How to operate the Subvi?


I use a VI instrument control and I used a Subvi to begin feeding after a certain point. I created a simple model of two-lane in the Subvi which includes just as an input error and mistake them as output connected to the respective terminals to VI main. The Subvi has 5 entries of order I made the default values so he will always perform with the values. These values act as an input for the power supply I'm controlling with the Subvi.

Now when I run my VI it does not start the sub VI, it won't run the control values and gives 0 input to the PSU, so it won't work. I want that sub - VI to run when I run my hand VI. Am I missing something? Sub - VI works perfectly when I try to run it separately.

That many things should be done when we connect all Subvi in primary VI.

Thank you.



Your problem is that you have what we call racing conditions.  Learn to think in data flow.  A function will run when it has all its entrances and will display its data when it is done running.  So the only variable local waiting to run?  NOTHING.  Thus, they work immediately, return the default data.

The solution is quite simple, use instead the son.

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  • How to get the Subvi (the virtual path is in .exe) reference in Run Time System

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    The problem is how to get the reference of the Sub - VI in run time system, when the Subvi is in .exe after construction.

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    Thank you


    That is the problem. Call a Subvi dynamic means users could change, but it is also very attractive.

    The dynamic call should be used in a user control, but some parade can avoid problems.

    It depends on why you use dynamic calls...-online 2 main ways:

    -Dynamic call are used to maintain a scalable framework for the code without acting on the executable file-online a single VI distribution managed by the administrator/developer

    -Dynamic call are used to provide a collection of "external" characteristic that could be enriched by the administrator/developer. For example, you provide your customers a set of selectable custom signal filters in the executable.

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    Maybe add a new card to the BIOS?
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    and I thank you in advance


    My laptop is P105-S6024 has one different from another laptop bios model, because I changed the processor from Intel by 2050 for a such a T7400. BIOS + intel T7400 + intel 6200 Wireless will have to be modified for a new card intel 6200th

    Post edited by: krzysiekrk

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    Total 201516
    drwxrwxrwx 2 root sys 1024 Sep 27 03:11.
    drwxrwxrwx 3 root sys 1024 Sep 27 03:24...
    -rw-rw-r - 1 root sys 192 17 May 2008 BASIC_README
    -r - r - r - 1 root sys 1609607 17 May 2008 classes12.jar
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 root sys 50944 genezi 17 May 2008
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 root sys 23053944 17 May 2008
    -r-xr-xr-x 1 root sys 2617520 17 May 2008
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 root sys 1517832 17 May 2008
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 root sys 72627952 17 May 2008
    -r-xr-xr-x 1 root sys 136112 17 May 2008
    -r - r - r - 1 root sys 1555682 17 May 2008 ojdbc14.jar is

    I can't find the runInstaller or an executable file.

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    887722 wrote:
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    I don't really understand how to make use of Subvi when I use the event structures in vi?

    When just make buttons on the controls Subvi connectors and assign them the vi stops working as I expected.

    I've added an example vi I do not operate as a Subvi.

    Thanks for advantage.

    I think raise you an event to change value via the input connector, that you hope to do. One ugly semi solution is to get the button references and make a Value property (Signal).

    A better solution if you want Hasina events in a subvi is to record user events and send the registry-event thread for the sub - vi, where you can use these events to the event structure. Check that the user created events and examples of dynamic event.


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    I wonder if there is a way open subvis with my main vi and have it run at the same time the main vi is running?  As soon as I double click on the main vi, I want the panels front-end Subvi to pop up with the vi main and run them all when I click on run on my main vi.  Thank you.

    To get the sub vi FPs to open when you call, go to file > VI properties, select the appearance of window option in the dropdown menu, click Customize and check "see the front when it is called.

    At least the front of the auxiliary of the screw panels, which will open as soon as they are called in the main vi.

    As for having all FP open just by opening the main vi, but before you run the vi main, I'm not sure.

    Edit: a typo in

    Edit 2: Under "before show Panel when it is called" is another option.  «Open front when load.»  Looks like what you want.  That check for all of your sub vi

  • How to operate the webcam101 for g72

    When Im in a webcam chat room rises automatically, but I can't find how to make it work without being in a chat room. How can I use it on the desktop


    You must post the specifications for your PC.

    I think that you have a HP or Compaq, if so, there should be software app for it on their website. Probably of Cyberlink you Cam. (should be responsible for tick menu)

    Try this link: -.

  • How to operate the laboratory discovered multi-function synchronization with multiple devices and change the recording time?

    Hi, I'm new in Labview. I need help for:

    1 change a program multi-function in order to record the data of three cards daq (devices 1-3) and output through the map (1 unit). The current program was created to record and output signal of one of the card (1 unit). I try to choose multiple devices when I run the program, but there is an error 200558 shows "a task cannot contain multiple independent devices. Create a task for each independent device.

    2. change the duration record for a longer period, for example: 0.1 s. Currently, the recording time is s 0.009971.

    I joined the multi - funtion.lld. In this library, "des_v2_Multi-Funtion_Synch I -" is the program that I need to change. I've also attached a file of input for runing the program signal.

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    as it is not in the API, you must link to the source:

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    as you can see in the source code, all actions invoke a fieldchange event. This can be captured with a fieldchangelistener, that you are adding it only to the first field (perhaps you obmitted the second).

    If you implement fieldchanged in your screen you must discern whence the event. to do this, declare the fields on the scope of the screen and check if the parameter of the method fieldchanged field is the field you need.

    ' Public Sub fieldChanged (field field, int context) {}
    If (context! = FieldChangeListener.PROGRAMMATIC) {}
    If (field == okButton) {}

Maybe you are looking for

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