How to open files in Photoshop CS6

On Windows XP Professional 64

When I open a file with tabs and mooring off, they appear at the far left. I would like that they focused on the opening.

Key F centers during a background grey maneuver, but I want the canvas not not to be stretched through the workspace. I didn't scroll the background colors.

Anyway - does anyone know how to open a Center who does not have the background stretched across the workspace?



I think that your question, is the resolution of the images. If you zoom in far enough, you will be able to see the border of the canvas/paper.

BTW, ctrl-keypad-digital 0 = screen adjustment

Ctrl-alt-keypad-digital 0 = 100%

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    When open files in Photoshop CS6 files icons gone white with black box. When I closed and exit the program, and then reopen its tracks for a few beautiful minute. but after half an hour, when I once again use Photoshop, it shows the error.

    Please give me a solution.screen shot.jpg

    All your windows updates are installed?  Try to clean the Windows thumbnail species.  I think use Adobe the OS dialog for features like open file. Also, to get thumbnails for RAW file PSD files, you will need to install codecs in windows. I use the fastepictureviewer codec package. What version of Windows are you using the dialog box look like a windows problem.

  • Cannot open files in Photoshop cs6

    I use PS CS6 through the creative cloud. When I try to open a file (RAW or JPEG), I can see the layer and the name of the file, but nothing is displayed in the work area. I tried to uninstall all Adobe products (I also use LR 4.3). A ran a registry cleaner twice and reinstalled PS with updates and 7.3 of the cab. This does not solve everything. Well open files in LR 4.3 and PES 10 before I uninstalled it. Any suggestions on what is the cause and how to fix it? Thank you

    What version of the OS?

    Have you tried to disable the GPU of drawing in Photoshop preferences?

    Have you updated your website of the manufacturer of the GPU video card driver?

  • Cannot open files in Photoshop CS6 Extended MPEG-2

    I work in WINDOWS 7.  When I try to open the video files to edit in Photoshop CS6 Ext. I get the following message: "Could not complete your request because the video file could not be opened."

    I tried opening in bridge.  The videos will play Bridge but when I go to 'Open with' CS6 is not listed (but CC is - although I just got a trial at this stage).  If I open the demo version of CC and try to open the MPG/MPEG-2 file, I get the same message.

    I installed GSpot and it says that the CODEC is installed - see screenshot.

    Help would be sincerely appreciated!

    screenshot gspot.jpg

    Cannot open DVD multiplexed files about any normal editing application. You have to convert / transcode using the brake hand or other tools.


  • Cannot open files with Photoshop CS6 RAW - Camera Raw

    Hi all

    I am trying to open. Files CR2 to a Canon 450 d on Photoshop CS6, as well as with Lightroom 4 but it does not work.

    I've updated the Adobe Camera Raw in its last edition (8.8), but in any case, when I try to open them, it appears the following message: it basically says that photoshop is not able to open the file, make sure that you have installed the latest Camera Raw and visit the link for more info...

    After the search for solutions on the Internet, I also tried to convert RAW to DNG files, but Adobe DNG converter says that the folder does not contain any RAW file, although they are all. CR2 files...

    I tried several times to many ways... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Captura de pantalla 2015-04-03 17.05.53.png

    Try another card and card reader. Also, be sure to try to use the Finder to copy files directly from your card to hard drive, if you aren't already. Using the software provided a camera to transfer has been known to corrupt raw files.


  • How to open file Raw CR2 CS6?

    I have CS6 installed on my laptop and open every time, no problem. I now have a Mac desktop computer at work and CS6 installed, I try to open the correct raw CR2 file and fails to open. I downloaded the last update, but still does not open! What I am doing wrong?

    Please update Camera Raw, from the following link: Camera Raw of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 Installer

    Once this is done, then please check the Camera Raw, it should 9.1.1.

    Then try to open the image in Photoshop.

  • Opening files in Photoshop CS6 & images is empty

    I just installed CS6 and tried to open the CS5 psd files, but they appear empty even though I can see the images in the thumbnails layer.  Is there something that could be hiding the layers?

    I meet the requirements of Windows system, but my memory usage is almost 4 GB just have open photoshop.  What is the cause?

    Thank you

    OK and assuming you're on Windows since the last comment, what is the make and model of your video card? Then, what is the date and the number of your installed video driver? What is the most recent of the site Web of ATI or nVidia?

