How to keep zoom level setting back?

Zoom level changes every time with the opening page, & I want to keep the already set zoom level, as happens in other browsers like Google Crome.How to maintain the fixed zoom level, to the selected sound level? I tried with add to solve this problem, but the result was not so good. I hope that you will help me... I enjoy FIREFOX... Thank you.

The Firefox Page Zoom feature makes a domain level by area to save favorite settings level users zoom, there is no default Page Zoom level setting in Firefox, as with some other browsers.

Try the extension Default FullZoom Level:

Or the NoSquint extension:

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  • How to keep the environment setting

    We need to set disable javascript.


    after update, it turns to activate.

    You please show me

    How to keep the environment-setting before and after the update of Adobe reader.

    Thank you

    JavaScript is enabled by default in the browsers. Turn off (disable) is a manual process, which must be done by the end user.

    JavaScript must be enabled in order to use the Adobe Download Manager.

    You can download the Installer offline without having to activate javascript. But there IS NO Adobe Reader (or Adobe Updater) affecting control javascript in browsers, or disable it automatically afer a download.

  • How to keep zooming in safari?


    I don't know how to keep the size of my zoom because of safari by default settings are too small, working overtime, I open a page I have to click on "cmd +" to get better size view?

    Help me please.

    Hi Ladyone,

    Looks like you have adjusted the font size minimum in Safari preferences, but fonts aren't quite big enough, so you want to know if there is another option in addition to zoom.

    The article below describes the steps you already mentioned and it describes also some extra options that you may find useful.

    OS X El Capitan: make it easier to see what is on the screen

    Also, you can always adjust the size of all text and objects on the screen by changing the resolution of the screen as shown here:

    OS X El Capitan: set the resolution of your screen


  • How to keep the format setting when generating a table of contents


    I have a superscript® in a title in a document that should be put in the Table of contents. When I generate the table of contents, I can't keep the format in the table of contents.

    I could cheat and manually change the, but there must be a way that remains with these properties whenever I have to regenerate the table of contents.

    No idea how?

    Kind regards.

    What version of FM?

    What the police?

    There are two separate issues here:

    1. If you are super as a character Format in the files of body, the format must be in character for the OCD catalogue, or the formatting is not applied.
    2. If you do this and get it display correctly in the table of contents, which will break the hyperlink linking it.

    The solution is usually to do great as characters of Unicode natively by exposing and not the character Formats.

    See: TOC link with a character index does not in PDF format

  • How can I keep text level if I change the angle of the text box?

    I am creating a flyer and added a text box that I've then inclined to match with an associated picture. Unfortunately, the text turns in bulk, which is a pain. the clues how to keep this level when shot?

    Text in a text box will remain at level with the horizontal axis of the rotated text box and it does not work independendly of the box containing the text. Bulk is an insufficient compound word which does nothing to show us what you don't like in the rotation of text current, and that precisely the hope of a result.

  • When I have my browser "zoom in", it does not hold the zoom of the following view and I have to "re-zoom, he used to stay at a zoom level, ideas chosen?

    I used when I zoomed view using wheel Ctrl and mouse the next page would be at the sam zoom elevel. Now, I have to re-zoom whenever I open a page.

    The function Zoom of Page Firefox does a level of field by field to save favorite settings level users zoom, there is no default Page Zoom level setting in Firefox.

    Try the extension Default FullZoom Level:

    Or the NoSquint extension:

  • How to set up a "double/mirror vision" with a different zoom level?

    Hello Photoshop gurus,.

    I constantly continues to zoom in and out the same images. It drives me crazy to see in normal zoom level and zoom in pixel deep.

    Is it possible then that I a floating/view duplicate of the window that shows the real-time editing of an image to a zoom level different? (Think of it as a mirroring of the display, but I'm trying to mirror the same document at a normal zoom level).

    It's my scenario:

    -J' have usually small images/icons work.

    -J' have deep zoom in on an image at the pixel level ~ 3000%.

    -Change some pixels and do editing

    -Zoom out to 100% to see what it looks like normally.

    -Repeat and repeat.

    I always have a 100% zoom view along the coast of the same document?

    Thanks for your help.

    PHOTOSHOP CS5 Mac Snow Leopard

    That's what's window-> help-> new window for.

