How to make a transparent background in PNG file

I would like to make a PNG image with transparent background rather than the white background. See this link for the image:

I have a very old program Photoshop Photoshop 7.

I tried clicking on save for Web and selecting PNG-24 format and check the transparent box, but it did not work.


Try something like the following:

(click on the screenshots below for more great views)

1. Select the magic wand and put the same settings in the toolbar options as shown below.

Click on the white area outside the yellow circle with the magic wand tool.

2. go select > modify > Expand, and enter 1

3. go in Edition > cut

4. go in Image > Trim and tick transparent Pixels

5. go to file > save for Web and choose the verified with transparent PNG-24 format

Tags: Photoshop

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