How to launch the faces

It's pretty basic, but I don't know how to throw faces in the Photo in order to tag people.

Faces is a photo album. You can access it from the view of Albums or select from the sidebar (turn it on in the view menu).

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  • How to activate the face recognition login


    Can someone tell me how to activate the face recognition login my computer instead of the normal password


    You can run these steps:

    1. register new account
    2. Enter the parameters click the logon tab
    3. turn on last automatic selection of titles
    4. you can also choose the first option in authentication mode
    5 restart your laptop
    6. in the laptop restarts, click on change user
    7. Select start Face recognition

    All that s!

    It's working now?

  • How to launch the wifi on a new computer Satellite L350?


    I have just bought a new Toshiba L350 this morning, but I do not know how to launch the Wi - Fi system?

    Thanks for your replies.


    Usually, you will be the WLan switch on IT and must use the FN + F8 key combination.
    This should allow the WLan.

    But just one question: why you n t read the user manual? My laptop has been preloaded with manual if the PDF file format

    Was easy to find all the details and inof

  • How to launch the adobe pdf printer

    How to launch the adobe pdf printer

    Hi tiffjonleigh10,

    Printer Adobe PDF is a virtual printer that behaves like a printer, but it does not explicitly launched.

    Please refer to the doc. the following KB using Acrobat | Using the Adobe PDF printer for any help.

    In case if you have still any query please let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Kind regards


  • How to launch the photoshop plug-ins in Lightroom?

    Do somebody know a way how to launch the plug-in Adobe Photoshop in Lightroom?

    Especially the case is interesting when there only Lightroom and it is not an installed copy of Photoshop.

    There are a few 3rd party favorite Photoshop plug-ins (some may be commercial) which I want to apply to a photo in Lightroom. But Photoshop is no longer used. And even are not installed. How is possible to use photoshop plug-ins in Lightroom?

    Would this work? Products of society AlphaPlugins. The software plug-ins, filters and special effects for graphic and video editors

  • How to activate the face recognition program

    * Original title: HOW can I turn ON



    Please follow the steps below and check if that helps.

    How to use facial recognition to a Toshiba laptop:

    a. click "Start", "facial recognition" in the search field located at the bottom of the men and press "OK" to launch the tool of management of Toshiba face recognition.

    b. click "save face." Before you begin, make sure that your environment is lit so that the image used for facial recognition is clear and easy to identify.

    c. click 'Next' to start the configuration of Toshiba face recognition.

    d. align the image of your face with the circle displayed on the configuration of Toshiba Face Recognition tool, then click on 'Next' to break the image.

    e. examine the image and click on "Finish" If the image is sufficient. Click 'Previous' to take the photo, if you find any issues with the photo.

    f. connect to your computer using facial recognition by click "Face Recognition", the log on screen. The webcam of Toshiba lights to verify that your face image and connect to your laptop.

    If you are having problems, I suggest you to contact Toshiba support for assistance.

    Let us know if it helps!

  • LR 6 - How ignore/delete the faces similar or suggested

    After indexing my LR catalog for person/face detection, I discovered a lot of 'faces' I wasn't interested. It is useful to know that these faces are actually sub areas of your image that look like faces and are called regions of the face, even if they are not really faces. Here's how you can ignore or delete those parts of the face unwanted.

    First, recognize that when you open the view of people (library > view > o people or press), you will see two different sections. At the top is the section named people who organized some faces with the names of the people you have already named. Below that is the section of people without name, with faces yet to be named.

    Allow me to guide you on the path of people named first, because although it seems obvious, you can't delete / ignore faces in that direction. Then, click on the image of the person named in the nominees section and you will see two new sections. At the top is the section, which includes the faces confirmed images that you have already confirmed to match the name of the person. Below, you will see the similar section, which includes the faces of people who seem similar to the faces you already named. LR provides a proposed name for each face, with a question mark in waiting of your choice.  Moving your cursor over the faces, you will see a check box appears in the lower left corner. Click on this to confirm that the proposed name is correct, if it is. You can also select several images by using the Shift or Ctrl click of mouse button and then click the checkbox to confirm all the. However, expect to see a lot of faces with fake name suggestions either or faces that you are not interested. I wanted to ignore or delete those faces of this process of suggestion of name in the future, so that I don't have to see again them. Unfortunately (and unfortunately), it is impossible here to click X to delete the region of the face, although it would be logical logic.

