How to manage and work with multiple libraries

I decided to store my photos in annual libraries - but now I want to create a photo book with photos of two libraries.

Is there a way of

(1) create more products of a library?

(2) otherwise: merge two libraries into one?

Thank you!

Does not support photos to merge libraries.

It would more easily create a library for your book.

  • Export the photos that you want to use in the book of two libraries (select the photos and use file > export > export... versions).  Export photos to a high quality.
  • Import the photos exported in an empty library.  Create your book.
  • Then check in the library with the book project...

This will have the advantage, that don't accidentally delete you or change the photos you used for your book.

If you temporarily want to move photos between libraries, you can use the PowerPhotos application.  It allows you to navigate easily several libraries of Photos without having to open them in Photos.

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    Hi xinggirl45,

    Thanks for your question.  Can you elaborate a little bit and let us know exactly what does not work?  The resources below provide some troubleshooting steps basic to work with Outlook and iCloud for Windows.

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    Take care.

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    I'm trying to understand how exactly pay Apple work with Uber.

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    You do not pay in the car, you pay with a 6/6 + / 6s / 6 s + when you book. No mention of the use of a Mac.

  • IMAQ WindDraw does not work with multiple screens

    I am developing an application using drivers IMAQ which displays fullscreen image on a primary or secondary monitor.  It works very well in mode full screen on the main window, but when I put the window on the secondary window, is not up-to-date.  As an additional test, when I put half of the window on the screen 1 and the other half on the other, the part that is on the main display updates is not the case of the part that is on the secondary display.

    How to make it work with the secondary monitor?

    (I've included an example VI to demonstrate the problem).

    Thank you


    I don't know how it happened, but when I completely closed LabVIEW and rebooted, then just run the VI it works now!

    It has been a strange behavior, if I see it again once I'll let you know.

    Thank you

  • How to change or work with a .sket in Illustrator?

    How to change or work with a .sket in Illustrator? Can't select the object exported from the sketch. Thank you.

    Answer: You cannot directly use the .sket file.  You can send a JPG of the working version to everyone through stock supported options.

    Pseudo response (fast): If you want to work with vector paths in the project of the sketch (.sket) you will need a subscription Adobe CC ~.

    1. go in the specific figure that you want to send (click it like to change it in the application);

    2. send (Share) to Illustrator CC from the mobile application.  (to the same CC account you're connected to your iPad with);

    3. in Illustrator CC, choose from the options OBJECT toolbar > LINE & SKETCH ART > EXPAND to PATHS

    NOTE: This does not apply to the work of the brush.  It converts your work simple and features traces, change your work to something that does not resemble the project of .sket.  Fortunately, it does not save the file .sket of origin.

  • Configuration guide for ESXi 5 (Vmnetwork, management and vMotion) with NIC 2 network


    I have 4 NIC in Server Blade 7 (ESXI 5), would like to dedecate 2 NIC for (Vmnetwork, management and vMotion) & NIC (iSCSI traffic) 2 with equallogic SAN.

    I equallogic guide to configure ESXI with it, but how do I configure (Vmnetwork, management and vMotion) with NIC 2, my priority is excellent speed for my virtual machine, and then nothing else.

    Then just go for classic switch.

    The configuration is a lot depend on existing infra, the trunk, the physical switch for redundant network & balance, 100 or network 1GbE, no.. virtual machines and etc. If there is a new configuration, I suggest you trunk 2 x available vmnic (the vm network) to balance the load and better performance.

  • Limiting errors while working with multiple connections

    I am currently evaluating Developer SQL and I'm looking for most of the features that allow connections several clearly distinct to avoid DBA errors when working with multiple connections in parallel.
    Currently, it seems that developer SQL provided these features:
    -Organization of folders in Explorer-> for example, we can create a folder per environment (DEV,...).
    -name of connection-> each user can define his own name. These aliases will appear in the tabs and the title of the main window when opening a connection.

    These features ar fairly limited if you compare with a tool like Toad, which used to associate colors with connections (good feature!) or define custom fields. In addition the database user is not displayed in the SQL Developer interface, unless we add in the name of the connection...

    Do you know if there are plans to improve these features in future releases of SQL Developer?
    Or, otherwise, it would be possible to quickly develop a plugin that can provide? (especially on the colors of connections)

    Thank you.


    I opened the application, and you can add your voice to this. This isn't a feature that we can control, nor is it something that you can expand as it should be expelled from the underlying IDE. We requested a change in the IDE so that we can implement this improvement.


  • Recently I install Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, but it is not my system hindi font visible just like the series Devi ismayl, KBC Serise etc. these fonts are is visible and working with Adobe photoshop, corel, office etc. and works well. Veuileez solve this proble

    Recently I install Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, but it is not my system hindi font visible just like the series Devi ismayl, KBC Serise etc. these fonts are is visible and working with Adobe photoshop, corel, office etc. and works well. Veuileez solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Can you also please check whether this version is still appropriate for your operating system?

    See: Adobe - Pagemaker 7: System requirements

    The system configuration required


    • Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 with Service Pack 6, Windows® 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2, Windows XP Professional or home edition

    It is not recommended to run this software on any Mac modern like Windows 7 or 10.

    Good luck!

  • Files created with Illustrator CS2 12.0.0 version will be compatible and works with the latest version of Illustrator.  The files are registered as *.ai------.

    I have an older version of Illustrator and you want to upgrade.  My question is: files created with Illustrator CS2 12.0.0 version will be compatible and works with the latest version of Illustrator.  The files are recorded as * .ai?

    That should be no problem.

    Text will be redistributed without doubt if you want to change it.

  • I just pass the parameters and software my PowerBook has a new Mac Pro. All CC software download is here and work, with the exception of the CC and there is no way to install.

