How to manage the threads for TCP communication?


I have a project to control two separate applications (C++ and LabView) and two of them are implemented as server. Another client program (C++) is used to control applications. Communication between them are implemented using TCP socket. The client program sends the message to start or stop tasks on servers. The client program also sends time (HH) with the message start and end to determine when to start or stop.

Application in C++ (server): Listening to the request for the connection and when gets one, it creates a thread of communication allowing to manage this and listen again to another connection. Communication wire crossing of handles and messages when it receives a start or a stop message, it creates a thread of timer with the received time to trigger a task at the time specified. And after that he expects the client message. So, here, when the thread (communication, timer) is necessary, it is created.

In LabView (server): I tried to create the same as the C++ server. But, in manual of LabView and other discussions of the forum, I got that LabView is multithreaded and it can be done with the help of the loop independent. So, I had to create four loops in a diagram:

1. wait the new connection

2 manage the communication for the already received connection

3. start the timer

4 stop the timer

and they are executed at the beginning of execution and communication between them are managed using local variables. But, 2, 3 and 4th loop can handle only one connection and it can handle another if the current is closed. The C++ application can handle multiple connections by creating the thread when it is necessary, but not at the beginning of the application.

Is there a better way to implement this in LabView?

Is it possible to manage multiple connections and create the diagram node/block (such as a wire) dynamically as C++?

Thank you.


There are several ways to do so in modern LabVIEW and you should probably seek the Finder example for TCP examples. The classic is to transfer the refnum of connecting the listening loop in a communications loop that adds to an array of login credentials and then constantly iterates through this array to make the communication. He works on LabVIEW 4.0 perfectly for me even for applications with basic HTTP communication protocol. But you must make sure that the communication for a connection is not delaying his work for reasons that would delay the handling of other connections too, because they are really of course worked on sequentially. If you encounter an error, the connection ID is closed and removed from the table.

The other is that create you a VI that makes your entire communication and ends on an error or when the order quite. Make this reentrant VI and then launch it through VI server as the instance home, passing the refnum of newly received connection form the listening loop. Then use the method to Run let start and operate as an independent thread.

For all these, you should be able to find an example in the example Finder when searching for TCP.

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