How to prevent a specific page to view the suggested sites and top when you open a new tab?

I like the feature of FF that displays top and suggested sites when opening a new tab. I use my laptop for work, for recreation. But as I share the office with co-workers, I don't want to have all the sites that I visit that are listed. No matter how many times I remove a specific site from the results, it keeps popping up.

I'm sure that the addition of an option to prevent some sites never show it, would benefit a lot of users of FF, who share the same problem. I don't know that I'm one of many with the same problem.

You can change the order of the boxes on the subject: newtab page and drag an item on a tile that is different to pin in this position or you can remove a Web site by clicking on the close X to block this URL.
You can drag a bookmark item or the history of the sidebar and drop it into a tile on the subject: newtab page pin this point and have your own favorite sites.

Changes manually on the subject: newtab page are stored in the preferences you can find on the about: config page.

  • Browser.newtabpage.pinned stores the Web site you pinned to a tile.
  • Browser.newtabpage.blocked stores the Web site that you've deleted by clicking on the X button in a tile.

If you do not keep the changes after a reboot or have problems with preferences, see:

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