  • Table of contents links keep current zoom level do not zoom to full page

    When Indesign creates tables of contents, they automatically connect the paragraphs, links point to, so that in an interactive PDF, clicks and prods take the user to this page. Large.

    Is what is not so great that hypertext links / references / jump-links / whatever born behind the scenes within the table of contents seem to be:

    1. .. .be is automatically set to reset the zoom to width full page
    2. .. .not be changed somehow

    Normal cross references keep the level of zoom that the user chose and normal hyperlinks that point to a page in the document have a range of settings on this change of zoom level (if any) must be imposed on the user, which can be set to "inherit zoom".

    How can I set up a table of contents bothering users by resetting their chosen artitrary default zoom level when using the interactive table of content?

    I really hope that I don't have a gap table of content feature Indesign and create all the cross-references manually.

    (edited) So it turns out that you can "expand" a table of contents by copying and pasting - it fills the hyperlinks with links that can be edited (as above), but the auto-update breaks - there are a table of contents, they are just one block from text full of links. (I got different copies mixed up when I thought that the framework that the editable links was also-automatic update)

    Aging out of the links is a red herring, just something to do with the fact that they were on a master page.

    This means that a possible OCD workflow is:

    • Create a table of contents on the pasteboard somewhere.
    • Before finalizing the document, to update the table of contents and alt-do drag the table of contents 'live' creates an editable of 'dead' copy in a suitable place in the document
    • Change the properties of the links links in the 'dead' copy (remember that you can select several hyperlinks at once by holding down the SHIFT key and change things like the Zoom all at once with the hyperlink Options setting from the context menu of hyperlinks).

    Then if you make further changes to the document later, remove the copy dead, update and re - copy the live original and redo the changes to the new copy

    This isn't a bad way - it adds just on the work of a minute, each time you export a PDF file (delete and update TOC, alt drag, shift-select the new batch of.) XXXX links at the bottom of the hyperlinks Panel, > hyperlink, Zoom setting Options > Inherit Zoom, actually).

    Otherwise, you may build manually to a table of contents using cross references, if you want the links to the exact position on the page, not just the top of the appropriate page.

  • Set the zoom level

    I use a version of Adobe Reader X 10.1 on Windows.

    I put the zoom level in the preferences. Display of the page. Zoom to 100%. I save it. I close the PDF that I consult. I open the PDF file. The PDF file appears in the zoom level, 72.3%.

    Why is it so difficult to get the right for Adobe Reader? This problem has persisted to all versions of Adobe Reader, I used because the product was created. It's not rocket science, the Adobe developers. Do you think that you can get this correct before the end of the Earth a few billion years down X on the line.


    If you open a document that you have seen before (and I can really see how it would be frustrating to have to keep resetting the zoom in this case), there is an adjustment, you can do. Go in Edition > Preferences > Documents and select Restore last view settings, when the reopening of documents. This affects only reopened the documents, not open but I think it works even with files that are no longer on the list of recently used files. This setting will remember your configuration level and the Tools/pane zoom bar, at least, a moment to another. I can't swear that it replaces a creator-set default zoom, but it might be interesting to try.

  • How can I make a permanent change in the zoom level?

    I want to know how I can make a permanent change is the zoom level? I don't want to constantly have to change the default value of 100% whenever I go to another page. Thank you.


    You can also use the NoSquint add-on to change the zoom level by default for all websites at the same time. After setting your zoom level, you can adjust the zoom on different sites and set the options for NoSquint remembers the settings for each site.

    After installation of NoSquint, go to the Add-ons page to define the settings for each site:

    • Tools (or

      ) > Addons > Extensions

    • Click on the button 'Options' of NoSquint
  • How to change the default zoom level and make it persist?

    My computer uses Vista 6 and IE 8.  The default value for the zoom level is 0.  I have to manually change to 80 and my change is not persistent.  How can I change the zoom to 80 level and make the value persists?  Note - under Internet Options, advanced, accessibility, "Reset the zoom level for new windows and tabs" is not checked.

    The DPI setting always displays 0 or 100% zoom, even if you use the custom settings of the zoom displays 100% from there.

    Unless I'm missing something?

    But there still make the text smaller really made a lot of meaning for me in any case, I find the default 125% even small and use the status bar and its 140% zoom page as well :)

    You can even check to see if your resolution is on he recommended setting to match the size of your screen.

