not possible because the HARD disk has been formatted and all files have been deleted.

    Now, you would not be able to recover the camera even using HARD drive recovery because the files are not available on the HARD disk.

    You need a recovery disk, and you can order it here:

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - how to install Vista on different partitions

    Please I need help.

    The problem is I format the hard drive, but I...
    I install win xp in partion 4 and the partion 1 is c is empty 30 GB
    the partion 2 is d (winre) running xp not hidden. The partion 3 is e (data which includes the vista hddrecovery).
    Now I need to install Vista in C but when I press f8 or f12 windows repair was not found to install Vista.

    Please how can install Vista but I have partion (hddrecovery) E and (d partion winre)?
    Please help me it is very important for my game

    Sorry for my lang and I hope to find answer thank you


    After this mixture of partitions, you destroyed drive HARD (F8) installation option. There is nothing you can do about it.

    If you want to install Vista again, you MUST use the DVD facilities.
    You have created a following Toshiba Recovery reminder?

  • To install Vista on Satellite M60

    Is that what anyone has experienced hardware problems during the installation of Vista on the laptop above. I have already increased the RAM to 2 GB, which is the maximum.

    I'm sitting looking at a copy of Vista and do not know to install on my laptop or home built PC, Help!

    Thank you

    Hello amber

    If I remember well satellite M60 is not portable to Vista and there may be a bit more problematic with Vista support. I imagine that you will have problems because of incompatible BIOS version, but you can check your hardware using Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. You can find it HERE

    Please use it and see the hardware compatibility report.

    Just for example: I managed to install Vista on Satellite M70. It is also portable to Vista but Vista works well.

  • How to install Vista on a pc without a CD ie., netbook player?

    How to install Vista on a pc without a CD ie., netbook player?

    Here is a procedure (even if you did not provide enough information to be sure):

    You can also install it on a network from another computer (assuming it has a sort of Systm of operation already installed and the drive can be partitioned to keep account of two different systems) - and that the other computer equipped with a DVD player.

    Here's another method if you have access to the necessary alternative:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck1

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  • Satellite A100-188: how to install Vista graphics driver?

    I installed Vista Beta 2 and you have downloaded the latest driver ATI Vista Beta 2 with the support of X 1600. But with the ATI X 1600 on the A100-188 the driver won't work. The pilot did not find my X 1600. What can I do?

    Hi soumah

    Thanks for the comments. But please note that this OS is not official on the market and Toshiba recommend to use only the graphics drivers from Toshiba.
    You can use the other drivers but only at your own risk.

  • Question chart shared memory - Vista on Satellite M40

    I have Satellite M40-psm40 with ATI x 300 and my OS is Vista. The card has 64 MB of memory and takes 255MB with total of 319 MB of main RAM memory.

    How can I reduce it?
    * I checked the BIOS to see if can decrease, but nothing in the BIOS to change.


    Bad news man. You can not increase or decrease this RAM graphics card!
    The installed ATI MOBILITY RADEON supports the fix own memory. It is not shared video RAM.

    There is no way to make the most efficient card.

  • Vista on Satellite M40 - 285-> is there any problem?


    I have a Satellite M40-285, my wish is to install Vista on it, I know about pcmcia issues that lock boot Vista and solve their pcmcia.sys file renaming, but this does not solve the problem really, pcmcia slot and card reader didn't work.

    So I would like to know if Toshiba will launch a driver for Vista, or, everyone has solved this problem with any tip where Vista starts normally and pcmcia works fine?

    Thank you
    Kind regards.

    Toshiba M40 satellite will certainly not throw all Vista drivers or tools. This device is not Vista capable and there is no support for Vista. If you want to test with Vista create the second partition and try to install Vista on it. I did the same thing on my Vista not supported by Satellite M70.

  • How to install WXP in Satellite A205-s5859?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A205-s5859 new (US series), and my laptop was completely done by virus so I just want to install Windows XP instead of Windows Vista which is now experiencing in my laptop and wants to make a new partition.

    When I try to install Windows XP Home edition, I get a problem which is in the Middle while confuguring my system hardware (blue screen) a messege is appearning like * "Setup did not all hard disks in your computer instead. Make sure that the hard drives are powred on properly connected to your computer and that all disks associated hardware configuration is correct. It can be runnning an installer of manufacturer_suplliedd diagnosticor "* and dvd r/w works correctly because of this message iam not able to install xp so please help me to solve this problem."



    How to install WXP on this notebook is identical to that described in by Andrej.

    Check it out. Please also check which driver SATA do you need and check page Toshiba U.S. per download.
    I am from Europe and Satellite A205-s5859 is not known to me.

    The Toshiba US support page -

    Good luck!

  • PCMCIA.sys problem with Vista on Satellite M40 135


    (Sorry for my English)
    I tried to install Windows Vista on my Satellite M40-135. (I added the 512 MB of RAM).

