How to make the virtual machine starts automatically after power is declining for all ESX host?

We meet just power down and lost electricity ESX host.

When we start the ESX host, we can on each individual virtual machine.

Y at - it a setting that we can put in place for these VMs critics may start se?

Your opinion is requested.


Thanks for your advice. He agrees with your saying that the start / stop sems to be buggy.

It's only disable it every time that you enable VMware HA.

But it works (if enabled) and may be useful to define how the system starts up.


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    Yes.  Power off the virtual computer.  Change the settings.  Change the guest OS to Solaris 10 to Solaris 10 64-bit.

  • Virtual MACHINE starts automatically after a power outage of the entire site?


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    If there is a power for the datacenter failure, ESXi hosts must be restarted when power is resumed.

    We wonder if VMs will be launched automatically to the top?   If not, this means that we must allow the "starting the Virtual Machine / stop option.

    If we put a number of virtual machines in "automatically start", such as VM1, VM2, VM3 on ESXi Server one, VM4 VM5 ESXi Server b.   Virtual machines are migrated between ESXi servers and how they can keep the boot sequence?

    Your opinion is requested.

    Dear Tony,

    I ask you to create a vApp and configure accordingly on your vCenter boot order.

    See you soon,.

    Billon Manogaran

  • How to move the virtual machine from one cluster to another cluster

    How to move the virtual machine from one cluster to another cluster

    If two Clusters are in the same data center, you could do a 'live' migration or vMotion, if that's the case.   If the virtual machine is turned off, it may be migrated regardless of the data center.

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    Thank you


    Thank you Ivy, Yes.

    I made some changes more in environment settings that helped me to turn off the button the user create a user/edit.

    Thank you


  • How to make a virtual machine using the full screen?

    I have a 19 '' screen.  In the web page of vm manager when I click on 'console' to get a separate window and maximize that I get a full screen, but the virtual machine does not fill my monitor as the native operating system.

    I am losing valuable real estate.

    Is there a way to fill the screen as the native operating system?  I tried to play with just about anything.  The virtual machine is in a small box, is full from top to bottom but a few inches on each side is black.

    If anyone knows it would be very useful.

    Guest operating system do you use? As said more top vmware tools must be installed for the proper functioning of MKS. Done also by pressing CTRLALTENTER your virtual machine puts your virtual machine mode full screen to use all your "real estate"?

  • How to install the virtual machine tools

    I am new to this, and it's fun to find how to do everything. I'm stuck now, so need some help, I did search but could not find definitive answers.

    I have ESXi installation, it will run on a dedicated slide. I have a windows-based virtual machine that I use to test.

    I downloaded the iso of VM Tools for Linux to install on the server so that I can push to the client virtual machines. I can't understand how to install the VM on the server tools so that I have the option in the console to push to turn the VM to the client tools.

    Is there something I'm completely missing? The iso is for linux, which is the server. I assumed it would be installed on the server that would allow me to push to windows clients.

    Help, please!

    VMware tools for Windows is already included in the installation of ESX.

    Customer Infrastructure using, go to the console of the virtual Windows computer and logon. Right-click of the virtual machine in the inventory on the left, then select "install/upgrade VMware tools. If Autorun is enabled the installation starts automatically, if not the Windows.iso is loaded into the virtual computer CD-ROM drive and you have to run setup.exe.


  • How to move the Virtual Machine VMWare Workstation 10 to a completely different computer

    I have a laptop that is going to become my 'old' laptop, I bought and am always set up a new computer.

    I have a VM THAT evolution created on the 'old' portable using VMWare Workstation 10.  I installed the software VMWare Workstation 10 on the new laptop computer and am ready to move to the existing VM development since the old laptop again to continue the development of software on the virtual machine to the new machine.

    I never moved a computer virtual from one computer to another, and I guess that all I have to do is to copy and move the folder and all its content from the old laptop to the new, and then I'll be back in business?

    Just make sure it is this simple before doing so.

    Thanks for any input.

    It's as simple as that. When you start in the new machine, it should ask if you copied or moved. Answer that you moved it will keep the same MAC address and you will not be able to connect the two copies at the same time. You copied it saying assigns a new MAC and they both can connect, but a Windows machine can ask to reactivate. Seems to me he asked also to reactivate when I copied it for an Intel system AMD system, but it was a long time ago


  • How to install the virtual machine to ISO image

    Rather than burning a CD from ISO images downloaded from each OS you want to build a virtual machine it would be more convenient to use the ISO image directly. How can I achieve this?

    Create the virtual computer with CD player.

    Double click the CD drive in the virtual machine properties.


    Navigate to the image.

    and also you can refer to this link

    VMware Workstation 12 Pro Documentation Center

    you're installation uses several CDs pleae follow this procedure

    First duty (if the customer has a button for this) eject the CD in the comments, then ctrl-alt to focus the host, right click on the CD icon in the bar area of low right state of the workstation user interface and select disconnect; repeat, and then click edit. Select the image ISO next necessary; reconnect; then click the mouse back in the window of the customer and to know that the next CD is loaded.

  • Monitoring VM - how to restart the virtual machine

    Hi all

    Hit a problem in our environment that can not be solved, but wanted to tender hand to people and see if they have found a way to replace.

