How to play stereo mix music and sing in my microphone at the same time?

Hi guys, need help with Realtek HD audio driver

I want to play stereo mix music and sing in my microphone at the same time... not for registration but in chat room, say.

I'm using XP... Toshiba Satellite S4747 laptop
In the Realtek software "Realtek HD audio input" microphone and two stereo mix... but I can only select one at a time...

All solutions please thxxxx

On a different note... a friend of mine using a non-Toshiba laptop with win XP has an older version of the Realtek audio driver and select the mic and stereo mix at the same time... I downloaded this version in my laptop, but still, I can choose only one at a time...


Check that the audio settings of Windows and don t forget in the Realtek HD audio Manager. You can find it in the control panel.

I think that your microphone is on Mute check so this.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

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    Is this possible?

    How can I do?

    Toshiba Satellite X 205-S7483


    Yes.  For example, I have my Skype phone calls go to my helmet (normal just plugged in the headset) while my media player plays my speakers.  You can choose your default communication or multimedia devices with a right click on the volume control icon and choosing "playback devices".

    Other programs can also be built to be "to the output current" and allow you to choose the output too.

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    I suggest to try the steps from the following link and check if it helps: (Skip title)

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    You have probably chosen the worst pair when it comes to play nice together.  Strictly from a stability standpoint IOBIT has experienced problems with win 7.

    It is never a good idea to run two live malware apps at the same time.

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    Since the last update, I can't open two PDFs at the same time. As soon as I open the second file, the first file is reduced to a minimum.


    Please open Edit > Preferences > General and check "Open document as new tabs.." option to open two PDFs in multiple tabs in the same window.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Not a BufferedReader and BufferedWriter a be open at the same time?

    For the experienced:

    I write a class to selectively extract data from an Excel file and write in a plain text file. I use JDeveloper

    It works very well and writes the output as expected file when reading data from the spreadsheet and write directly to the output file.

    However, I need to convert data in one column based on a conversion table. The conversion table is a text file that has two columns separated by a space. I read in the conversion table using a BufferedReader and put it in a hash table to use. However, once the buffered reader and the hash table are introduced, the BufferedWriter does no more work.

    How the class works are the main() method (not shown here) reads the data from the Excel sheet in a list and then calls the method showExcelData() (as illustrated below) to write the data to the list in a plain text file.

    When the green color code has not been added, the output file was written on the drive end. An example of the output file line is:
    By adding the Green code, I expect the output of the line as:
    The problem is, after the Green code is added, the output file, the program writes to the disk's size zero.

    I added the lines of System.out.println () for troubleshooting. These lines indicate that the BufferedWriter < b > on < /b > is not null, and the conversion is actually underway. But out.write (< b > < /b >) just doesn't work. Commenting on the Green code, the program works again - of course without conversion of the date of this column.

    There must be something wrong, but I don't see where it's a mistake.

    Your help is very appreciated!


    < pre >
    public private static Sub showExcelData (list sheetData, String outputFilename) throws IOException {}
    BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter (new FileWriter (outputFilename));
    System.out.println ("Is Null?" + (out is nothing));
    BufferedReader in = null;
    for (int i = 3; i < sheetData.size (); i ++) {}
    List = (List) sheetData.get (i);
    for (int j = 0; j < list.size (); j ++) {}
    (HSSFCell) = list.get (j) HSSFCell cell;
    If (j == 5: j == 6 | j == 7: j == 11) {}
    < font color = "green" > < b >
    The column with index 11 is the column of data in need of conversion:
    If (j == 11) {}
    String convertionFilename = "ConversionTable.txt";
    Map < String, String > liveMap =.
    new HashMap < String, String > ();
    try {}
    in = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (convertionFilename));
    String line = null;
    While ((line = in.readLine ())! = null) {}
    String [] keyValue = line.split("");
    liveMap.put (keyValue [0], keyValue [1]);
    } catch (IOException e) {}
    String message = e.getMessage ();

    TitleCode = string
    cell.getRichStringCellValue (m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString ());

    Role of the string = liveMap.get (titleCode) .toUpperCase ();
    out. Write (Role);
    System.out.println (titleCode + "" + role);
    } else {< /b > < / make >}
    out. Write (Cell.getRichStringCellValue (). ToString () .toUpperCase ());
    System.out.println (Cell.getRichStringCellValue (). ToString () .toUpperCase ()); < font color = "green" > < b >
    } < /b > < / make >
    If (j < list.size () - 1 & & d! = 11) {}
    out. Write(":");
    } Else if (j == 26) {}
    If (cell.getCellType () == HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_NUMERIC) {}
    If (DateUtil.isCellDateFormatted (cell)) {}
    Calendar cellDate = Calendar.GetInstance ();
    cellDate.setTimeInMillis (cell.getDateCellValue () .getTime ());
    String year = ' "+ cellDate.get (Calendar.YEAR);
    String = month
    Padding (cellDate.get (Calendar.month) + 1);
    String = day
    Padding (cellDate.get (Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH));
    String expDate = year + month + day;
    out. Write (":" + expDate);
    out. Write (System.GetProperty ("Line.Separator"));
    If (in! = null) in.close ();
    If (out! = null) out.close ();
    < / pre >

    BufferedWriter is, uh, buffered so that you won't see the effect of write() immediately, maybe not until you close the file.

    You don't need to open this file to reference and build the card anywhere again for each line. Out of the loop. And you're not close every time you open it, which could cause other problems... and finally you seem to be ignorant of the exceptions. Never do this. You have not actually need the reader and the writer open at the same time, even if this isn't the real problem here.

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    And it would launch a separate process that runs under the profile name. Is it possible to do this with firefox 4 and win7?
    I am a developer (web and desktop applications) and it is highly preferable to do so. One of the reasons is that, if one of the processes one falls, the other is fine. Another is to have separate profiles so that addons with leaks of memory, like firebug, can be run in its own process and I can restart when I have to without affecting other processes. I sometimes also need to set the processor affinity so that a process of firefox is not a big eater.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    The correct format for this command is -no-remote

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    Currently, I'm reading the two channels of voltage with the USB-6009. It happens that one of the channels is the output of a digital coder, and it would be much easier to use it directly to the PFIO entry that is defined as a counter. The problem I am facing right now, it's that I can't use the DAQ Assistant to use the analog voltage to a channel and the digital channel counter at the same time. Once I put the DAQ Assistant to read the input from analogue voltage, I won't be able to add analog inputs. And as I put the DAQ Assistant to use the PFIO as a counter, I can add more entries to read analog voltage is.

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    Using a simple wizard of DAQ is incorrect. You need one to acquire analog inputs and one for the meter.

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    Hi JeffZook


    Because the problem is with Windows Live Hotmail, I would recommend checking resources specific to Microsoft Windows Live. Please visit the links below to find a community that will provide the support ask you in the right direction for Windows Hotmail related issues.


    I hope this helps.

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    I hope someone will help me!

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN

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