How to make a link inside an application


Under the default browser and chrome, you can link directly within an application using URLS special intention. For example:

< a href = "myapp: / / / some / data" > open this page in my application < /a >

This does not work on Firefox. Just Firefox or any implementation calendar will allow the url bar app button? (

Looks like they are working on it, he's waiting for a review at the present time. I added this thread for bug-tracking purposes. Please do not comment on bugs or see the label.

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    I use jdev and ADF.

    I need navigate from one application to another application. for ex - a table has a column is show link. By clicking on the test id it should to go to another jspx. page in another application,
    I'm new to ADF.please help and give a suggestion how this can be realized.

    Please answer

    Paste the url of the page you want to see in the action golink property...

    In case you have two applications with security as login and session, sorry that can't be done. Go to the login page of the destination application.

    Published by: Rohit Hoon on April 23, 2009 02:08

  • How to make a database for an application

    How to make a database for an application. I can create it outside somewhere in my computer and then copy it into the current folder? or is there a standard way?

    Yes you can do it outside if you wish, two programs I've used SQLite Browser and sqlitestudio two do work but sqlitestudio has more features and is the one I now use exclusively.

    There are many others, however, simply search for sqlite application in google.

  • How to make a link to send to my website for an elegant form fillable and electronic for several signing sessions and downloads from our Web site?

    How to make a link to send to my website for an elegant form fillable and electronic for several signing sessions and downloads from our Web site?

    Hi stacey1246,

    You can create an interactive PDF form & publish it on your website interactive Edition PDF web forms. Use the same to collect data of forms using Adobe Acrobat and form on the web.

    Kind regards

  • How to make a link to open it in another window?

    How to make a link to open it in another window? I ticked the box in the hyperlink box, but nothing happens when I click on the link in the preview. The link works when I uncheck the box, but I want to open it in a separate window.


    The link may not work in preview (when the option to open the link in a new tab is checked) however this will work if you do a file > preview page/site in the browser.

    Overview of Muse has only a single tab and impossible to open a tab/window, this is why this feature doesn't work in preview of Muse. but works in preview in the browser and in the published site.

    Kind regards

  • How to make a link in the scene as an anchor?

    How to make a link in the scene as an anchor?

    I mean, for example, create a button with a link to go to the top or the bottom or other parts of the page. Thank you

    In the same example I have on this page illustrates this functionaility


  • How to make a link in textflow that send parameters to a function?

    How to make a link in textflow that send parameters to a function?

    In the examples included with the weekly builds, there is an example of  Passing parameters would be in the CustomClickHandler function.  You can set the parameters to the LinkElement that user using the setStyle API styles.

    Hope that helps,


  • How to make the link open an attached PDF?

    I see in the 'Link properties' and 'Actions' that there is an option "open a file"; but when I select this option and click on 'Add' - I'm not had the opportunity to make a link to the other PDF file that is already attached to the PDF file I'm trying.

    I know it can be done, do not see how this time.

    Thank you.

    Open the Attachments pane so that you can see the PDF (s) attached.

    The tool using Acrobat links set the annotation to link (the 'box' you create) on the string of text of interest.

    In the dialog box to create a link, use "go to a page view.

    Click "next".

    The dialog box "Create go to View" shows.

    Leave it for now.

    Go to the Attachments pane open. Select the desired PDF file. Right click and select "open the attachment.

    Back to Go to View 'create '. Now click on "define the link."


    The dialog box "Create go to View" deletes itself.

    You now see the PDF that has the PDF (s) attached.

    Note that the PDF file to which you are connected is also always open.

    This will be the case for every attached PDF link you to.

    Thus, as part of the cleanup.

    Do a save as for the PDF with PDF files attached.

    Close the other PDF files.


    Good to know.

    The default value for the link will open the target PDF attached by closing the "source" PDF file that contains the PDF (s) attached.

    You can change each 'source' PDF link to set up "open in"

    --| User preferences window

    --| New window

    --| Existing window

    Open the properties of a link. Select the Actions tab, click the button Edit is under stocks 'window '.

    Be well...

  • How to make downloadable links in Adobe Muse

    I'm new to the Web design and try to figure out how to do downloadable links for some brochures PDF, PSD templates that I have created.   Not sure if 'download links' is the correct term for what I'm trying to say, but in a nutshell, I create Business flyer in format PDF and templates PSD Photoshop that I wish I could have my users click on a link that allows them to download them right on their desktop.  Any help would be really appreciated!

