How to open the address book in the address book already used?

Previous versions of ThunderBird would open for the last opened address book address books. Now, it always opens to the gathered addresses. Can I make it open to the specific address book that I used last time?

If you use the latest version 38.2.0
Previously, the 'address book' would always open on the default "personal address book" value as it was the top of the list.

Then, after many requests by a group of people who wanted to be able to search all their address books in a go, a virtual address book called "All address books" was created.

This meant it would always default to opening on the ' address books all the "whenever you opened the 'address book' even in the same session of thunderbird.
A bug request has been filed requesting the opportunity to be able to establish a default address book of choice, and it is developing.

At the same time, we discovered that the window 'write' Contacts Sidebar me remember a selected address book providing Thunderbird had not been closed - only not forget in this session. Thus, they are also looking to set a default address for this as well, so that Contacts sidebar does not auto by default to "All address books" every time thunderbird is closed and the end of the session.

The ' address books all the ' currently showing all of all your books address including "collected addresses".

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