You can try this: -.

Start-> Control Panel-> display
From there, you can select medium or large. This will be the size of everything on the screen.

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  • where can I get additional icons for my files and folders in xp

    I need additional icons for my files and folders on windows xp is there a site where I can download for free and instantly put them in the folder icon

    Hi Robert,.

    I see that you want additional icons for files and folders in xp. I'll help you with this problem.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. what security software is installed on the computer?

    3. what icons are you looking for?

    I suggest using your favorite search engine and look for all Web sites for free icons. You can download the icons based on the category and the icon you want. If you have downloaded a package of any icon, click on the downloaded zip file. The file will unpack once you click on it and reveal the subfolders as 'PNG' "ICO" or "Readme." Click the folder for the ICO to reveal the different icons in the package. Click on one of the icons to see what it looks like.

    To make a shortcut to a folder and change the look of the shortcut icon:

    1 - Open my computer and locate the folder you want.

    2-click right on the folder and then click create a shortcut. If you are prompted to place the shortcut on the desktop, click Yes.

    3-click right on the shortcut you created, click Properties, and then click change icon.

    4 - Click on the picture of the icon you want the shortcut to use, click OK, and then click OK.

    Let us know if you need assistance with any windows problem. We will be happy to help you.

  • Remove the lock on all files and folders...?

    There has been a lot of questions on how to remove locks on folders and files on Windows 7. Those I've read on this site worked and the lock can be removed easily.

    ... However, you cannot do a folder/file at once. I have a lot of items on my desk, and more than half of them have these locks on them. How I removed the locks on all files and folders on my user account. There are only 2 accounts on the computer. Mine and another person. Mine is set to the administrator account, the other is just a standard user. I started by ignoring the locks for months, then I tried to get rid of them by myself, and frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing. Please, I beg you. If you know of a way, share it!

    If the locks would not constitute an obstacle to operations, why bother?

    And BTW, it; s no need AT ALL to run as an administrator on a daily basis in Windows 7. Forget everything THAT you have learned about XP - Win 7 is much more advanced.

    You realize that the built-in Administyrator account is disabled by default, and if it is possible for him, that may be beyond what you're comfortable with?

    Create another Admin account, call the Admin or Tech or similar and give it a password. Let this accouynt for the elevation of access and privilege of emergency and activate your account for daily use in a Standard user account. Your computer will be safer that way.

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  • How can I search for all files not containing a speific (_) character in a folder in Windows 7?

    How can I search in Windows 7 for all files not containing a speific (_) character in the file?

    I have two files with about 50 000 files in each folder.  There are many copies of the same file (only one folder contains photos, the other file has data files.  In the two files copies have the same name as the original file, for example IMG01, but identified for example IMG01_1, IMG01_2, etc..)

    I would like to find all files that DO NOT have a _ in them.  Can I do this?  How?

    Or I have to search for all files that have a _ by searching for * _ *?  Delete these files?

    I tried, but program trotted for 2 hours.  Just take a while?

    I thought that if I could search only files without the _ it would be more effective.

    Less than 20% of the files in each folder have not a _ in them.

    You should be able to use a? or * to replace a number of characters that are either unique or variable.  * book would find both book and facebook, or? ook would only book.

    Anyway, there's probably not a way to identify the files corrupted by a search.

  • How set permissions so I have access to all files and folders on my pc?

    I'm the only person using the computer, so I want to access all of the files and folders without changing the security setting in each case. How can I do this?

