How to install XP on Satellite L40 - 14N

OK when I got this laptop for Christmas had installed vista
I would install Xp
Read only a few threads on here, but can't have it installed. I have read that I need a floppy drive. So went out and bought a USB floppy drive to the drivers.
I thought I'd need on diskette.

Now what happens is I press f6 for the SATA drive and press S when asked.
It gives me a driver option so I say yes installs a bit more, then asked the driver again and I press on enter and nothing happens.

Any help please?
Read somewhere I can have to integrate but don't know how.

Doug's soon


Floppy drive is not necessary only for the drivers but for Storage Manager. Please download and extract all the files there. Later, when the WXp is installed you can download all the drivers directly in Windows XP Home edition and start the installation.

Please download Installations instructions document and install all the stuff following this order of installations.
Good luck!

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  • How to install XP on Satellite L40-14B

    How to install windows xp on this laptop?

    I tried and I can't. Say that he didn't plant the hard drive.
    The hard drive is sata.

    In the Bios I have much choises. I wanted to switch from AHCI to ide... but I do not have it.
    I therefore now vista... is the only system that worked on it... but I cannot start without thread on this.

    BTW: where is the led when the wireless is on this laptop? I sow where it is?

    I think that a bios update should work... but I can't find one. Now I 1.60... and it's only for vista.

    So, if someone can help me pls.

    Check back for the right driver WLan and the new BIOS for XP.
    Then, everything should work fine

  • It is a solution - how to install XP on Satellite L40

    NOTE: you will need a license for XP Pro SP2(it should work with Sp1 and Home, but runs better on Pro SP2)!

    First download and install nLite. (requires .NET Framework version 2.0, you can download .NET Framework from here:

    Now download and extract the slipstream drivers into a folder like C:\Drivers-temp\

    Insert your WinXP installation disc, exit the autorun if it appears.

    Start nLite, click Next on the start screen. Tell him where is your CD. It will ask you to tell him where to cache the files to. You can simply use a folder like C:\XP-temp\ for this.

    On the predefined settings screen, click Next again. Now click the button drivers, as well as the "Bootable ISO" button, then click on "next".

    On drivers screen, click Insert, and then several driver's record. NLite to the location where you extracted the drivers slipstream, such as C:\Drivers-temp\ and click OK.

    In the select several drivers to integrate the window you will need to highlight the path to the Summit (for example, C:\Drivers-temp\) by clicking on it once, and then click OK.

    In the window driver in Textmode integration Options integration options highlight the entire list by clicking once on the top element, then shift-click once on the background element. With this list still highlighted, click OK at the bottom.

    Back on the drivers screen, click Next. Apply it changes: dialog box should appear asking if you really want to start the process. Click Yes.

    Once the treatment is completed, you will need to click 'Next', how youâ ¢ will be taken to the final screen.

    On the "Bootable ISO" screen, change the menu of 'Create Image' to 'Burn Direct' drop-down 'Mode '. Eject your WinXP disc and insert a blank disk into your burner. For security reasons, place a check next to "check".

    Finally, click on burn.

    Congratulations, you now have an installation disc, suitable for any Toshiba laptop with S - ATA hdd (in fact you can use it on any pc/laptop with S - ATA hard drive).

    Now, you will need boot up your laptop on this disc. In order to be able to boot from the CD, we must first make a couple of quick changes in the BIOS of the laptop computers. In the BIOS, you will need to make sure that the first boot device is the DVD - RW drive.

    NOTE: Make sure you backup all your data before continuing, because the next step will erase everything.

    Restart the laptop with your new XP cd inserted, after it is started, the windows installer will ask you where you want to install Windows XP to: follow the prompts to delete all existing partitions, and then follow the prompts to create a new partition and install Windows XP to that. You can choose the "quick format" to speed things up.

    Follow the rest of the messages guides for windows in the usual manner.

    This solution was made to another mobile phone manufacturer but I just filled where it considers that Toshiba.

    You will need the drivers for your system ready when XP complete installation, so be sure to download before starting all this and make a CD, you can use them again. Most chipsets Intel a driver for XP on Intels homepage.

    What about Atheros, then you can find the drivers here:

    Many of the drivers of Toshiba Vista driver package runs on XP, just read the readme file or the inf file.

    If you have any questions then let me know.