    Currently have followed vm enabled in our cluster. Thing is watching us to restart the virtual machine VMware tools demonstrated to a status of "not running" - now, the key is to most of the definitions, the system is available in this case, can be crazy, RDP'ed etc, but we here again them restarted as he finally solves the issue we see (for example unable to connect via citrix for the machines in question)

    Duncan in the post below highlights in order to avoid false positives any i/o to storage/network activity will be verified after that heatbeats failed to "double check" there is a problem with the virtual machine

    Favorite VM monitoring (aka VM HA) - yellow bricks

    What I asked is it possible to replace verification of network storage/IO activity and then restart the virtual machine VMware tools on them stops as soon as?

    Many tx for all thoughts

    «.. . is there a way to replace check network activity of storage/IO and then restart the virtual machine of VMware tools on them stops as soon as...? »

    You can always use a supervision-process inside the virtual machine for this tool (perhaps more followed VM). It acts independently and allows much finer control, i.e. it can try first (re) start vm-tools before restarting. Same BSOD /-kernel panic can be dealt with by VM itself. It can actually be even more robust, not dependent on VMware infrastructure.

  • Activate the Virtual Machine start and stop


    I'm not activate Virtual Machine Startup and shutdown I don't know what is right.



    This is the VMware KB which provide a workaround to enable this option for VMs on ESXi hosts in cluster HA active.

    VMware KB: Automatic Virtual Machine Startup / Shutdown in ESXi hosts in a cluster VSA is turned off

    Last time (couple of years back), when I was researching on this topic, I found that these settings are applied only when the virtual machine is on the same host ESXi, and once his migrated to another ESXi host for this VM autostart option is lost and needs to be reconfigured again. I don't know if this behavior changed with new versions of vSphere.

    I hope this helps.




    Virtualization VMware on NetApp

  • How to access the virtual machines to different physical network?


    I'm new to ESXi, can someone tell me how can I access virtual machines on the physical network existing in case I use different IP classes? Physics of the network by using the class C IPs and I assigned IPs to virtual machines of class A? If it is possible, then, what are the steps?

    In fact, I installed exchange 2010 VMs and also want to access the email accounts of physical network.

    Thank you.

    vmjunki wrote:

    You mean there's no way in ESXi to configure the way so we can access the virtual machines to physical network? without third-party applications.

    Because it is impossible for the various networks IP connect without a router, you must have such a device. There is really no difference in that in a pure virtual or physical environment.

    You might think the ESXi host as a box with one or more servers (virtual) inside and one or more layer (virtual) two switches, just like a small server room. This means you will need to provide the same type of connectivity that you would have to a new server room with machines configured with addresses in a different IP network range.

  • Question about how to include the virtual machine output

    Currently, using this command:

    Get - vm | Get-networkadapter | ForEach-Object {Write-Host $_.} The name', ' {$_.macaddress} '.

    Gives me this result:

    NIC 1, 00:50:56:bc:00:1 c

    NIC 1, 00:50:56:bc:00:28

    I'm interested also in writing the name of real virtual machine as well.

    name of the virtual machine 1, NIC 1, 00:50:56:bc:00:1 c
    name of the virtual machine 1, NIC 1, 00:50:56:bc:00:28

    Don't know how to work out of virtual machine name as 'Name' asks also the network card information.

    Try it like this

    $report = foreach($vm in (Get-VM | where {$_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn" -and $_.Version -eq "v7"})){
        Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $vm  | `    Select @{N="VMname";E={$vm.Name}},
             @{N="MAC address";E={$_.MacAddress}}
    $report | Export-Csv ".\test.csv" -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture
  • [Beginner] How to change the virtual machine name


    How can I change the name of a Virtual Machine - I want to say the name that appears in VMPlayer (or VMWare Fusion) as it has recently used Virtual Machines. I tried to change the name of the vmx file but this does not affect the name of the virtual machine displayed in VMPlayer.

    Thank you very much.

    TomasBar wrote:

    How can I change the name of a Virtual Machine - I want to say the name that appears in VMPlayer (or VMWare Fusion) as it has recently used Virtual Machines.

    VMware Fusion 3.x and 2.x but not 1.x, you can click on and change the name of the virtual machine in the Virtual Machine library on the right side, just under the display area.

    For VMware Player you need to edit the "displayName ="parameter in the configuration file .vmx and of VMware Player virtual machine must be closed when you perform this operation."

  • How to create the virtual machine to a virtual machine existed file?

    I have two hard drives on my VMware host. There are virtual machines on a SATA drive, how do I list these files of virtual machines and copy one of them to create a new virtual machine (it can save a lot of my time!). I did this way on VMware server 2.0 because I can see what they were and where they were under Windows. But on vSphere, how can I do? Maybe you guys have other ways to do it?

    Thank you!


    On vSphere, I suggest you use autonomous vConventer instead. It is quite simple and easy to use. Alternatively, you can copy or clone the virtual disk to the virtual machine via the Console (ESX) Service offline

    vcbMC - 1.0.6 Beta

    Lite vcbMC - 1.0.7

Maybe you are looking for

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