    I just upgraded the software and settings, include CC, of my PowerBook for a new Mac Pro. All CC software download is here and work, with the exception of the CC and there is no way to install. I try because whenever I restar keep bothering asking for installation, (by the way, the link is not updated). You will appreciate your help.

    never migrate adobe software.  It must be properly installed.

    Uninstall all the programs of cc you can, clean and reinstall then by, use the CC cleaning tool to resolve installation problems. CC, CS3 - CS6

  • How config FCoe to work with esx4.1 and CISCO?


    I installed a server esx 4.1 intended to test and we want to configure to work with FCoe.

    The Esx has a Qlogic 10 G card to do this, we have a problem with our network team.

    The cards are regognized as vmnic and my HC is on them, but we now want to make the connection on the

    Cisco side so that I could also see the storage.

    Is there a manual for config this thing on both sides? VMware and CISCO?

    is there something special, that I need the config on my side?

    I did not FCoE with Cisco, but I made many configurations with Brocade/VMware & Qlogic FCoE. It works like a charm. In this case, everything I do is:

    (1) plug the Qlogic card to the server & get the vmnic up & working with qlogic drivers (I think you are finished with this step, if you have not mentioned about installing qla & pilots qlge on the box of ESX. You all TWO qlge & qla drivers for the Qlogic fcoe card)

    (2) after step 1, you should be ready for the FCoE, you don't have to do anything once the ESX box came.

    (3) a last step to the area both the FCoE (QLogic) adapter with your target of FCoE in your Cisco box. With Brocade switches, all I have to do is:

    (i) set up the port connected as a "fcoeport" to get the connected port

    (II) create a box with 2 WWN & add this area to the cfg, & activate this cfg. That's all.

    I feel that you do not "installed the qlogic drivers (qlge & qla in ESX yet), just in case if you have not, here is the driver names you need (doesn't have to be exact, just look for the part"qlge"&"qla"):"



  • Laptop Compaq Presario CQ60-300SO - how to make HDMI work with Win 7

    I've upgraded to Windows 7 from XP.

    I connect the HDMI cable to my TV.
    The PC displays both screens, but there is no signals reaching the TV.
    I uninstalled the software of the graphics card and let the Win Update to find the driver. Same results.

    Here's my setup.

    How to make it work? It works very well with a VGA cable. And I tried many televisions.



    Name of the operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    Another Description of the OS is not available
    Manufacturer of operating system Microsoft Corporation
    Name of the MARTSHP system
    System manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
    System model Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC
    System Type X 86-based PC
    Processor AMD Sempron (TM) TR-42, 2100 Mhz, 1 Lossnay, 1 logical processors
    BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.54, 18.08.2009
    SMBIOS Version 2.4
    Windows directory C:\Windows
    System directory C:\Windows\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    The local United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514".
    MartsHP\Administrator user name
    Zone schedule Southeast Asia standard time
    Physical memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
    Total physical memory 2.75 GB
    1.60 GB available physical memory
    5.50 GB total virtual memory
    4.13 GB available virtual memory

    Hi realpommy. If you encounter problems with HDMI output and let Windows determine the pilots, who could be part of the issue.  First of all try to install these Windows 7 drivers provided by HP for your laptop: NVIDIA nForce Chipset MCP77MV graphics drivers

    After installation and reboot, if you still have problems with video output look in Device Manager, to ensure that there is no error, or "unknown devices".  The section "Understanding of the symbols of error Device Manager" in this document:
    Information from the Device Manager in Windows 7 to illustrate some possible errors.

    If there is no error in Device Manager, do through these documents for more information and the last for troubleshooting ideas:
    Connection of a monitor, projector or a TV (Windows 7)
    Overview of HDMI and DVI for PC connections

    HDMI display resolution and problems of his (Windows 7 and Vista)

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Work with multiple vCenter servers in PowerCLI

    VI the value of multiple server mode:

    Game-PowerCLIConfiguration - multiple DefaultVIServerMode - confirm: $false

    Connect to two servers vCenter:

    SE connect-VIServer-Server vc1, vc2-userid of the user

    Find the cluster and do not specify a VC:

    Get-Data Center-Cluster clusterA

    Cluster data center is displayed correctly:

    name of the data center in VC1

    name of the data center by VC2

    Try to specify what VC of query:

    Get-Data Center-Cluster cluster - server VC2

    the names of three data centers are returned which makes no sense (only one contains the cluster)

    Trying to figure out how better to work with the simultaneous connections of VC in a script and dictate what VC I want to execute a command against rather than disconnect and reconnect etc.

    I think there could be a problem with the cmdlet.

    You are using PowerCLI 5.5 R2 I guess?

    When you try like this

    Get-Data Center-Cluster (Cluster-Get-name ClusterA-Server VC1)

    is it returns 1 datacenter or 2?

  • PALM TX will turn on and work with power cable plugged but not when disconnected?

    Hello all-

    I have a PALM TX, who bought in 2005. It worked fine but I changed my position and my last job stop supporting. That being said, I can use now and have recently it turned on and loaded schedule, etc. However, it does work when I plugged in the power cord. It works very well with the connection, no problems. That said, once disconnected from the power source it not light?

    I finished the soft reset several times. With reconnected to the power cord it works fine. However, it still not work with the power cord?

    I was reading online in various forums and it seems like it might be my power button?

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated that now I can use and really want to use it to its full capacity.

    Thank you!


    The connections of welding of switch on the motherboard have been a little weak on the TX line.

    It seems to me that the battery is dead.  The TX can also turn on by pressing the front buttons.  Try to press one of them and see if it lights.

    There are several online sites for repair and PDA batteries.  TX peut battery be user servicable, although it is a little intimidating for a novice.  If you Google 'Palm TX battery replacement', many hits will occur as well as how to videos!


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