How to print documents on my Samsung Galaxy 4 Note to my wish 7640.

I installed the application all-in-one printer for my desire 7640 on my new cell phone running Lollipop (Android 5.0.1). I access my router wireless from my phone. The application sees my printer and reports the status of the printer correctly. However, I can't understand how to print a document (PDF or text) of my phone. Is it possible, or is it not even correctly works on pacifier? My phone is brand new and improved lollipop in the first round on. I just bought my printer a few days ago.



They are (printer and Samsung) on the SAME network? If so, please

(a) the app, touch

(b) the print/share button,

(c) press Documents.

(d) select the document on the list to print and the lauch

e press Options (upper-right) and select print.

Kind regards.

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