    But, like all users, I have the problem with pcmcia.sys. Vista starts successfully when I delete the pcmcia.sys file.
    But I have a problem: I have a PCMCIA TV and I could not use it without the pcmcia.sys file...

    So I was wondering if Toshiba will download the new drivers for Windows Vista... This laptop is 'Vista capable' according to Microsoft System requirements...

    Waiting for your help...

    Unfortunately, it seems that the snipe is right.
    Can the hardware specifications of this laptop allows you to install the Vista
    but it seems that Toshiba has decided to publish no Vista drivers for each series laptop.

    In order to check this document:

    Not seem that your laptop series is not part of the list

  • Impossible to install Vista on Satellite A300 PSAGCE - not ACPI compliant


    I'm recovering the laptop from a friend.
    He has installed Windows XP on its Satellite A300 PSAGCE and concluded that of course XP 32-bit Windows does not support the full functionality of the laptop.

    Now I wanted to reinstall Vista that came with it. I have two recovery DVD but when I wanted to start them (them two DVDs) I always get the error message that the system is not fully ACPI-compatible.

    Now of course this laptop should work with Vista and the provided restore DVD should work as well, no?
    I tried to download a Bios nw, but it seems 1.10 is the most recent.

    I also can't find all the ACPI settings in the BIOS that I could activate.

    Could someone help me?
    It is really urgent and driving me crazy!

    Thank you!


    Strange! Usually, if you have created the DVD recovery Toshiba using the TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator then everything should work correctly and you should be able to install Vista on this A300!

    I put t know if you have changed something in the BIOS or elsewhere, but you should access the BIOS and should define the default settings.
    Then try to boot from the recovery DVD Toshiba again.

    Good luck

  • How to install Vista from the recovery disk without defining partitions?


    I have my recovery disk and I have installed a new 320 gb HHD.
    When I installed the recovery disc, it re done the 160 GB partitions in each (2 partitions more the 1 recovery partition)...

    But I want to dual boot with XP pro because of software problems and I prefer it sometimes...
    I redid my scores, 1 - 51 GB for XP pro(32bit), 2nd - 51 GB for vista (32 gb) and the 3rd - 210 gb is for storage

    How to install with Toshiba vista o/s and stuff that comes with it on the recovery disc, immediately to the 2nd partition without affecting how I configure the hard drive...

    I have about 100 GB of photos, music, and cam vids on storage, with nowhere to put them, so I can't risk, because some are copy only (so it might be a good idea to let me know how I save this s on my storage spread in the DVD please)

    If I can t, then can some1 please tell me how to get my Toshiba OEM vista off this recovery disk or a link for me?

    Hope all this makes sense lol... Thank you

    If you have so much important material best save is to buy an external HARD drive and copy all this stuff here. I recommend buying the small 2.5 external HDD and when necessary, you can take with you and connect to any computer, if you want to view or copy this file. External hard discs connected to other computers with a supplied USB cable.

    Return to your partitions.
    When you use the original Toshiba DVD facilities, you will have 3 partitions.
    WinRE - partition and it belongs to the Vista operating system. This partition is not visible, and this isn't some sort of Toshiba recovery partition
    -C for Vista partition
    Or-d/E to the DATA in the partition. This partition is recorded recovery image in the folder called HDDRecovery
    I don't know what model of laptop you have, but this configuration is on all new Toshiba laptops shipped WITHOUT recovery media.

    Using Toshiba recovery media, you will be able to get exactly mentioned structure of the partitions. Support to recovery facilities using you WILL NOT be able to install Vista on the second partition.

    So if you want to have the dual boot with Windows XP Home edition, you can do following:
    -At first, you are going to install Vista with support of recovery and on the second partition, you are going to install your version of Windows XP Home edition
    -At first you will be installing WXP and then you can install Vista on the second partition, but you must use the Microsoft facilities drive. Recovery media can not be used.

    That's all I can say from my experience with such things.

  • Re: How to install HDD on Satellite L300-19Y?

    Hi guys

    I'm not too good with computers but have bought a new HARD drive for my L-series I've been informed that my HARD drive is maybe broken due to errors when I perform chkdsk checks and the fact that it freezes and crashes randomly.

    In any case, could someone tell me how to install the HARD drive? I bought an another similar to the original hitachi in the laptop, that is to say sata, 2.5 ", but got a 250 GB, rather than the 160. What I have to install anything, or have complicated everything to do? I don't know how to install it physically just don't know if I have to use my discs of recovery or something like that?

    Bravo guys


    There is no difficult things to do to swap the HARD drive. Which is a fairly simple process and he s done in 5 minutes I think.

    I have the Satellite L300 in front of me. To swap the HARD drive, turn off the laptop and remove the battery and the AC adapter. On the underside, you can find the cover of the HARD drive which is fixed by 2 screws. Remove the screws and the cover of the HARD drive, you are now able to exchange the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know! :)

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