How to make a version of Adobe Reader for an IPod touch with IOS 6.1.6

There is no option to upgrade IOS version 7 or beyond.  Current AppStore wants IOS 7 or better to download on my IPod.

Thanks for your help.


Did you never properly installed an older version (not the latest version) of the Adobe Reader software for iOS on iPod Touch using your ID before Apple?  If you have never installed Adobe Reader using the particular Apple ID, he can explain why you get the dialog box with the OK button (i.e. no download button).

Here's what you can do to experience.  (I don't know if it would work.  "But it's worth a try).

  1. On your iPod Touch, check the Apple ID you use for the App Store (settings > iTunes & App Store).
  2. On your computer, Windows or Mac, open iTunes.
  3. Connect to iTunes using the same Apple ID you use for your iPod Touch.
  4. Find Adobe Reader and download it to your computer.  Do not try to install it on your iPod Touch because the latest version is not compatible with your iPod Touch in any case.  Now, Adobe Reader is associated with your Apple ID.  It is important step to be able to download a compatible version on your iPod Touch more later.
  5. Return to your iPod Touch and repeat the steps described in my answer #1.

Looks like you already tried iTunes on your computer.  Please go back to your iPod Touch and try to install Adobe Reader using the same Apple ID again.

I hope this works.

Here's the documentation from Apple that I found.

Install the latest compatible version of an application on an earlier version of iOS or OS X - Apple support

If a compatible version is not available, you can try to contact the developer of the app. You are looking for contact information on the product page of the app in the App Store or the Mac App Store.

The documentation itself is not very useful.  But I can confirm that we offer Adobe Reader for iOS version 11.0.1, which is compatible with the iOS 5 in the App Store.

You can also ask your question to Apple Support communities.

Welcome | Apple support communities

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