How to play music purhased with the old email address

I have a few songs purchased on iTunes with an old email address. When I try to play, I am told I must allow the computer under the old address, but the computer is already allowed. Suggestions?


If the computer is allowed with this specific Apple ID, permits it. authorizing an Apple ID does with the other.

If this is the case, remove and redownload the songs if it's free in your country.


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    To the best of my knowledge, the free player doesn't require signing in.

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    What have you done so far? Updated the primary e-mail address on your existing account, you did not create a new account? All content is linked to the account that has downloaded, if you created a new account, all of your existing applications will remain tied to your old account and only this account can download updates for them.

    If you updated your account then you have: what to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support ?

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    Normally you could not remove the default email but you can add a new account setting and if it is not the default, you could delete it in the account setting.

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  • No longer have access to the old email address account was purchased with how can I re - download my prodgrams?


    Recently, I replaced my hard drive corrupted and lost my Adobe Creative Suite 4.

    I still have the disks, but the hard drive on my MacBook is broken. I would like to re - download my programs, but I also no longer have the domain / e-mail address for my account ([email protected]). Woof.

    I'll be able to re - download CS4 with my info below if my username / email address is up to date?

    Who can help me to understand this / how to get support from Adobe for this product?

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    Download and Installation Help-

    CS4 -

  • App Store has the old email address, how can I update

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    ID bought/downloaded content using a Apple cannot be merged or transferred to another identifier Apple

    All contents are for always related to the Apple ID used to obtain them.

    You can delete all the content used by your old Apple ID and redownload when is free or the re - buy.

    You can also try to get your old Apple ID and use it again below:

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    Hotmail has recently changed from POP to IMAP initially. These changes (and others) are because of that.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not get rid of the old email address

    Hello, I just got old storm my friend and I can't get rid of her email address! I try to create a new one and it is said that the PIN is already associated with another account. Do I need a new PIN? If so, how do I?

    Yes - by contacting your carrier... they control this system.

  • Cloud of Adobe Creative [using the old email address]

    Im trying to use the creative cloud for the aftermath. When I re downloaded creative cloud it keeps giving me my old email to confirm, Ive changed the email in the account and everything but it still gives me my old email to confirm. Im very angry against that and want to be fixed as soon as possible

    [As published for the clarity of the question and the future forum search... MOD]

    This is an open forum, not Adobe support... Click below to contact Adobe staff for help

    While the forums are open 24/7 you can't contact Adobe support at any time

    Chat support: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)

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    Contact technical support by phone or web chat.


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    use the junk mail folder and lead

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    I changed my Apple ID email address to a new e-mail address and with the new e-mail address, I can access my ID apple without any error.

    But the icloud app is still on my old e-mail address change and custom. When I try to log out of the icloud he asks me a password, but with the old email address. No matter if I write the correct password, it won't disconnect because she's still has my old email address. My old e-mail address no longer exists because I deleted it. I thought that when I change my email address of my apple ID, it should update all my account information.

    But he left on icloud and its send me errors all the time. Need help to solve this problem!

    Follow these steps

    If iCloud asks you the password to your Apple ID - Apple Support previous

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