How to maximize the screen at the opening of the websites of my desktop icons?

Using Vista Home Premium and IE8, especially when I click a shortcut icon on my office website, the page opens to the minimum size. I can't fix the icon properties to maximize as the right click on properties does not include an option to Maximize, showing that it is a Web page. It is inconvenient to every time, click expand in the top right of the screen. Can I do to solve this problem? Thank you.
UPDATE: I just hung out on the four sides of the page until it fills the screen. This seems to keep the property for all other Web sites. Thanks to a Forum Member who posted a similar problem. Hope it continues to work.


Hi charita21,

Thank you for using answers Forum.

How do you open Internet Explorer (Start menu, shortcut on the desktop, etc.)?

You can try this:

Even if you have this browser open reading this post, open another instance of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).
It should open IE8 in the smallest size, maximize the browser by clicking the expand, the top of the page to the right.
With the browser now expanded, close the browser by clicking on the 'X' at the top right.
Now reopen the browser by clicking on the 'E' in the quick launch by the button start.
He opens enlarged?

Your records are open properly?

Impatience back on your part.

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    Hi Khody,


    To change your windows 7 application icon you can use following the procedure-
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    but it seems that this is done for JRE 1.5.

    I would also try in 1.6.

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    Have you checked or reset the screen resolution? - set it to the native resolution of the screen that you use.

    If your monitor is a separate monitor (not a laptop) has a button "auto configure"? If so press on that.

    It may be that you need to update your graphics card drivers. Get the latest available from the manufacturing of your PC web site and install them.

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    set_item_property('Button name',ICON_FILENAME,);


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    Hey Buddy,

    You can maximize the life of the dough if you always remove the battery if you n t necessary e.g. in the House where you can work with AC/DC adapter.
    In addition, the battery must always be fully charged and be invoiced if it s empty.

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    Now how to set the size of layout as 960px for desktop, in percentage?

    Or should I keep it as 960px for office and percentage for mobile and Tablet?

    68.6% of 1680px equals 1152px, then Yes, he is bigger than 960px

    If you want to stop at the 960px available, then set max-width: 960px to the container as well as width: 68.6%.

  • M420 blades - how to maximize the RAM?

    I have 6 of them in production now and have undergone a DIMM failure so far.  I am looking to buy 4 more with maximum RAM (192G).

    Using the online Configurator which tells me:

    M420 blade supports a maximum of 3 DIMMS with a processor or six 6 DIMMS with two processors.

    In order to get the 192 GB using the simple option provided by the website (16 GB DIMMS) I need 12, but the M420 contains only 6 DIMM slots.  What magic to cram 12sticks 6 slots?

    Or is the maximum of 196G just a lie?

    I test on the DELL CHAT to see if I can get a response.

    08:00:23    System
    Connected with Treona Phillips

    Treona tells me that there is a DIMM 32 GB option that does not appear in the configurator.   Why?  Are not the DIMM 32 G bars in stock?

    Treona says she doesn't know why the part does not appear, but she could quote it.  OK, so this is.  I use an active agent to get this maximum configuration of the RAM.

  • How can I change the the font color of desktop icons?

    Specifically, the color behind the text of the icons.

    (a picture of my desk for clarity)

    When I pass on my screen at my own default image, the text under the icons no longer have the background transparent, but is a dark gray color.

    How do I get this to be transparent?
    Thank you.

    If it was clear before, it is the most likely cause of the problem:

    • Transparency is disabled if the image is a specific type of image (for example, if it is a PNG image instead of a bitmap file).  This is the best way to change:

      1. open the image file with paint.  Choose file > save as.
      2. before recording, change the type of file in JPG or JPEG Image.
      3 - right click on the newly saved file and "set as wallpaper".

    If this does not work, another thing to try is:

    • Right click on "My Computer", and then select Properties.
    • On the Advanced tab, click the first settings button (for execution).
    • In the list, make sure that it is enabled: "Shadows fall to use the desktop icon labels" (this is the 2nd to last option).

    If this was helpful, please vote. If it solves the problem, please click on propose as answer. Thank you!

  • How to enable the Support of Legacy desktop Z240


    Does anyone know how to activate the legacy on Z240 workstation support?

    Under "secure boot configuration" in the BIOS I chose "Legacy Support enable and disable start-up secure", but after I save and reboot, it reverses to 'disable Legacy Support and allow to secure boot.

    Any suggestions please?

    BIOS version is 1.24, which is the last.

    Thank you very much

    I thought about it later.

    When you disable "Secure starting" or any other option in the BIOS security, you will be asked to enter the 4 digits to restart.

    I was typing the 4 digits while having "num lock" so while I thought I was typing the numbers, the BIOS would not accept the changes simply because what I was typing was 'empty '. Make sure you actually see the numbers, you are required to enter the screen.

