How to keep the colors using the tool to redefine the colors in the range

I try to paint some pictures of complex mesh. I'm running out of problems with the Recolor tool creating colors of the range and not having not control global group, I had before using the tool.

I have all my assigned as global color swatches, and I assured that all colors are in the range. I then lock the layers, I don't want to change and choose the ones I do. I then select the Recolor tool, select the tab edit and click to link colors. Then I play with the STL to make color changes, I want to do for the selected layers. I have create a new color group, and then click OK.

I now have a new design. Nice, but now some of the colors may be out of gamut, and because I have not now global colors I can't easily change their return to be in the range.

So is there a way to keep the image recolorée to stay in the range? And to create global colors that I can then edit to change my mesh?

Thanks for any help/clues.


I have not hink it is possible to keep the colors in the range. The only thing yo could do is limit colors resulting libraries of nuances. You could choose a big library such as the PANTONE. But that would of course still limit yourself to a smaller range of colors that may be required.

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    Kind regards



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    Kind regards


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    values(:Old.) BOM_DIV_CODE,: old. BOM_MOD_CODE,: old. BOM_ASSY_CODE,
    : old. BOM_ASSY_QPS,: new. BOM_ASSY_QPS,: old. PPC_SRL_ #,: old. ITEM_ENTR_BY,
    : old. ITEM_MOD_BY, SYSDATE, 'delete')

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    also, there is error:
    WARNING: Trigger created with compilation errors.

    Please help to fix it.

    Thank you best regards n

    insert into bom_history (BOM_MOD_CODE, BOM_ASSY_CODE, BOM_ASSY_QPS_old, BOM_ASSY_QPS, PPC_SRL_ #, ITEM_ENTR_BY,)
    values(:Old.) BOM_DIV_CODE,: old. BOM_MOD_CODE,: old. BOM_ASSY_CODE,
    : old. BOM_ASSY_QPS,: new. BOM_ASSY_QPS,: old. PPC_SRL_ #,: old. ITEM_ENTR_BY,
    : old. ITEM_MOD_BY, SYSDATE, 'delete')
    Unless I've counted wrong you have 9 mentioned columns but try insert 10 items.

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    Jean Lou

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