How to make the homepage to appear when opening new tab

Under Firefox 40.x whenever I opened a new tab, my home page appeared. When I upgraded to 41.0, opening a new tab displays the suggested sites. How do I have my home page appear whenever I open a new tab?

41 of Firefox is no longer uses the browser.newtab.url setting in about: config because he was constantly attacked by malware. From 41 of Firefox, you need an add-on to change the new tab page.

Here are a few options (I'm learning more all the time):

  • If you are already using Classic theme restaurant: There is an option somewhere (!) in his dialogues of the parameters to select another page in the new tab.

Setting up substitute again tab

After installing this extension, you must use the Options page to set the new desired tab page (instead of use subject: config).

Open the page modules using either:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + a (Mac: Cmd + shift + a)
  • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

In the left column, click Extensions. Then on the side right, find the new tab override and click the Options button. (See first screenshot attached).

Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to scroll down to enter the address in the form. (See second screenshot attached). For example:

  • (Default) page thumbnails = > subject: newtab
  • Blank tab = > subject: empty
  • Built-in Firefox homepage = > topic: welcome
  • Any other page = > full URL of the page

Then tab or click this form field and you can test using Ctrl + t.


Once you have set it as you wish, you can close the Add-ons page (or use the back button to return to the list of Extensions of this Options page).

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  • Is there a way to make the results of the search bar appear in a new tab (and not in the current tab)?

    I'm new to Firefox, but experience a great improvement on IE. I find it heavy to have to open a new front tab - I use the search bar... I would largely prefer a similar option to 'search results appear in a new tab.

    Thanks for the help!

    Edit: I found it.

    This preference can be changed by typing about: config

    (1) type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter (click the button promising to be careful and please be careful!)

    (2) in the filter box, type or paste the Search and pause until the preferences are filtered

    (3) double-click to change for real. You're done, you can close all: config now.

    -Previous text-

    You are a person of keyboard or mouse?

    Using the keyboard after you type your query, hold down the Alt key while pressing ENTER to open search results in a new tab. This also works in the address bar: when you type the name of a new site, hold the Alt key when you press ENTER to open this site in a new tab.

    Using the mouse, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

    Is there a way to always open in a new tab without having search results to use the Alt or Ctrl key? Hmmm, perhaps, I have not studied that.

  • Home page of Firefox loads when opening new tabs


    When I open a new tab (add) in Firefox, the new tab automatically load my start (home) page. He is an annoying "feature" when I open the page to insert an address because the address of the start page is present, resulting in the need to remove it from the address bar. This was not the case in previous versions of Firefox. Is there a setting to fix this? In other words, I'd like to open a 'blank' page when opening a tab, but I don't want a blank page appears at startup.

    Thank you.


    These are actually separate settings internally, unless you use an add-on to replace.

    Here's how you can change your new tab page:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste newtab and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference browser.newtab.url and enter your favorite page:

    • (Default) page thumbnails = > subject: newtab
    • Blank tab = > subject: empty
    • Built-in Firefox homepage = > topic: welcome
    • Any other page = > full URL of the page

    Press Ctrl + t to open a new tab and check that it worked. Fixed?

    If the problems persist, some potential diagnoses and remedies:

    If Firefox will not let you change this setting: you can have what is called SearchProtect on your system. This must be removed the control panel.

    Firefox if allows you to save your changes, but he doesn't know: one of your extensions may be the substitution of her. You can consult, disable and/or remove extensions on page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then, take a critical look on the list on the right and turn off (or remove) something unknown.

    If the modification works during your session, but during the next startup is return to the unwanted page: you could have a user.js file in your personal settings Firefox (your Firefox profile folder). This article describes how to track down and delete the file: How to fix preferences that will not save.

    A little luck?

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    When I right click on a bookmark, then go to properties, the bar is also a long time I have to go back to have everything on the screen and see all the information. I'm not sure of the technical name for this information bar. How can I make it shorter? Windows 7, Firefox 20.0.1

    Someone posted this trick a few months ago.

    When the dialog box is open, press Alt + space. The command window menu should drag it from the left upper corner of the Properties dialog box. Click size, and then press the right arrow once (to select move the right side of the box), and then press and hold the left arrow key for Windows reduces the size of the dialog box. When it reaches the desired size, you can press ENTER to complete the resizing.

    Does it work?

    If necessary, Plan B is to rename the settings file that registers the window and dialog sizes and your toolbar customizations.

    Open your current Firefox settings (AKA Firefox profile) folder using

    Help > troubleshooting information > "view file" button.

    Leave this window open, switch back to Firefox and output

    Pause while Firefox finishing its cleanup, then rename localstore.rdf to something like localstore.old

    Restart Firefox. Positions and sizes of window and toolbars, should be returned to the factory specifications.

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    Make sure you do NOT have a 'group' is selected or that you're targeting a background or contour assigned at the level of the group. The Annotator will appear only when objects are selected. It can also be hidden. "Option / Cmd + G ' will toggle its visibility.

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    This is an old post on the list of editors:

    Look in the preferences to "Display file translation errors" (which corresponds

    for the ShowErrors parameter in the maker.ini file). In accordance with the

    Manuals Online:

    • ShowErrors determines if the error messages are displayed in the console

    window when they occur.

    I think that turning it off means that the Console window is not open

    Not at all.

  • How to change the page that appears when I open the page new tab using the sign + on the tab bar?

    every time I open a new tab using + sign on the tabs bar, a Web site appears, which I was not aware. I want just the old rear setting. It must be my fault of friends. Help, please.

    You can do this on the topic: config page by resetting the pref browser.newtab.url via the context menu.

    See this article on the page tab (topic: newtab):

  • How to restore the main sites visited when opening a new tab

    I was mucking around with themes today and now when I open a new tab, it does not show my most visited sites, it shows just a blank page. I had this problem before and somewhere managed to solve this problem, but now, I went through everything & I just can't understand how it back as it was. Can someone help me? When you click on a new tab, you have pictures of the page of the most visited and most listed sites in the right part. It's NOT top sites...

    This isn't a feature of Firefox, it was probably added by the extension of the Google toolbar. Look at the parameters of the GTB.

Maybe you are looking for