    The folder "C:\Documents and Settings\All users" is actually a symbolic link that was created when you upgraded from an earlier version of Windows (that would be a good thing to mention in the original post). You'll find its files here:

  • All files and folders show hidden after virus corrupted hard drive XP

    I recently got a virus on my laptop which made all the files and folders hidden and says that my hard drive is damaged. I managed to get rid of the virus, but all my files are always hidden. I went to my computer and made sure all the hidden files are visible. This fixed the problem a bit. My main problem now is that all my files and folders are slightly transparent. It's a more of a nuisance than a real problem. I downloaded a program that would allow me to change each file in groups, but it would take an extremely long time to go by a record throughout my entire computer. I was wondering if there is any means possible to put all my files and folders hidden not Hidden to get rid of their transparency.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    See this:

  • How can I search for all files that begin with "~" with a tilde

    With Windows XP, it's simple. I would like to do a search for "~ *.» ' * ' and I want to find all files that began with a tilde. That no longer works. My computer is full of unnecessary files that I want to delete and they are not getting cleaned by the utilities that I have. Thank you

    If you actually surround the search term ~ *. * with quotes "~ *.» ' * ' it should work here.


  • How to make buttons for play next and previous symbol (like a slideswho but with symbols)?


    Acutally I wonder how can I make two buttons (such as arrows) to navigate throw next and previous symbols? I have buttons for each symbols but I would have just two buttons to say 'play the following symbols' and 'play the previous symbols' this will really help me!

    Thanks for your help and sorry for my English

    Valentine's day

    Place this code in compostionReady

    {sym.$('bntNext'). Click (Function ()})

    var = sym.getVariable ("current") courses;

    i ++ ;

    If (current! = "") {}

    sym.getSymbol (current) ("out") .play;

    sym.getSymbol(mySymbol[i]).play ("in");


    else {}

    sym.getSymbol("green").play ("shortIn");


    sym.setVariable ("current", mySymbol [i]);


    {sym.$('bntPrev'). Click (Function ()})

    var = sym.getVariable ("current") courses;

    i-- ;

    If (current! = "") {}

    sym.getSymbol (current) ("out") .play;

    sym.getSymbol(mySymbol[i]).play ("in");


    else {}

    sym.getSymbol("green").play ("shortIn");


    sym.setVariable ("current", mySymbol [i]);


  • How can I search for ALL photos on my hard drive, windows 8?

    I had windows xp and all I had to do was to go to research and select the photos and ALL photos on my computer would come. How can I do this with windows 8?

    If you open your hard drive in the file Explorer, you can use the wildcard character * to search for something as *.jpg to find all JPEG images.  Doing this would look like with that by typing in the search box:

    But you can find all the images, even if they are other types (.bmp or .png or .gif).  To do this, use the search toolbar that appears at the top.  Use the type menu and tell him you want to search for all images.  It is quite similar to XP, except you get more choice.

  • How can I find several duplicate files and remove the using Windows Explorer

    Somehow I see several duplicate on my computer files.  I can tell when they arrived as all the duplicate files ' _10-Mar-15_1. ' " However, I don't know how they arrived.  I think that Google Drive was the culprit, but I can't be sure.

    How we (me) use Windows Explorer to find all files with "_10-Mar-15_1." and delete them all?

    I am using Windows 7 64 bit

    Thank you!!!

    Windows Explorer can do no such thing. To remove recursively a certain file is easy - see below. To identify duplicates and remove some of them is much more difficult, because:

    • Are two files duplicates because
      -They have the same name?
      -They are the same size?
      -They have the same file date?
      -They have the same content?
      -Everything above?
    • When they are, which ones should be deleted?
      -The oldest?
      -The most recent?
      -The batch?

    Here's how to remove a certain file to recursively. Assume that they are in the folder "C:\Users\BHunter\Documents".

    1. Click the start planet.
    2. Type cmd. exe and press ENTER.
    3. Enter the following command and press ENTER:
      dir/s/b/p 'C:\Users\BHunter\Documents\_10-Mar-15_1 '.
      This will show you all the files whose name above.
    4. del /s /q "C:\Users\BHunter\Documents\_10-Mar-15_1."
      This will permanently delete all files with the name above. You cannot restore them.
  • files and folders in the windows.old folder missing

    Recently, I updated my windows 8. (a day and a half)

    Today I was moving the content in the folder windows.old to the other locations, (4 ~ 5 h ago)

    Suddenly, after the computer has restarted, the content in the windows.old folder disappeared except for users and windows folders.