    Hi Jan

    It looks very nice and useful s. I'll give you 10 Rewards points ;)
    I've seen lots of questions here on the procedure of installing XP on different laptops with controller SATA HDD.
    I assume that you can use this solution on several laptops that were equipped with SATA controllers.

    Best regards

  • How to install WinXP on Satellite L40-139?

    I can't install Windows XP Home edition on my laptop.

    If i press a key to start to install for a view very short time just "Setup inspects the hardware configuration of your computer' and then nothing happened.

    Have someone some practice with it?

    I assume you are using Microsoft WXP CD installations. Am I wrong? Is the visible HARD disk when you start the process facilities?

    I found a few topics on similar problems. As in the other thread suggested that you must first install an Intel Matrix Storage Manager before you continue the installation of XP. The installation is very easy. During the installation process you must press F6 to include the Intel Matrix storage manager from an external USB FDD drive.

    After this instillation please don t HARD drive format but continue installing XP

  • How to stop Satellite L40 - 14N connect to non-preferred networks?

    I'll put up a Satellite L40 - 14N notebook and only want it to be able to connect to a designated wireless LAN router. The network adapter is a Realtek RTL8187B and the laptop runs Windows Vista Edition home premium (v6.0.6000). The machine is currently working on a WLAN with WPA pre-shared key.

    I have read a number of Web pages such as:

    At halfway on this page, it displays the setting "Automatically connect to non preferred networks" in one of the boxes of properties. In the property fields I see on this machine the I can't find this setting and I don't have a list of options to change the priority of connection or preferred networks.

    Does anyone know if the automatic connection to other networks can be disabled on this computer and if so... How?

    I need the machine for details of a unique WLAN connection and if the network is not present then do not access anything else.

    I noticed the "Connect to a more preferred network if available" parameter in one of the other properties boxes, is this similar?

    Any help much appreciated! :-)



    "As explained on the website of the 3rd party you should uncheck the option to automatically connect to the non preferred networks.
    You must mark the neighbours WLan and press the properties button.
    Then a new window should open and on the Connections tab, you should * uncheck * the option called + Connect then this network is in range.


  • Disabled AGP on Satellite L40 - 14n

    Hi all!

    I have Toshiba Satellite L40 - 14n. When I try to run any game, I see the following message "the game may not be coherent agp is off." Please enable agp for consistency.

    Tell me please how I can do this.


    Because the graphics card is hollow connected the AGP bus it must be another problem because if AGP is not active then windows would not be able to start up.

    Which game you play? I recommend you do the following things:

    -update your entire operating system (windows update)
    -Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed
    -update the drivers for your graphics card
    -apply the latest patch available for the game you play

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  • Satellite L40 - 14N boot question without power cord

    Had this problem for a while, any ideas please?

    My Satellite L40 - 14N sometimes won't start when the power cord is not connected. It starts ok but when I get to the Windows screen drops colored that keep moving from left to right and the machine will not get one more no matter how much time is left.

    This never seems to happen when the power cord is connected and is turned on, it starts very well.

    Hi starmonkey,

    What power lead do you mean exactly? Do you mean the AC/DC adapter?

    To be honest, I also don t know why this happens, but you use pre-installed OS from Toshiba?
    You have installed a different display driver?

    Maybe you should try to reinstall Windows in worst case it s a bad material work :(

  • Performance issues with Vista on Satellite L40 - 14N

    I just signed up to your forum, it's really nice, how it works.
    I bought 3 months ago, a satellite L40-14N, with Vista Home Premium pre-installed, but I'm starting to get tired of the delays.
    I also have a problem, always Walker I want to open some windows, such as control panel or my computer and all my icons on the desktop disappear after some time will be displayed again, but not the application open before (Panel configuration or my computer).

    I wanted to ask all of you, what may be the problem, in fact I think to get rid of Vista and install XP, do you think it would be a good idea?
    If so, what kind of xp (sp2, sp3, etc.)? And, what I would have in return when I install xp, as what drivers need me for my laptop works properly again?

    Thank you very much... good day


    He knows that the Vista operating system is in need of more resources as a Microsoft OS at the beginning of s.
    I have a Vista on the L30 and I get a really slow performance.
    In addition many services and processes running in the background of the operating system. It also decreases performance.
    But all background processes are needed if you want to use all the features of notebooks such as the FN keys or buttons to Toshiba for example.

