How to interview an ESXi box from a VBScript script

Hi people,

What technology could by used to get information programmatically in an ESXi 4 box from a remote computer?

I've scoured the forums for a few days, but not really get very far. I saw that the CIM stuff could be accompanied by esxi, so I was wondering if it was possible to use Windows WMI to access esxi.

I also saw that each box of esxi has an interface https - given the username root and password is there a way to get info system via https?

Other means to interrogate esxi?  I certainly question from the MS platform so please all pointers, articles, discussions, indices - anything - would be much appreciated...

Thank you



What "data" you want to extract? If it is material information, then Yes, the CIM API is what you'll want to use. If you want to request information on your ESXi host and which virtual machines are working, how much each vCPU/vMEM, host information or you want to use VMware vSphere configuration API. The API itself is exposed as a web service standard and there are various links of language that are offered such as vSphere SDK for Perl (Perl bindings), PowerCLI (Windows PowerShell connections), VI Java (Java Bindings), vSphere SDK for c# (c# webservices bindings), etc.

If you want to use any other programming language or script that those already offered, then you will need to create your own secondary links client that is not for beginners, it requires a bit of work, and you will also need to ensure that the language can talk to SOAP/WebServices engine and create the appropriate/etc. calls

If you're new the VMware/SDK API, you'll want to take a look at this document first -

There is also a Developer Forums of VMware with the support of different language, documentation, code examples and getting started guides to-

To answer your question, vbscript is probably not what you want to use it, it will probably not even you need support. If you come from a Windows environment, take a look by using PowerShell and PowerCLI


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    Best regards


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                    // Layout for the Label and hBox
                    VBox vbox = new VBox();
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                    Scene scene = new Scene(vbox, 450, 150, Color.WHITESMOKE);
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    But I admin that it's too complex for my short knowledge get the appropriate result. Can you show me how I can split dialog box, add second bottom and make my code to look the same as this example please?

    I think that you can accomplish what you want by wrapping your 'vbox' VBox in an another VBox... Let's call it outerVBox. In outerVBox, you put a node ImageView and 'vbox'. To create the node ImageView (for example):

    Image bkgrdImage = new Image(getClass().getResourceAsStream("resources/my_pic.jpg"));
    ImageView bkgrdImageView = new ImageView(bkgrdImage);

    And then add nodes to outerVBox:

    outerVBox.getChildren().addAll(bkgrdImageView, vbox);

    (And of course to create the scene instance using outerVBox instead of "vbox.")

  • How to move a virtual machine from one virtual switch to the other since the SDK / command line?

    How to move a virtual machine from one virtual switch to the other since the SDK / command line?

    Joshua Smith

    Are you referring to the evolution of the virtual machines network portgroup of one to the other and in your case potentially issue on to another vSwitch? If so, take a look at this script: everything you do really makes a call to ReconfigVM_Task() and passing in a specification change and put to day the network in which you want to change


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

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    repository scripts vGhetto

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    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

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    Question:  How can I transfer a file from the operating system to a backup of the production running VM virtual machine?

    Thank you!

    Yes Mr President, make sure you set the network on this virtual machine to be connected to the 'Internal' vswitch, you set up before turning the power on to the virtual machine.


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    Browse the data store and find the .vmx file, right-click on it and choose "add to the inventory.

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