How to print a pdf illustrator os el capitan?

Hi guys,.

I'm tired of finding the solution to print a PDF on Os El Capitan.

I see I can't printer adobe again.

Please let me know what is the solution on this.

Thank you


Hi Cornel/Monika,

Sorry for this misunderstanding. Just confirmed to the Acrobat team, Adobe PDF is not available for Mac.

Thank you


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    You can install Acrobat Reader (free) DC from Adobe here.

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    I agree that it's heavy. It is also unknown how to close a pdf file, once it is open.

    I have to return to a regular desk to get something to work. You really have to wonder about the people who come to the top with these "improvements".

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    Save the file on your desktop before opening and printing.

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    Hi peterd47331988,

    Please share exact workflow that you do to print PDFS.

    Sharing also the screenshot of the error message you get.

    Is - this problem occurs with all the PDF files?

    Try once the troubleshooting steps I provided this KB doc: print troubleshooting PDF in Acrobat and Reader

    Let us know if it works

    Kind regards


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    Thank you

    The key is that you don't have the right product. You need Adobe Acrobat. Confusingly, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader product is NOT Acrobat. (If you're on a Mac, things are different, please tell).

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    Kind regards


    You can do this only if the user prints the file with a button that you add

    to it. You can't do it if they decide to use the integrated print command

    the application.

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    all PDFs or specific?

    which application?

    try to print this file

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    With selected "file Postscript" and a "Custom" paper size it still I cannot increase the size of 10 ". Not there at - it no Adobe pdf printer driver that allows this? I must be missing something simple. Help, please. Using 'Save as pdf' does not seem to allow separation.

    I ended up looking for the Adobe acrobat distiller 9 ppd and adding that manually to/Library/Printers/PPDs/happy/Resources

    Which then allowed me to print color separations in a PDF at any size.

    Cheers and thanks for the replies.

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    u just need to press ctrl + p ...-_ -.

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    To start with, your iPad should support viewing of the pdf file, but if it's a problem, there is a free Adobe Reader app in the app store. As long as you have an AirPrint-compatible printer, you should have no problems printing after that. I would also check to see if you can add your boarding card to your wallet on iPad and use it to check in or on your iPhone If you have one.

  • How to print a pdf file. When I try to ptint, nothing happens

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    I found a way to do it.  Mast would not the easiest, but it works. I'm not a computer genius.  Hope you understand.  Right-click on the attachment.  Then choose "Save as" click Next, right again and open the attachment.  top of the page you will see "file" click on it.  selcet open the file.  It will take you to your downloads.  Select the pdf file you want. Click Open.  The form will be displayed again.  Then the printing option is enabled.

    Thank you all for your comments.  Fact my brain works better

  • How to print a PDF without all the "little squares" on this subject?

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    Is there someone who can help me get just a regular, no beds, no weird symbol in my impressions?

    I have a windows 7 can only do what is necessary with microsoft word?

    Thank you


    Open the PDF in Reader, go to file > Print > advanced and click on 'Print as image'

  • How to print a PDF with traces of cutting?

    Can someone tell me where the option to print PDF pages with traces of cutting? Ive looked and google and can not find where this option is to start.

    Thank you

    Print > advanced (at the bottom of the print window) > marks and bleeds (left side of the Advanced Print window) > check the box marked "toppings brands" you can adjust the weight of the line to the right as well as select other brands of printing.

  • How to print a PDF file that contains mixed paper sizes (letter and legal) to make my printer choose the correct tray for each page?

    I followed the instructions here:

    Print mixed pages sizes | Acrobat, Reader

    But it did not work!  I use a Mac OSX 10.9.3, reader 10.1.10

    I discovered that, apparently, this plan just does not work on the Mac version of Adobe Reader software.  Thank you, Adobe, for a crappy experience.

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