    However, I've installed XP on the L30 without any additional driver for the FN keys, control buttons etc and it was amazing to see how fast the laptop can be.

    So generally it s not a bad idea to install XP on the L40.
    But note; If you want to install XP on the L40 you must install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager first. Without this driver SATA XP does not recognize the HARD drive.


  • Satellite L40 - 14N: WLan does support encryption WPA PSK security

    Could someone please help?

    Satellite L40 - 14N Wireless LAN Card does support encryption WPA PSK security?

    Thank you.

    What card WiFi has been installed in your laptop?
    You can check in the Device Manager.

    Then simply Google for this wireless network card or visit the site of WLan card making information!

    All simply ;)

  • Non-active WiFi on Satellite L40 - 14N


    I recently bought a new Satellite L40 - 14N with preinstalled Vista Home Premium. For some reason any WLAN is not working. It seems that it is well off and the big question would be: How do I activate it?

    Try FN + F8 doesn't do anything - which seems strange bee. Is it some kind of difficulty available?


    theres are switch in front of your laptop. It s directly under the palm rest. Just look at the front of your machine when it s open and turn on the wlan with this hardwareswitch.

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  • Satellite L40 - 14N - RAM who do I take for an upgrade?

    Hello, I have a Satellite L40 - 14N with 1 GB of RAM, and I'm using Vista.

    I have been informed that a bit more RAM would be better so I think to upgrade. On the Toshiba product page, it says that the maximum is 2 GB, and now I'm wondering if it is better to get a key of 1 extra GB or to replace the 1 GB with a 2 GB one?


    Satellite L40 - 14N supports up to 2 GB of RAM maximum, you said.

    You buy an extra RAM or you replace the 1 GB with a 2 GB module. It s you according to what you do.
    In your case I would buy an additional 1 GB module because it does not cost so much and I n t see a reason why you should use a single module.

    For the upgrade, you need a memory SO-DIMM PC2-5300 Module.

    Welcome them

  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40-237?

    Can help guide me how to install vista on satellite m40-237?
    It hangs at the starting phase.

    Vista compatibility tool has shown this compatible machine to install vista.


    Satellite M40 is about two years old and this laptop is not taken in charge of Vista. I guess this hood must be new BIOS for Vista installation. Unfortunately will not create new Toshiba Vista supported BIOS and all drivers for this model of laptop. :(

    Computers laptops capable only Vista will be supported as far as I know.

  • Marketing my Satellite L40 - 14N will not work

    My son has a portable Satellite L40 - 14N and he started the other day, but it is coming up with a message saying "configuration of updates: stage 3 of 3-0% complete do not turn off your computer... then it goes to"shutting down"then it re starts and comes up with the same message again... continues just is and we cannot enter the laptop...»

    Can someone help us?

    To start your computer in safe mode, try to please. To start press F8 key and when you enter the advanced startup options choose Safe mode startup.
    If it works, wait for the operating system to start and try to use the system restore utility to restore the operating system before the date.

  • IP acquisition on Satellite L40 - 14N on WLAN


    After having managed to activate my card WiFi on my Satellite L40 - 14N, I encounter the following problem... it to seem like I'm not getting an ip address from my router. I can see my router, and Vista says I'm connected (a little), but I don't get an ip address. All I get is limited connectivity and that the adapter does not have an assigned ip address (I guess from the feature of automatic configuration of windows).

    Someone at - he a clue on why this would be?


    Please see the following articles for a detailed description of wireless networks, then perhaps that you can configure.

    Welcome them

  • His record is not possible on Satellite L40 - 14N


    Bought a Satellite L40 14N last November and have been very happy with it.

    I want to record audio on it. When I start Microsoft Sound Recorder, a small window appears with the message "an audio recording device is not found." As the machine apparently has a sound card with the inputs and outputs, it's quite strange. Surely, you have actually to plug something in the front entrance on the side of registration comes into force?

    If I try to record with Audacity, Audacity can't see even a recording device.

    Someone at - it solutions?

    Thank you...


    Usually, you can use the external microphone for sound recording.

    1. open the 'control panel' (Standard view)
    2. click on 'hardware and sound '.
    3. click on "sound."
    4. click on the "Recording" tab

    You should see all the available recording devices. If only one microphone is available so that you can only use this device for sound recording!

Maybe you are looking for