How to locate the values returned by the data adapter

I have a need to internationalise/locate a string which our data adapter returns to the web client to fill out things like the table of inventory for our type of object.

In other words, I would need to make the location in my Java code on the service side.

But what I do not know how to do is how do I know what locale, the answer must be returned for.  I don't get the locale information in the query for the data.


Looks like I found my answer: I can get information from the UserSession returned by the UserSessionService.

One thing I discovered, is that the user must connect to the web client with the regional settings in place.  If you change the value of & local once the user is connected, the new value takes effect.  You will need to sign out and then sign back in.

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    When a block is requested, Essbase searches the data for the block cache. If Essbase is the block in the cache, it is immediately accessible. If the block is not found in the cache, Essbase in the index for the appropriate block number and then uses the index of the block entry to retrieve from the data on the disk file. Retrieve a block requested in the data cache is faster and therefore improves performance.

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    Hope that respond you to the.

    Atul K

  • How to get the Date, month, year of the DateTimePicker

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    dateTimePicker.value return a QDateTime not a string.

    See more:

    You can get

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    month =
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    dateYYYYMMDD2 ="YYYY/MM/DD")
    dateYYYYMMDD3 = dateTimePicker.value.toString("YYYY/MM/DD")
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    Hi Jasonbichard,

    1. what type of drive is D? Is - this another partition on the same disk?

    2 Windows operating system you are using?

    You can change the location of the disk to save the data in the d: instead of C: and check if it helps.

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  • Multiple column trees: how to access the data in columns? There is a bug?


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    However, when I want to read the data, I use ActiveCelltring, meaning that a SINGLE string and not a string table oO (so I only have the value of the first column and never others.

    So, I can do what I want? Is this a bug?

    Thank you very much


    OK, I have the solution.

    We play with the ActiveColumnNumber attribute, to read the values of different...

    I left the message, it may be useful for later someboby


  • How to add the date felxfiled in OFA

    How to add the date felxfiled in OFA

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    Allocate FND_STANDARD_DATE segment value your FDF everywhere where you want to see the calendar on the page of the OFA.

    Let me know if you need more help on this.

    Kind regards


  • How to divide the Dates

    Hi all...

    Here, I use the following scripts...

    create table a10 (eno number, date f, date t, number of sal)


    1, TO_Date (1 July 2013 12:00:00 AM ',' DD/MM/YYYY HH: mi: SS AM'), TO_Date (June 30, 2014 12:00 ',' DD/MM/YYYY HH: mi: SS AM')



    1, TO_Date (May 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM ',' DD/MM/YYYY HH: mi: SS AM'), TO_Date (April 30, 2014 12:00 ',' DD/MM/YYYY HH: mi: SS AM')




    ENO      F             T                SAL

    07/01/2013 2014/06/30 100 1

    1 05/01/2013 30/04/2014 200

    Expected results:


    1 05/01/2013 2013/06/30 200

    1 30/04/2014 300 07/01/2013

    1 05/01/2014 2014/06/30 100

    I'm little bit confused how to divide the dates here... Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you all



    Always tell what version of Oracle you are using, especially if it's so old.

    In Oracle 10 (or 9, by the way) you can do this way:

    WITH cntr AS



    OF the double



    got_change_date AS


    SELECT d.eno


    WHEN 1 THEN f

    ANOTHER t + 1

    END AS change_date


    WHEN 1 THEN 1


    END as mul


    BY a10 d

    CROSS JOIN cntr c

    -WHERE... - If you need any filtering, put it here


    got_total_sal AS


    SELECT eno

    change_date f

    Advance (change_date) OVER (PARTITION BY eno

    ORDER BY change_date

    ) - 1 AS t

    SUM (sal * mul) over (PARTITION BY eno

    ORDER BY change_date

    ) AS total_sal

    OF got_change_date


    SELECT *.

    OF got_total_sal


    ORDER BY eno, f


  • How to access the data of all users of a page?

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    I'm creating an application, similar to a library application, where I have a table that stores information of books (BOOK_ID, BOOK_NAME, etc.). I would like to create another BOOK_USER table with two columns BOOK_ID and USER_ID. BOOK_ID refers to the BOOKS table and I want to USER_ID to refer to the table that stores the information of the users of the workspace I use. Data entry would be a page that has two LOVs, one for the name of book (using BOOK_ID as value) and another for the user name (USER_ID, or another field APEX uses to store the ID of the user). I can do in APEX? I found ways to access and authenticate a user to a page, but how to get the data of all users in the workspace? In other words, how to get all the usernames in a LOV?

    As I am new to APEX, I would appreciate if anyone can guide me through the steps, or posting links to the tutorial, etc.

    I think you can do this by querying APEX_WORKSPACE_GROUP_USERS.

  • How to display the data items in the header of tempalte

    Hello friends
    I have this date_from and date date_to parameters which are parameters that the user enters...
    based on these parameters of date, I want to display in the header as
    date_from day (for example if the date_from is 13 - nov - 2010.then I should see 13) and date_to to display as 15, if for example the user enters
    November 16, 2010. (day of the date-1)
    so it should break down for
    date_from-13-nov-2010, 13
    date_to-16-nov-2010, 15
    I want these two values to display in the header of the template how
    pls help
    also let me know how to display the data items in the header template

    Published by: Les on Dec 22, 2010 12:44 AM

    Use and

  • How to display the Date Predefault time

    Hi friends,

    How to display the date in the field to date through sctipting by default I have a requirementy to display the date field as the next day's date with timestamp from 09:00 (15/02/2010-09:00) data type as the field & column is UTC_datetime.please help I get.

    Siebel bee

    Take a look at the function today(), TimeStamp() and ToChar()

    You should be able todo with something similar to this:

    Expr: "ToChar (TimeStamp (), 'MM') + ' / ' + ToChar (TimeStamp (), 'DD') + ' / ' + ToChar (TimeStamp (), 'YYYY') + ' ' + ToChar (TimeStamp (+(1/24), 'HH')) + ': 00:00.

    as a value before failure.

  • How to search the data in special characters

    Hi all

    How to recover the data, if it has some special characters.

    examples of data
                           NO                Name
                             1                 J-O-H-N
                              2                 J*O*H*N
                              3                  JOHN BOSCO
                             4                  JOHN   K
    It's like this. If I pass JOHN as keyword query should return all rows. I'm using the version of oracle 10g. Please let me know how to achieve this.

    Kind regards

    You can also use TRANSLATE to get rid of the unwanted characters:

    SQL> with samples as (select 'J-O-H-N' c from dual union all
      2                   select 'J*O*H*N' c from dual union all
      3                   select 'J!O!H!N' c from dual union all
      4                   select 'JOHN BOSCO' c from dual union all
      5                   select 'JOHN   K' c from dual
      6                  )
      7  select *
      8  from   samples
      9  where  upper(translate(c, 'X-*','X')) like '%JOHN%';
    JOHN   K

    Note that I added a line to your test data which failed the test voluntarily.

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  • How to set the date and time on my HP Officejet pro 8600 more?

    How to set the date and time on my HP officejet pro 8600 more?  It just on a printed journal Jan-oo-oo fax shows 00:00 AM.  There are no instructions on how to change this.  I need proof that I sent a fax to a certain date and time.  Help, please.  Thank you


    Below are the steps to set the Date and time for your device:

    1. On the Control Panel, press the right arrow key ( ), press Setup ( ).

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