How to open files WIM - up do during recovery

I had to use the system recovery - files were backed up, these are the WIM format, how to open them


Thanks for trying to help solve my problem. I wasn't your solution because I found that application to open and restore wim files, even if I got the error message: application failed due to the error, the application has actually opened and stored if it is not, not all the files on my hard drive in C:\System recovery files and I could just copy and paste from here , in my documents folder.

So in fact, despite the error message, all the files have been opened to their original type, and I am satisfied with the result, as I have full access to all files.

Thanks again and best regards


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    Hello Badodariya Malay,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community where you can find all the answers related to windows.

    According to the description, it looks like you are experiencing problems opening the .asf files.

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    Have you read your user manual?
    I imagine that you didn t.

    If you had read it you would find an info you have to create a recovery disk using the Toshiba recovery disc creator.
    The new laptops Toshiba are not equipped with the recovery disk, but there is an opportunity to create this disc!

    I put t know why your fingerprint digital doesn t work, but a new resettlement could help

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    It looks not to be opened. See Microsoft Article ID: 222330 for an explanation.
    Microsoft® Security MVP, 2004-2010

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    I found the solution: Set Window Live Mail (WLM) defaults for EML files in Winodws 7:

    Control Panal, programs. Set your Defailts to choose default programs, Windows Live Mail, for this program.  Make sure the EML files is checked.

    It's another forum by Mike -

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    Hi rajujois,

    Please see the link below with a troubleshooting and a possible fix for your problem.

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    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Hello Rondava,

    In order to open the TK3 files, the user must install the TK3 Reader software.

    You can try to download the software here.
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    Adobe Download Assistant should work with this file.  I recommend trying start the download in a different web browser.

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    InDesign will open Quark 4 files natively. Later versions can be opened in ID if you have the plugin of Markzware Q2ID.

  • How to open file system Apex?


    Can someone help me find how to open a pdf file for example test.pdf of apex when someone clicks a button of ABC?

    The file is located in me.

    Thanks in advance


    You can use the Onclick event and window.location to display the file when the user clicks a button.


    The actual location of the file is "C:/Documents and Settings/rchamarthi/Desktop/test.pdf".

    Since the location is considered to be a URL, do not forget to be encoded in the URL.
    Therefore, all spaces must be replaced by ' % 20' (32 being the ASCII for space and 20 in hexadecimal-> 32).»

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