How to make new bookmarks appear at the end of the toolbar of bookmarks instead of beginning?

I drag the bookmarks toolbar to add the tabs. They appear at the end, but now they appear at the beginning. I can't find a setting to change it back. I tried an add-on called spacious bookmarks, but who did the same thing and does not have a setting to change also.

The tab bookmark must be placed at the point where you drop it on the toolbar of bookmarks.

Do you at least see the selection arrows when you are between two bookmarks?

You can drag a link or tab or the globe/lock (the Site identity button) on the bookmark star or 'Show your bookmarks' move the bookmark button to open the drop-down list in the position where you want.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

  • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox, Tools/menu key > Modules > appearance
  • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

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    Make sure the bookmarks toolbar is visible and "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are always placed on the bookmarks toolbar.

    If the menu bar is hidden, then press F10, or press and hold the ALT key, which should make the "menu bar" appear.

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible: "view > toolbars".

    • Open the Customize via "view > toolbars > customize" or "Firefox > Options > toolbars" (Linux, Windows)
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    The Status4Evar extension restores 3 functions of the status bar at the helm of the add-on.

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    There is a star as the button next to the search bar on the Navigation toolbar to bookmark the current web page and a "Show bookmarks" button next to it to open bookmarks in a menu drop-down.

    You can find "Show all bookmarks" to open the Manager of bookmarks (library) at the top of the drop-down list.

    If you bookmark a page and then 'Bookmark this Page' in the bookmarks menu as well as the ToolTip changes star in "Edit this bookmark", and the star is highlighted in blue.

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    Create your text as symbols of MovieClip and then assign them headphones for the MOUSE_OVER events.

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    Hi, you can try the add-on Open bookmarks in a new tab .

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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    You can do this by using an add-on such as:

    Another way to open the home page in a new tab is in the Middle, click the home button in the navigation toolbar.

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    The Send button will not be activated unless the message can be sent. Are you sure that you have entered a recipient and the account is online?

    The connection doctor (window menu) displays errors.

  • How to make new tags and color change it

    I would like to make new tags and change the color on the new tags, so I have a different color can you please help and tell me how it is done

    It is what explains how new, but you can use these 7 colors.

    OS X: Tags helps you organize your files - Apple Support

  • new url appears in the address bar when you click on a link

    There is a particular question, that I just noticed. Since upgrading to FF v4.0 RC1, it seems every time I click on a link in a Web page or in a google search (even open a bookmark link), when the new page opens, the url of the new page does not appear in the address bar. Instead, the url of the previous page still shows in the address bar.
    If anyone else has noticed this?

    Please click the button of resolved next to the answer that solved your problem of Firefox support, when you are connected.

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    I use Windows Vista Home Premium on a laptop Gateway.

    I also found the answer!
    As said above Nimbostratus, but here's another way to do the same.

    OPEN your contacts folder

    In the left column of the screen, you should see your CONTACTS folder. Right click on it.
    Who should bring up the menu drop down and then click on PROPERTIES.

    One of the tabs is called CUSTOMIZE. Click on this

    The first line says: "what kind of folder do you want?
    I bet you anything that he does not say CONTACTS just below that!
    Change it to CONTACTS and all your problems 'create a new contact group' are now solved...

  • My Thunderbird page is screwed - there is no address book that appears in the toolbar, and I do not see a ' writing: tab - right message - how to restore.

    My Thunderbird page is screwed - there is no address book that appears in the toolbar, and I do not see a tab 'write' - just 'message' how can I restore back to normal?

    Would so much appreciate help... frustrating.

    This is the Contact Sidebar in the entry window. Press F9 when in the write window to enable or disable.
    Or you can also access it from the view menu in the window of writing.
    Sidebar view-presentation-Contact

    Another clue. If something is missing in any look of window on the View Menu. This is how you configure the view you want.

  • How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    How to stop messages that appear on the screen locked when they arrive?

    Settings > Notifications > Messages > turn off display on the lock screen. -AJ

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