    Finally, when we look at the Palette layers, what do you see for the layers? Visibility (the eyeball to the left) is enabled for all?

    Maybe after a screen-cap of one of these open Images with the Palette visible layers?

    Good luck


  • Cannot open raw files in photoshop CS6 Canon Rebel T5 (cannot update via help-update)

    Hey guys please help I can not can not open raw files in photoshop CS6. I can't update CS6 to help-update either. I have a Canon Rebel T5 if it helps.

    If it's showing the raw camera 7.4 version, this means it is not updated.

    You need to download Camera Raw 9.1.1 from the link I shared and run the installation file and make sure it is updated.

    Camera Raw installation of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 program

  • How to open files of effects 12.2.1 Adobe After with Adobe after effects CS6 11.0.4?

    How to open files of effects 12.2.1 Adobe After with Adobe after effects CS6 11.0.4?  I want to open a template, but it requires 12.2.1, all plugins, tips, help etc...

    You can use the trial after effects CC (12.x) to do this, or you can ask someone who does not have this version to do the conversion for you.

  • Cannot open my NEF files in Photoshop CS6 my new camera Nikon D800.

    That's it, I can't open my NEF files in Photoshop CS6 Camera Raw to my new Nikon D800 DSLR. As am I doing wrong or what's wrong? I have the plugin 7 Raw from the camera. and open TIFF files, but not the NEF files.


    Charles Fernandes

    Hi charles fenne,.

    If you update your photoshop cs6 to the camera raw 7.1 plugin, which should open files camera raw Nikon D800 in photoshop cs6.

    Update, the simplest method is to go to photoshop cs6 Help menu and choose updates to download and install the camera raw 7.1 as well as other updates of photoshop cs6 which may be available.

    Here is a list of cameras and what plugins raw camera support the cameras:

  • Cannot open files RAW2 in CS6

    Can you tell me if its possible to open files RAW2 in CS6? I bought a Panasonic DMC-ZS100 camera and sound using RAW2 file extensions.

    I don't know that particular model, but it seems that you will need to download the latest DNG Converter from this link:

    Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter: for Windows >

    9.6.1 is the latest version for windows.

    And then you need to watch this video to learn how to convert your files to Photoshop CS6:

    Camera Raw: how to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube >

    If it's all confusing then perhaps your camera came with a CD on which you may have a software to upload your images to your computer.

    Sorry can't be of any additional assistance on this.

  • How can I transfer my Photoshop CS6 on my new computer?

    How can I transfer my photoshop CS6 on my new computer?

    Install you it just as you did for your old computer.  You are allowed to install and enabled on both machines, but if you need to you can turn it off on the old machine to keep available open activation.  After deactivation, you can uninstall it if you want.

  • How to open file .asf in Home Basic Windows 7 64 bit?

    Please tell me how to open file video .asf in w7.

    Hello Badodariya Malay,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community where you can find all the answers related to windows.

    According to the description, it looks like you are experiencing problems opening the .asf files.

    1. what program you use to play .asf files?

    2. do you have problems to open the .asf files?

    The Advanced Systems Format (ASF) is the preferred Windows Media file format. With Windows Media Player, if the appropriate codecs are installed on your computer, you can play
    audio content, video content, or both, that is compressed with a wide variety of codecs and that is stored in an .asf file. This problem may occur if there is missing an audio codec.

    See the link below for more information on codecs.

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions

    You can download the latest pack of codecs for Media Player 12. There are many third-party codecs packs available on the internet. Search using your favorite search engine
    more information.

    NOTE: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee
    that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be resolved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Answer to us if you are having problems with. The ASF files or any other issue of Windows and I would be happy to help you.

    Good day!

    Hope this information helps.

  • How can I re install Photoshop CS6 without losing the plugins?

    How can I re install Photoshop CS6 without losing the plugins? After unsubscribing creative cloud. Thank you

    Hi rich,

    If you reinstall Photoshop CS6, plugins will be deleted unless you manually uninstall plugins.



  • How can I transfer my photoshop cs6 to a new pc?

    How can I transfer my photoshop cs6 to a new pc?


    Disable the Photoshop Cs6 on the current computer, then install it on again. See to Learn how to enable or disable Adobe applications

    You can check this thread How to transfer photoshop from one computer to another

    Similar article How to move the Adobe CS6 CC between computers or PC to Mac | ProDesignTools

    Kind regards


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