    The only way I could figure that out should engage in the way of people without name at the top level of the hierarchy. Return to this level by clicking on the < people a link above on the left. In the section of people without name (under the section named people), you will see a series of faces with suggested names, followed by the question mark. Moving your cursor over the faces, you'll see more choices that you did on the way to above named people. On the left is the same box allowing you to confirm the suggested name. On the right, you will see a circle with a diagonal line or an X. The choice of the circle allows you to choose No, "is not [suggested name]." This is not the same as deleting actually the area of the face. Click on the circle a second time, and the x. This X gives you the choice of "delete the face region.  And, as described above, it works to use the Shift or Ctrl mouse click key to deal with the many faces of this way.

    In any case, what I learned by trial and error. I hope it works for you. And it would be great if LR developers would add the choice of X in the named people > similar section.

    Hi March,.

    Thank you for the useful information.

    Kind regards


  • How to disable the face detection?

    Face detection makes Lightroom CC unusable! This is the worse POS I've ever seen! I'm on a Windows computer, 12 GB, core i7 920, 2.67 GHz, running 64-bit Windows 7. I left my computer running the face detection while I was out of town for a week. With nothing else running, LR is unusable for any purpose. I MUST turn off, but can't see how.


    See if this helps you:

    Go to Edition > catalog settings > metadata > uncheck - automatically detect faces in pictures.

    Ramesh T.

  • How to hide the face in Photos tags

    Sometimes the face tags can occluding an important part of a photo.

    I would like to temporarily hide the face tags, while browsing through the photos.

    Is this possible in Photos? (version 1.5, OSX 10.11.6)

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Sorry, I was too reckless. It is, of course, in View-> hide face names.

  • How to remove the face in a video?

    I have some video footage in my library and IPhoto detected face in the video but I can not remove or name it. Does anyone have a solution?

    What format is the file that iPhoto has found the face? There no this ability with the video.

  • How to launch the sms application?

    Hi everyone, I'm moving my app for sms and mms native app I use the following code:

    Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_MESSAGES, new MessageArguments());

    but he throws the messages app... is it possible to launch the sms app?

    Thanks for any help!

    Have you checked these arguments?

  • How to launch the built-in Webcam

    Hi all

    I got the ThinkPad X 201 with Windows XP on it. When I open my computer from the desktop, there is a Webcam icon. After that I clicked it, a webcam screen launched. I would have taken the photo to use it.

    After that I've improved this laptop used the DVD that Lenovo has sent to me, there is not anywhere I could run the webcam.

    Any suggestions and help is welcome.

    Thank you.

    Hello mate,

    You can launch the webcam by pressing Fn + F6. But there is no software in the Thinkpad to use it, you must install one like MSN or Skype.

  • How to launch the ms office software downloaded in mac air


    I am unable to launch / open MS office or MS word in mackbook air.

    I downloaded the software "excel" and "ms word" iTunes. After little hassle found in itunes under Myapps, but when I click on the file/app, nothing happens. Same thing for ms word.

    pls help... am new to mac. Using of "numbers a pain because cannot find the base like %, the option keys to follow the same format above cell or ctrl D etc aren't there."

    'Pages' has the ability to save in ms-word format, so download/sending files is always easy but could not find a similar option in 'Numbers' however.

    Pls help how do I launch or open excel. I tried to open the excel attachment, hoping that I will get an option to open in excel, but alas.


    Mac shortuts ARE the same, BUT use the command instead of control. You downloaded the iOS instead of the mac app application.

  • How to activate the face recognition of fast access to Web sites

    I have a Dell with Windows 7 and it can through the function of Fast Acess first face (I used it on only password function).  Does anyone know how to enable fast access (facial recognition) for Web sites?   Somehow I deleted by mistake!  I downloaded from the internet but it works only on the initial logon and not for every site "favourties.  Thank you!

    Sorry, the best source for this information would be Dell.  Have you tried the Dell support web site?

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