    I copy the files from windows.old/Program files and I don't know that I do not delete the folder by myself.

    I read previous posting on similar problems, but that's because they kept their too long files or their disk space was not enough.

    But I have enough space in my C drive and just refreshed 1 ~ 2 days ago.

    I did not drive or any cleaning that is.

    It is unreasonable to a system to remove the backup files after a few days without noticing.

    Please let me know how to solve this problem and to recover these files.

    There are a lot of files in the previous program files, I need to recover the precious.

    Hi Junwhan,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I can understand the importance of data could be in the Windows.old folder and we regret the inconvenience.

    Yes, Windows 8 has a new timer feature which will automatically delete Windows.old files after a period of 4 weeks since the upgrade. The idea is to avoid the waste of space giving you plenty of time to get what you need out of the folder and delete those that sit for months or even years.

    Since it's just been 1-2 days of update process, you can activate the "hidden objects" to see if the Windows.old files appear.

    As you open the file Explorer, click view and check the hidden items

    In addition, if you use third-party antivirus program control the log of activities see if there is any action taken at the time where the files have disappeared.  Most of the antivirus program automatically deletes the default files. You can change these settings, however, it is not recommended.

    If you use the default, Windows Defender (WD) on Windows 8.1 then WD has real-time analysis allow by default. Refer to this link:

    Check the history of Windows Defender:

    1. Type of user interface modern Windows defender.

    2. Click Windows Defender.

    3. Click the history tab, and then click Details.

    4. Check Date and time if you find any virus.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • How to make icons for Web site to my favorites?

    Some of my favorites (a little) have an icon next to the name, others have a blank square. All my favorite websites have icons. I want the icons as well as the name of the site, but do not seem to be able to get them. I added an interview ' add on ' Firefox as suggested. Icons do not fill after restarting Firefox...?

    Open a bookmark without icon.

    The tab at the top of the page look like tab 1 or 2 of the image?

  • I am looking for a document that will be put on one of the many HARD drives that have been removed from Windows 7 Pro PC at the end of each year. I need a great indexing/ocr engine to search all files and FOLDERS.  Adobe has this feature?

    Help please. If Adobe doesn't do what I need, can you suggest other ways of 'power search', all old HHD to a few documents required as soon as possible?  TKS Tom

    This question has not been answered.  Support of a person was incorrect, I still need help, thank you, Tom

  • How to make the default "All Files" value in the "" Save as "box?"


    Under Windows, the combination of keys short to save all = Ctrl + Shift + A

    Is that what you mean?

    Nancy O.

  • How can I get full control of all of my files and folders

    I really hate this version of Windows. but in any case, I would like to take full control of 'All files and folders on my computer' for access at any time without having to ask permission whenever I want to access. I installed a few programs I want to delete but I can't

    because he says I don't have permission. and when I try to take control of it that I can't, it said access denied or error you can't take control of this file.
    I have 2 computers with windows 7 Home premium 64-bit, and they are both worthless because I can't access any of my own OS files or
    Save a photo then I comes to him, I tried this authorization Busters works from time to time, but its a tile so that I have to do this every time, but it usually says I don't have permission to Board approval. It's the only hostile most Microsoft OS user has ever done
    I was told there was a command, you can enter in the command line that will remove all these lock.s of permission but it is said to do a right-click on the command prompt and then select Administrator, but it's not here, on my command prompt. If someone could tell me how to open the prompt as an administrator who would also be very useful.
    Thank you for helping me with this.

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for keeping us posted.

    I wish that you copy and paste the commands in administrator mode-

    TAKEOWN /F the type in the path of the folder that you want to take access>


    ICACLS type in the path of the folder that you want to take access> grant administrators: F /

    Back to us for any issues related to Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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