  • Image Viewer does not offer native zoom level unless layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is set to 1.0, which makes all the tiny interface.

    Asked me to shake my question in one sentence, so this is.
    Image Viewer does not offer native zoom level unless layout.css.devPixelsPerPx is set to 1.0, which makes all the tiny interface.

    DevPixelsPerPx is - 1.0 by default, which causes Firefox to scale with the parameter of the BONE, which is perfectly fine. The problem is that it causes also open image files and especially the zoom level, nationwide also identical to the user interface. A zoom level is adapted to the screen, the other is native. (One is a magnifying glass with a '+', the other a '-'.) Or rather, the other * should * be native, but in practice, it is not native, is climbed by the setting of the BONE, making it as arbitrary and fuzzy like any other level of zoom, which defeats the whole point and does not allow access to a native scaling in any reasonable way.

    If you want to experiment, here is something you can try, a bookmarklet that inserts a 'Native' button on the page. It takes into account your level of "net" zoom current and reduced the image natural dimensions.

    (1) select and copy the following script:

    javascript:var btn=document.createElement('button');'right'; btn.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Native')); document.body.insertBefore(btn, document.body.firstChild); btn.addEventListener('click', function(){var img=document.querySelector('img');'scale('+(1/window.devicePixelRatio)+')';}, false); void 0;

    (2) right-click a task on your bookmarks bar or, if you do not display this bar, click on the bookmarks menu button and right click a place there, and then click new bookmark

    (3) paste the script in the location line

    (4) assign a name like native, and then click Add a bookmark

    While you look at a picture, click the bookmark (let) to inject the button. Then click on the button to resize the image.


    If you change the zoom level of the 'page', click on the new button to resize it due to the change.

  • How can I reduce the Zoom level to 500% on a tablet of RT?

    While in the blink of an eye an App, I sometimes put my office in the small window. To make the information in the visible window panes, I make the big impression. The last time, rather than increase the size of 400% in Internet Explorer, I maxed out in Control Panel, to see if she might improve things.

    Unfortunately, the software allows me to enter a Zoom level, which can not handle the display of the Control Panel on my tablet of RT. I can't find a way to reduce the desktop display 100%. That someone know a way to reduce the Zoom level in the Control Panel on a tablet of RT (after he has contributed the most to?) If you can give me the exact key features, or a shortcut, I'll probably be able to...

    It's really great to be able to monitor different Desktop/Internet applications at the same time, while I use another application in the larger window. I can't find another Tablet that comes close to doing. However, I need help to fix this bug. I DON'T want to reinstall the operating system. I really hope that I can avoid it.

    Thank you!

    PS. my tablet is not material which will be display on an external monitor port.

    Are you talking about the DPI setting in the control panel (example of photo here)?
    If so, you can adjust it in the registry.  It is stored under this key.  You could do a registry import file in Notepad, save it to your desktop RT and double-click on it to make the change.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

    Given that editing the registry is an advanced task, I will try to help you through the sequence of keys:
    1. On the screen of boot of PPP .  Select settings, and then choose the option "make text and other items more or less.
    2. When the window opens on the desktop, press Alt + S (for small/Normal size), and then press Alt + A to apply the change.  Press ENTER to confirm the change.
  • How to keep the input value after click on the back button being the ADF

    Hi expert,

    I have a case currently the adf:

    1. I put 'value' in the Label 1

    2. I click on the next button

    3. I click on the "back" button

    4. the 'value' went from 1 label.

    How to keep the 'value' of 1 tag after I click back, do you have any suggestions?

    Kind regards



    Where you store the value? Try to store it in a variable pageFlowScope or a property of the pageFlowScope bean.

    value = "#{pageFlowScope.testVar} '"

    value = "#{pageFlowScope.testBean.testVar} '"

    Kind regards


  • When I look at my pictures on library it loads and it is super grainy, as my iso was too high, but when I look on developing it seems. What is happening and how I keep good fixed when I get back to the library and export?

    When I look at my pictures on library it loads and it is super grainy, as my iso was too high, but when I look on developing it seems. What is happening and how I keep good fixed when I get back to the library and export?

    Please see: photos look grainy on library but not on developing

    soft blurry images / when you view in the library but strong in develop mode? Lightroom forums

    Kind regards


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