  • How to copy the data from Palm Desktop on a PC running Windows 8.1

    If like me you still find the Palm Desktop data (addresses, calendar, notes, etc.) handy and use it long after throwing the combined capacity and 'sync', you can see this is useful.  I bought a new PC running Windows 8.1 and had problems with data transfer due to a problem as I understand it, which does not exist in Windows XP, Vista or 7 versions.  Here is a summary of a way to easily transfer data from these earlier versions if you have a USB flash drive (or Dropbox, Google Drive, whatever) very convenient:

    (1) Download Palm Desktop 6.2 or 6.2.2 to your new PC.  Give a user name exactly as it exists in the database from your old PC.  This name will serve as Office Automation to create a folder name of six letters (an abbreviated version of your name) to hold the data that Palm Desktop will turn upward.  Wait a few seconds for this to happen, and then close the application on your new desktop.

    (2) in your old PC you want to transfer data from, find the folder named "Palm OS Desktop" which should exist in 'Documents' under path of folder and subfolders 'Users' as > your subfolder name > Documents in Windows 7 (can also be Vista) or may be under "Documents and Setting" folder in Windows XP.

    (3) in this folder "Palm OS Desktop" search this subfolder of six letters of your name and select this whole subfolder and select 'Copy' or Ctrl-C

    (4) locate the same name of subfolder in your new PC (which will have data zero), delete and then 'paste' the subfolder you "copied" in the exact same location.  If you did it right, Viola!  Your new desktop PC should display all the transferred data, once you open the application again.

    Most of the same procedure works with PC Windows 8.1 (probably also Windows 8).  What I found different is that the subfolder of data created under "Palm OS Desktop} had 7 instead of 6 characters with a"0"(zero), added as the last character.  When finally, you copy and paste this subfolder in the new PC there so rename and add "0" for the Palm Desktop to locate these data.

    I hope this helps.

    Data in XP is located in C:\Program Files\Palm (or PalmOne) \ < your HotSync name truncated > \Backup.

    HotSync for Win8 has been available for quite a while now!  See the post at the beginning of this section called "64-bit Windows USB drivers for Palm Desktop" for instructions and driver downloads.

    Palm Desktop 4.x and 6.2.2 use different database formats - 6.2.2 went to .mdb as an extension.

    Best way to migrate data is to perform a HotSync on the new machine, or use the built-in in Palm Desktop Export/Import option.  Export the addresses and calendar files, and then copy those of the new machine.

    The import option to retrieve data.


  • How can I remove the homegroup to my desktop icon?

    How can I remove the homegroup icon that suddenly appeared on my desktop Windows 8

    I know and respect the fact that Sharief K is a Microsoft Support Engineer. but he doesn't know what he's talking about as a Microsoft Support engineer or he didn't understand the question.

    However, here's how to solve the problem in the right way...

    Question about this community newsletter is:

    (Windows 8) How can I remove the 'host group icon"from the desktop?


    1 right-click somewhere on the desktop that is free of icon/s with the left button of the mouse.
    Select "Customize" in the context menu, which will take you to the selection of window customize.

    2. Select "Change desktop icons" in the area of the hand at the top left of this window.  A "Change desktop icons" dialog (context menu) is displayed.

    3. Note the box on the left of the 'network' is checked.  Uncheck the box and then left click of the mouse will apply.

    4. at this point, the 'host group icon"will be removed from the desktop.  Now again check the box to the left of the 'Network' and then the mouse left click apply.

    And your all set.  That is of course until what you restart your computer, in which case this problem will happen again.  Gives one does not want to restart its system ever if you have Windows 8.

    On a more personal note, I am A +, Network +, MCP and a Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering technology and experienced Microsoft since 1992 when I always still served in the U.S. Army.  Sorry, but I am appalled and disgusted with the OS of Windows 8 not to mention Microsoft Office.

  • How can I stabilize the location of my desktop icons in windows 8

    I work from the office, virtually 100% of the time and I put on 10 desktop icons with applications that I use constantly.  I kind of want to stay in the same place, but it is still moving around the screen.  I have "auto arrange" disabled.  I use a lot is the program, so I'll have office up on most of my screen and side window has messenger.

    Every day that I start, my icons have moved around the screen, those that I placed horizontally on the lower right part of the screen end generally vertically aligned with the top left corner.

    I look for other matching, but have not found work from the search results.

    Any help would be appreciated, I would just be able to lock them in one place.

    If you use the component feature snap to snap a desktop application rather than on the side of the screen, the desktop itself will get resized to a new physical pixel size, and the icons will be move accordingly (so they are not hidden off the screen and will not you).  The effect is as if the resolution of the monitor has been changed (users who use projectors / TV, or other monitors frequently see this problem of "move icon", so you're not alone).

    Unfortunately there is not much that can be done directly to solve this problem, at least not by default.  There are programs such as the great "closed Desktop" that the company StarDock product that help corral and group desktop icons.

    Another option could be to pin your icons in your taskbar instead.

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