    1. in the muse go to file > add files to download...

    2. navigate to your files/file, select it and choose open

    3. create a link

    4. in the drop-down list of links now there is a "Files" area with your downloaded files quie

  • How to make a link in Flash ActionScript 2.0

    Trying to figure out how to add a link that opens in a new window using Script of Action for something to work.  Barely used Flash so I'm completely lost.  Our people at work gave me a file with a blue box that is in its own layer, but I don't understand where to put the link.  I know I have to use Action Script 2.0 and go to the actions palette.  After that, I'm lost! Help!

    If clicking on the blue box is supposed to open this link, right click in the blue box, click on convert to symbol, tick movieclip and click ok.  in the properties panel, assign an instance name (say blueboxMC).  Click on an empty part of the scene and in the dough of the Panel shares:

    {blueboxMC.onRelease = function ()}

    getURL ("", "_blank");


    Download your swf, html and ac_fl_runcontent.js files published on your server and test.

  • How to make a link open in a different frame in RH 7?

    Hello! In RoboHelp 7, I do a prototype for my group to work using framesets. We want a navigation on the left side of each topic pane. I learned how to create framesets and set the left and right images to different topics. I can't find anywhere for information on how to do something. One, how I put the links in the left navigation bar to open in (main) right? Sounds like a simple thing, but I can't figure out how. Also, is it true that one can see the code for frameset? I can't find a way to do it, either. Thanks for all help!


    When you created your set of frames probably give each image a name. This part is very important and I'm not sure that RoboHelp even you would create frameset without naming each image.

    So when you create your links, you target the framework by clicking on the menu drop down and choosing the name of frame.

    Click on the image below to enlarge possible

    See you soon... Rick

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  • How to make a link on the Pop Down Navigation

    I want to make a link in my navigation bar that appears down when you move the mouse over it. Could someone help me? Or could one tell me what as its official name for a link as is.

    Thank you

    These can help:
    Like this:

    tutorial here:

    Adobe® Expert community: Dreamweaver
    Tutorials | SEO | Templates
    Tutorials CSS for Dreamweaver

    "Conan the charlatan" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Thanks for the help.
    > I'm looking to do a pop-up menu like those on this web site. When
    > you
    > pass the mouse on one of the links in the navigation bar to the top
    > top. (solutions,
    (> products, supported ect...)
    > Thanks again.

  • How to make a link between folios in a multi-folio application?

    I have several folios in my application. My goal is to connect between folios. "You use it" navto: / / "feature?

    In iOS apps, you can use the custom URL scheme to post a link between folios. It works well for free folios but not as well for retail sale slips.

    See DPS tips > advanced overlays > advanced linking.

    DPS tips tip overlays: Advanced linking

  • How to redirect a link from one application to another


    I need to know if the procedure I use to make a response.sendRedirect is the best / most efficient. I use 11g

    1. I have two JSF ADF applications deployed on a BC4J 11 g application server.
    Both applications are named App1 and App2 in the application (AS) Server

    App1 has a /app1 context path
    App2 has a /app2 context path

    I need to go to App2 of App 1 from a golink

    I keys to access a link and destination = "/ app2/faces/pages/home" / >

    and it redirects to this link as
    overload/app1/app2/faces/pages/home? env = Prod "/ >"

    In fact, I want that it redirects to the second application and run it

    What I m hurt if I need hardcord this value here

    Or is it possible to othe I can do.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you

    If you do not specify the full url of the link always assumes that you bind to the same application.
    Specify the full url or use a method of bean who returns only the current server and port that you can build the final url using EL.


    Published by: Timo Hahn on 30.05.2013 23:21
    For an example on how to do this check

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    We would like for him to have his own account (linked to our under family settings) but if we create that and connect to the iPod with it will be the apps all disappear?

    In fact, there is less of a problem concerning the applications themselves (most could be obtained under family sharing) but the associated data - game progress, pictures taken etc.

    Here are some steps we can take to save this kind of thing and then get the iPod back about how he is now just under his account of 'nine '?

    Thank you for the pointers.

    Maybe yo can do this: one-to-a-new-ipad

    It is not easy.

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